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  1. $8/day ... in MIAMI? I've been sailing from Miami for a LONG time (since 80's) and tried off site a couple of times (since 2007) ... don't ever remember a price THAT low. BUT ... here's the thing ..... POM is essentially in the middle of the main downtown business district of Miami (from a parking perspective). Parking is at a PREMIUM for folks working downtown ..... (I stared in the Federal building in 1982 and parking was an issue THEN) My most recent off site experiences were disasters and I'll NOT try again ..... the 'discount offsites' I tried were empty lots from torn down buildings where a guy with a lawn chair pointed to your place to park ...... VERY DIFFERENT that operations like Park n Cruise in Canaveral. personally I figure the cost of parking at the port into the cost of a cruise since I can easily drive to Miami, Everglades, Canaveral or Tampa . . . in Miami I assume the cost is what the port charges . . .
  2. thanks for the 'after action report' it helps!
  3. https://www.portcanaveralvalet.com/ connect with your valet attendant at the world famous Parker Brothers Concepts Museum. FREE 24 Hour Secured Parking Valet Service - In / Out Exterior Car Wash Free Admission for 2 at the Parker Brothers Concepts Museum located In Port Canaveral. (Redeemable at the beginning or end of your vacation) don't ask me to explain the "free" .... I'm just doing cut and paste you can park for as low as $8/day at other sites ..... suggests to me this museum ain't doing well!!
  4. did you read to the end of the article? Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Royal Caribbean used facial recognition to board its crew. It currently only uses a mobile boarding app. Last VO cruise I took (7/18 SKY) they did pretty much the same thing my last RCL (10/18 OASIS) .... they had a picture in their 'system' that appeared on the security desk screen when I left/returned. differences: VO was able to capture the photo from my passport as encoded in the new 'data chip' ... they 'swiped' the passport and the passport picture was in their system RCCL asked me to UPLOAD my OWN picture ... backup was to take a picture at check in ******************* seems it would be easier to fake a picture associated with a passport by the RCL process
  5. last time there I recall more than one place where you could get beverages, snacks and lunch ... without going thru the vendor area from the web site: The Cafeteria has savoury delights to please any palate - from spicy jerked chicken, pork or fish and curried goat to… delectable snacks. Or, bring your own vittles and take advantage of the several barbecue pits around the park. Spend a day and do it all.
  6. UBERX from Terminal 5 to Cocoa Beach Pier is around $18 (now, as I query ... UBER prices can vary a bit)
  7. DH can go get the car while you wait at the terminal ... there's some shaded and benches ..... the distance is about 1/2 mile he can take the shuttle too ... while you chill .... easier for ONE to get on the shuttle w/out bags versus 2 adults two kids and a bunch of bags . . . Google Maps is your friend ..... you can pretty much walk this route in 'street view'! red is where you need to go, orange is the shortest route ... there are not sidewalks on this route but not much traffic most of the time. If you walk Glenn Cheek Drive there are sidewalks but the distance is a smidge more.
  8. I live in Melbourne between 95 and the beach and drove to the beach today .... zero splats and has been this way for a few days now but I see plenty of cars that are a HUGE mess .... Mrs drove from east coast to west coast and back last Fri and got a decent number of SPLAT in the middle of the state a hint for cleaning is a 'dryer sheet' ... one those fabric softener / static cling things ..... the stuff they are made from, the fake cloth, is abrasive enuf to get most bug gunk off while not strong enuf to damage paint. You don't need the chemicals in a new sheet, an old used one actually is better ..... this a a good bit of water ... a gallon jug from any place and you should be able to improve things anyway . . . easy to pack a couple in the carry on for easy access . . . btw, I've heard this dryer sheet thing for years and ignored but recently gave it a try and must admit it works. Not the best or only solution but saving old dryer sheets don't cost nuthin . . .
  9. it is an urban myth that Florida prohibits 'drop off fees' many times there are no extra fees for picking up at one location and dropping at another but there is no law agin it . . .
  10. have you checked the prices for the KSC Visitor Center? Kinda pricey for a part day visit (you really want a full day) ship excursions sometimes get 'special routing' to see more in less time . . . just sayin' ... if you have not looked around Your parking question is a new one for me .... usually the parking lots are only 'open' during the ship unload/load times. Outside of these times the gates are locked for security purposes (no one is coming and going). Dunno how this works for an overnight ...... you can call the port parking folks and ask: 321-783-7831 Is the lot open? Do they charge? Inquiring minds want to know . . .
  11. the SIM card will help with a connection to a LAND site ... so if/when you are close to land you might grab a connection ... if the land system recognizes your SIM the ship satellite system is a 'closed' system ... the ship controls access ...... unless the ship recognizes your SIM you're blocked . . .
  12. note .. the entrance is at the top of the falls / park so he'd have to take the stairs all the way down to get to the beach ... then back up via the falls climb or the stairs. probably NOT what's envisioned. he can wait at the top ... he can even get in the pool at the top and get wet .... or he can go down the stairs a bit .. there are a couple of overlooks and some with stairs into similar pools along the way. This is at the 'top' ... you can't climb up beyond this pool. Look carefully to the left and you'll see the handrail/steps to exit. You can get in here too ... no rule 'stopping you' (you can even climb DOWN the falls!) This is a pool along the climb path. BTW the folks holding hands are a typical 'cruise excursion' .. we took a taxi and did our own thing. As mentioned you pay for a day admission to the park ... no charge to climb. Guides work for tips. You can get a guide for just you .... not a bad idea your first climb. After that "go for it" ... you paid for all day. Hold hands, using a guide, staying on the guide path - none of this is 'required' ... but they won't let you climb past the marked 'top' as this is out of the park area . . . btw the taxi is stupid expensive (charge per person and the distance is only a mile or so) ... but IME you are paying for a round trip so be sure this is still correct and don't let the driver tell YOU when he'll be back ... pick your time.
  13. not wrong but not complete and not sure why you even saw the need to add BUT if you want the full story here's the e-mail I got a while back when lot's of Honor closed but reappeared at Park N Cruise address and I asked waz up. . . . . (font changes are in the reply ... sorry ... too lazy to fix) We encourage constant feedback of our services and your experiences, and it sounds like we've kept you coming back for more! Let me start by saying how much we appreciate you returning to us with your business, and that I would like to clarify any confusion or concern you may have regarding this recent adjustment. Lots of Honor was a family run business, just like our own. The owner of Lots of Honor ran a Veterans' Benefit Program through his company, in which a portion of his reservation revenue went straight to a Veterans' Fund! Unfortunately, he recently had to shut down his business. We got wind of this news, and reached out to the owner to devise a plan to continue his support to our veterans, whom we love and appreciate so dearly. The end result is as follows: Lots of Honor could not afford to continue operating as an independent company; we allotted Lots of Honor a number of parking spots at our facility; Lots of Honor is permitted to advertise their parking at the rate they wish, regardless of the current rate at Park-N-Cruise; Park-N-Cruise and Lots of Honor are still independently advertised, as it is still two separate companies. This teaming together has allowed our kind-hearted neighbors at Lots of Honor to continue their support programs for our veterans, even though they were unable to stay in business. You are free to book through Lots of Honor, or Park-N-Cruise! Who wouldn't want to take advantage of the cheaper rate! πŸ™‚ Your final destination will be the same from here on out, regardless of whether you reserve through Lots of Honor or Park-N-Cruise (1700 Sea Ray Drive, Merritt Island, FL). You will also continue to receive the service and support that has kept us running strong at five stars! I hope this information relieves you of any hesitance, as it is not our goal to try and stoop our customers! If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 321-454-2500. Our staff is always standing by to serve you, and can assist in any matter regarding Park-N-Cruise or Lots of Honor! *************** if you book with LOH you get a lower rate but from then on you do everything "Park n Cruise" <use their shuttles> and LOH may be "full" while PnC isn't .......
  14. Top attractions in Cape Canaveral https://www.getyourguide.com/-l2198/?cmp=ga_sr&campaign_id=1032602851&adgroup_id=61516778394&target_id=&loc_physical_ms=9011831&match_type=&ad_id=340684894004&keyword=&ad_position=none&feed_item_id=&placement=www.portcanaveralwebcam.com&partner_id=DEF9D&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkOiw8sKZ4gIVTHzBCh3TTgdiEAEYASAAEgKFsPD_BwE
  15. no new sanctions wrt cruise stops ... people read WAY too much into what was changing. had friends who were there on Norw' SUN May 1-2 overnight ... I drove to / from Port Canav brought me Havana Club and cigars . .
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