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  1. @ScratchTheRat Just finished watching your staycation videos; looking forward to seeing your NCL cruise experience. Hope it was all you hoped for.
  2. Noticing a number of people talking about Ireland, are any of you NI residents who travelled through Dublin airport? Would be interested to hear of your experience.
  3. @steamboats @ManueLH92 or anyone else who might be able to help: Hopefully, this isn't considered a hi-jack of the thread as it pertains to Lufthansa. We have business seats booked with Lufthansa from Dublin to Frankfurt, and on to Athens on the same ticket but on a codeshare, the carrier is Aegean. We were able to book our seats on the Lufthansa metal but not on Aegean, either on the Lufthansa site or the Aegean site. Apparently, neither airline will work with the other on this. I know the number of business seats are variable based on demand (as they are standard seats) so we shouldn't have a problem getting an actual seat, but really want to sit together. This is the fallback, fallback, fallback cruise for my husband's significant birthday and the small things mean a lot. Does anyone know how we can overcome this issue?
  4. @John Bull Thanks, we've rented in Europe before but tend to err on side of caution with CDW insurance cover (with longer rentals this is a negligible extra). Might just wait to decide - with a group the car would be a no brainer, but for 2 on price alone the bus wins. We're still on the fence about going, really need Greek and UK numbers to go down. Sigh!
  5. @John Bull We were considering hiring from Dias. How long ago did you use them? Do you remember how much you paid? They are quoting €35 for a compact car but don't mention tax, CDW, 2nd driver etc. Last time we used the bus you reference which was €10 pp and was a good option but we had to hang around until they had enough to fill the bus, then traipse to the car park behind the marina to get on it. With covid things may be different, but think we might want to try car this time.
  6. Looks beautiful; thought it looked too exotic for Greece! 🙂
  7. @prov2727 Nice pic, where and when was it taken?
  8. Compared to the MDR menus posted by the Bird on the return to sailing on the Encore, there hasn't been much if any change. All the talk of menu changes on the Embark series seems to be referencing specialty dining only. Thanks for posting.
  9. That doesn't sound right, we are on the Jade in October and booked our dining weeks ago.
  10. Thank you, super map, very useful. I won't ask what purple and red denote, but considering the temperatures I could guess 🙂
  11. If anyone from the recent sailings of the Jade took the bus shuttle from the ship to the port gate in Heraklion - where exactly did it drop you off? did it run to a timetable, or just a queue up and hope for the best schedule? when returning to the ship, did it pick-up at the same location as drop-off?
  12. I think that Ben & David were able to leave the ship because it was the test cruise - they started boarding the day before departure,.
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