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  1. from the port .. the further south you go, the fewer folks you tend to find on the beach .... and Cocoa Beach will appear very 'touristy' to many with the t-shirt shops and Ron Jon while when you get down to Melbourne Beach it is a quiet little beach town .... down here it is common to walk on the beach and see fewer than a dozen folks in 30 minutes . . . how about a really nice B&B on the water ..... https://www.windemereinn.com/en-us
  2. it is called 'dredging the anchor' and b4 the advent of bow (and stern) thrusters is was a tool for ship drivers ..... physics: the drag of the anchor changes the ship's 'pivot point' as well as preventing forward or aft motion up to a point .... it changes how the stern reacts DRAMATICALLY https://www.marineinsight.com/marine-navigation/dredging-anchors/ yes, bottom conditions are IMPORTANT (as they were in this case) .... on a rock bottom the anchor will slide over the smooth parts and fetch HARD when it sees a 'bump' ..... procedure is better used when the bottom is mud or sand where if you keep the anchor at 'short stay' the flukes don't dig it but provide the 'brake' being sought. A BIG tool in the day of single screw no bow thruster ships ..... today these that remain SELDOM dock without tugs in the US ... IME. Older CG buoy tenders still had this set up until not too very long ago ......
  3. as long as they are in range of a shore AIS station that 'participates' MarineTraffic.com is one place
  4. to avoid future confusion - National Alamo and National share a location and shuttles ... they are now on Mullet (in the port) they still have property on "Atlantic" but it is just a car storage site so far as I can tell - Dollar and Thrifty share a location "on Atlantic" ... shared shuttle - yesterday during the cruise turn around crunch I passed the Dollar/Thrifty location and the Hertz shuttle was just pulling in ...... I dunno ...... no clue what was going on there ..... are they one company now????? dunno
  5. agree ... have not had physical documents for many years on 'typical cruises' higher end lines tend to send a book with itinerary details and such but this is not a 'cruise document' .... once you give them your passport info on line, they just verify this at the terminal and you are good to go IME over the last 10 years or more . . . you may need to print something at home which is really just a pass to get into the terminal .... if you don't want to waste paper do a preview of what they ask you to print. On RCCL what you NEED is one page of the 15 or so that will print (documents ... aka the cruise contract) .....
  6. wrt using lifeboats: in this case it is not that they CAN NOT be used rather ... their use would be very dangerous - launching in the seas being experienced - while there are OPTIONS ..... life boats are LAST RESORT and the situation has not reached this point as I see it 30 years USCG .... large cutter sailor (Captain) ..... I know of what I speak . . .
  7. I have a friend who recently had a similar experience .... on a cruise they bought 'a lot' let's say .... but having cruised a lot they "knew" that even when they filled out the old blue form, the Customs guys didn't look very close ....... They spent a good bit in the shops on the ship ... and ashore .... more than in cruises of old ...... They were in a suite Exiting the ship they were met by a porter (cuz we're suite folks) and taken to a Customs person. Mrs is invited to go get their bags and Mr is handed "the form" and asked to fill it out. (it gets fun from here) Mr writes down a couple of things they bought but does not want the form to say they exceeded their limit ..... so does not include everything they were bringing in. (Can you see where this is going . . . .) Mr ICE guy looks at the form and hands it back and asks ... would you like to amend this? And Mr STILL does not report fully "cuz they never look very close at the form" as he explained this to me. By this time, Mrs has arrived with the bags ... Mr ICE is a wee bit annoyed and wellllllllll ..... actually in the end Mr ICE gave them a break on their $$$ Mrs is AGHAST that the ship told ICE what they'd spent and "screwed them" cuz they did nothing wrong cuz in the past ICE never looked ..... the ship is to blame for outing us . . . . I keep trying to explain they broke the law ......... btw if you fail to declare anything you SHOULD have declared ... this can NO LONGER be considered under your exemption .... that's how I read the laws anyway.
  8. the vast majority of cruise ships are 'diesel electric' there are cargo ships that have 'main engines' directly connected to the propeller shafts, and some military vessels are built this was too ... but this is most uncommon on 'cruise ships'. WHY? cruise ships need HUGE amounts of electricity for hair dryers and curling irons so it is cost effective to build huge electricity generating systems and power the ship this way. Simplistic and sarcastic .... YES ... but also true. (and modern POD systems REQUIRE this set up) On a modern cruise ship there are multiple 'main engines' as folks like to call them, and they are connected to generators to make electricity. As the need for more juice goes up, they will bring another 'main' on the line to make more juice. When the load goes down, they can shut off an engine and save fuel. It is common for a cruise ship to have a 'main' partially disassembled and in the overhaul or repair process while operating 'normally' ... the other engines providing sufficient juice. Many recent cruise ship incidents have been reported in the press as 'engine problems' and this is easy words for folks who don't need or want technical details. In virtually every case the true issue was electrical .... either the distribution system or an electric motor (or associated equipment). The recent EPIC incidents were not 'loss of an engine' but a failure of a major electrical component on the electric driver for one of the prop's (shafts). The famous CARN incidents involved the master switchboards for routing the juice. I suspect this will turn out the same ..... What is the probability of 4 main engines all stopping at the same time? Is there a reason it COULD happen? YES, I can think of several ..... but professionals running the engines should NEVER let these happen ..... could there be a design flaw? Of course ..... maybe the unusual seas made something happen they'd not seen b4. The VIKING ships are all 'new' by cruise ship age . . . on the other hand ... THIS incident was basically the result of a wrong valve opened, another not closed, and people who were supposed to monitor ... not monitoring
  9. Infinity Pool is rather small for actual swimming. YEP, I don't think it is 20 foot square!!!
  10. you have only two choices IMO rent a car and drive .... which is 4 hours plus your pickup and drop off time .... or see if there is a flight from Tampa to Miami ..... no other option I can think of will get you there fast enuf maybe this ... http://www.floridashuttletransportation.com/destinations/miami/miami-to-tampa-shuttle-bus.html but it is not 'door to door' and cost nearly $500 for one . . . and yes, fog in the late winter early spring could mess you up BAD . . .
  11. I agree that a note to the Master can result in some 'out of the ordinary' results .... how the teacher uses these is a different question ...... as a ship captain I entertained many "flat Stanley" quests!!!! he steered the ship talked on the radio & flew the helo ########### for OP get a Capt's hat ... he'll love it
  12. The international day pass for 20 days x 5 would be insane, undoubtedly ...... but what about their 'monthly' plan which I presume they have with Ver' I can turn on international access for 1 month ... does not have to be activated forever ..... if not clear on their web sites call and talk to a people ..... and it was not unusual to find free wifi in hotels and airports just like in the US
  13. how busy they are is very dependent on the 'port load' for the day in question. Some days just one ship is turning around with a capacity of 3000 ... this means 6000 folks with half arriving and half leaving. Other days can see 4 BIG ships with a total capacity of 15,000 folks ... meaning 30,000 trying to pass thru .... it is worth looking at https://www.portcanaveral.com/PortCanaveral/media/Cruise-Assets/FY2019/Copy-of-Master-Cruise-Schedule19.pdf
  14. snorkel tour in San Juan? all the snorkeling I know of around this part of PR is at the NE tip of the island, near Fajardo and small islands off shore from here . . . ruffly 30 miles east of SJ
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