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  1. You just posted what I was about to send. I settled with loading my laundry bag so they pick it up with the evening cleaning in the room. Depending upon where you are in the hallway, your morning clean might be always after 10 am. And the returns are same mixture as your experience.
  2. Map of Montreal cruise port. Your cruise line might be able to advise which dock they typically use. https://www.port-montreal.com/en/access-to-berths.html Schedule of ships. https://www.port-montreal.com/en/cruise-vessels-schedule.html
  3. Look at your dock assignment for the ship to verify that you board in the Old port dock. A third dock is away in the cargo terminal area, used for days with many ships or for a ship that will not fit under the last bridge. I will try to post the website link soon, but you can google montreal cruise port. I doubt they have the assignments for 2020 up yet. Look in the new year for their update. And Yes you can walk up to the regular dock, but not to the cargo terminal one. There are some steep up and down hill sections but only for one block or so, and the blocks are very short.
  4. We had a thread a while back about this. Not easy to search old threads now with my iPad. You should be able to find the thread. But I liked the height, great view, close to Crow’s Next, Bluetooth music player. There should be pics at HALfacts. The balcony had two chairs to sit, but a recliner/lounger will not fit. I liked the extra motion up high and front to rock to sleep at night.
  5. I got 5 shirts, 2 docker trousers, 1 denim (all 3 full length), 5 pair socks, 6 underwear in a blue bag. Just reviewed a picture, I am sure you do not want to see it. Could have fit in a bit more, but not much. Remember to itemize everything on the paper form.
  6. The timing of my experience in post #9 was unusual. That Maasdam MTL to Boston voyage was likely selling poorly to have such a price reduction so far out.
  7. The one time that I did an "upsell" was from an Inside to Lanai on the Maasdam. Or as Holland America seems to say, a paid upgrade. I had an assigned interior room number and noticed major price drops about 10 days after final payment. I phoned in on a weekend, rather than wait till Monday for my PCC. An ocean view on same deck for zero extra cost (was CDN$800 less than what I paid, if booked brand new that day) was available but I decided for a paid upgrade to a Lanai. Both types of room upgrades were discussed over the phone by specific room number, using a deck plan at my side.
  8. If the switch is "drowning", visit the lifeboats, not Guest Relations. Sorry, couldn't resist. I know it is just a typo. 😂
  9. The outlet extender should look like this one on the Maasdam, HAL logo included. This one is permanently in the stateroom with the orange cord powering the mini-fridge.
  10. On my first cruise ever, I boarded and finished in my home city with no air travel. During a call to ask HAL about luggage size, after the rep realized no airline, he explained that some people on the world cruises bring on-board an old fashioned steamer trunk. Stored away deep in the ship until disembarkation. No worries about my two suitcases!
  11. Comparing in the deck plan (from the cruise atlas) shows that staterooms 320 and 321 are under the showroom stairs. Your old room 322 seems to be a Lanai, under the Photo Gallery. 320 and 321 would be ocean view. The cruise atlas deck to deck alignment can be checked by looking at the stairs and elevators.
  12. The at home use of this HAL Navigator app just got a slight boost in the recent update. You can now login with your Mariner ID and the world map of HAL ships works. Current location of each ship is shown with some details about the itinerary. Most of the other app sections just show a screenshot of how the page will work after you are onboard.
  13. Thanks for your report. Veendam should make a couple Boston - Montreal runs now for the autumn leaves.
  14. This youtube video of Veendam is from June 2018, based upon a When & Where depicted. Explorers Lounge is at 17:05, with classical musicians playing. The rest of the video is worth watching for a very thorough look at Veendam. I haven't even watched the video till the outdoor hottubs yet. Back to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqWe9TXFjTI
  15. I do not have a photo. Seats at windows were club type, 2 & 2 facing each other over a coffee table. In center of lounge, single seats, in pairs with a small drinks table between, all faced the musicians at the end. Finally, a long continuous sofa separated the lounge from the hallway leading to the dining room. Only at the windows did any seats face away from the Adagio players (describing the Maasdam here).
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