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  1. I am sure they make plenty of money because remember their actual costs are much lower than the selling price. But OTOH, i don't mind being behind a little at least because of the added convenience of not having to worry about individual drinks, ordering doubles etc, seeing an itemised bill at the end...
  2. so is sounds like there could be a few different types of laundry service: Free concierge level laundry (3 bags per cruise) - wash and fold only Free unlimited laundry on world cruise - wash, fold and press Paid laundry - wash, fold and press... Can this really be true?
  3. I suspect the contributors on cc are not representative of the vast majority of passengers who drink this and probably are not that discerning.
  4. I dont have a bone in this debate as I do not care but I am not sure this is correct: What Is the Difference Between Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Lite? The difference is the sweetener mix and availability. Diet Coke is sweetened with Aspartame, while Coke Lite is sweetened with a combination of Sodium Cyclamate, Acesulfame K and Aspartame. There is a slight difference in taste, and some people claim a difference in the carbonation. If you are concerned about the content of Aspartame in the Diet version, the Lite version also contains the ingredient.
  5. I also know very little about wine other than red and white but I must be totally deluded. To me a low end wine is $10 not 50-60..... am I totally off?
  6. I I seriously thought dockers were another word for boat shoes......
  7. Definitely. I think it is a spritz not a spritzer.
  8. but someone said the rule was max 3 bottles to be brought on board but it was OK to ignore that rule....
  9. I am sorry but I do not understand how it ok to bring as many bottles on board as you like (saving a lot of money), blantantly against the rules, (which may not be enforced) but then say people who walk out of their rooms with a glass of wine (which also may not be enforced) are "low rent"
  10. Funnily enough, outside the USA it's really difficult to find good meatloaf and I usually love ordering this when travelling to the USA...
  11. but how many really do dry-clean their ties regularly? And really what does a piece of cloth around ones neck add to decorum and dress-code?
  12. Eagerly awaiting our first QE cruise in January. Love dressing up but wearing a tie is what bugs me most. Seriously, how anachronistic is it wearing a germ infested slip of material around one's neck, especially in a warm climate?
  13. and we circle back to why this virtually automatic and expected tipping culture where a large proportion of their income is dependent on it, is IMO bad.......
  14. or it's "entirely possible" they will get it right and make delicious sandwiches for those that want......
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