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  1. It's all so sad. All we can do is pray for a vaccine to become widely available soon.
  2. I agree with you. Even if after this current no sail by CDC/WH they get the go ahead that only leaves 6 weeks to get fully operational.
  3. When I spoke to the Princess agent to cancel December 27 I asked her if she really thought it would sail. She told me as soon as they get the go ahead Princess is ready to sail.
  4. It was with a heavy heart that I have canceled our December 27th cruise out of Fort Lauderdale. This will be the 3rd cruise this year that I have either had cancelled or cancelled my self. We cannot risk traveling and staying over night in Fort Lauderdale we just don't feel safe at the moment. We also do not want to spend a whole cruise wearing a mask that's not fun to us. The biggest consideration is that the UK has a travel advisory against the US so it would mean we could not get insurance and a compulsory 2 week isolation on return. I have another cruise booked for February 2021 out of Fort Lauderdale which I expect will go the same way. It's all very depressing but health and safety must come first.
  5. Interesting post. I appreciate the information. Just 1 day to go for an update from CDC and then I suppose we wait for the cruise lines to update. Frustrating for us in the UK as we have to wait for you guys to get up and get started for our updates.
  6. I don't. We have cruises booked out of Fort Lauderdale in December & February. I am hoping they get cancelled as I will not be traveling to or staying in Fort Lauderdale in the present pandemic climate. Far too risky for me and my family. The UK also has a travel advisory against travel to the US so I doubt we will get flights. We definitely won't be able to get insurance.
  7. Most US agents charge us an administration fee for booking from the UK.
  8. I think the writing is on the wall for further extension of Princess cruises. Probably until the end of February 2021 in line with other cruise lines.
  9. Hi Everyone. Thanks so much for all your thoughts and speculation. I see your crystal balls are just as foggy as mine. I have a cruises booked for December 27, February 14 and a 4 day taster cruise in April. Im expecting them all to be canceled. I will be more upset by the April one getting canceled as it is on the Regal who will be in Southampton on my home turf. Makes a change from flying out to Florida to board her. Stay safe everyone.
  10. Does anyone have any thoughts on when we will get the next update? I am thinking in terms of the Caribbean being suspended until December 15th. Its obvious that will be extended. Curious to know when the next update will be.
  11. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing
  12. Thank you all Princess crew and staff. Im hoping to see some of you on Caribbean Princess in December 20 & February 21. Stay safe and well. ❤️
  13. I thought about that my self. Surely they are on the hook for it in anyway? They must pay a ton up front, can't see the ship yard funding the building of it without some commitment from Princess. Just my thoughts. I have no knowledge of these things.
  14. The shipyard opened on May 4th although not at full capacity. What are the chances of Enchanted Princess going on her sea trials which were scheduled for March 10th?
  15. We are supposed to be on that sailing. Also booked for September on Enchanted which I suspect won't happen either. I am even thinking our December 27th cruise is also toast. As you say we are healthy and safe so we are thankful for that.
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