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  1. US-1 🤣 come back and tell us how this went. lived and worked in Miami for many years US-1 POM to PE 😂
  2. i hope this tour goes on the launch pad. must do some researching. even the included bus tour goes to A launch pad (unless the area is closed due to being 'active') There are quite a number of launch pads; some old and some 'current' i dont know how hard it is to get to the rental places from the ship Generally speaking all the available rental choices are going to run shuttles to their offices. Some are closer than others but all are with a few miles of the terminals. How long you might wait depends on your luck of walking out at the right time AND how many ships are in port on your day in question. Some days PC sees one visiting ship and then there's little issue. And some days there is one visiting ship and 5 ships turning over (which means double people with one group arriving to go home and another wanting to get on board) on a day like this the rental places are usually a ZOO. Try looking here for expected 'port load' : https://www.portcanaveral.com/PortCanaveral/media/Cruise-Assets/2016 Images/Port-Canaveral-Cruise-Schedule-8-1-19-to-9-30-20.pdf
  3. Also, to send off for a passport, do you know the charge or fee, or how we can find out? Do we need to go to the Post Office to get this done first? A passport can be renewed thru the mail //// however If you are applying for a FIRST TIME passport, you must personally appear at a passport application acceptance office. SOME post offices qualify, and there are other places (or City Hall is one) basic passport book is $110 (fast processing or other services can increase the cost) The State Department link above < https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports.html/ >has links to all the necessary information, including acceptance locations. Note that some application sites require APPOINTMENTS and you should have your pictures IN HAND when you arrive. Ensure your birth certificate is a government issued ORIGINAL (hospital documents are NOT sufficient) currently, routine processing is 6 to 8 weeks (if no problems)
  4. Capt_BJ

    Crab claws

    one might ask what type of crab claws are you looking for as there are regional differences. In the Keys 'crab claws' usually means Stone Crab claws steamed then frozen and typically served cold, while up in Alabama Gulf Coast it typically means blue crab claws that have been breaded and deep fried. There ARE places in Florida where you find the latter .. Stone Crab season runs Oct 15 to May 15 ... outside of season many places will sell Jonah Crab claws. Similar but this crab is found in a much wider area (New England is a major producer) and the entire crab is harvested not 'just the claw' as is the case with Stone Crab.
  5. Sting Ray City is on the other side of the island from 7 Mile ..... so doubtful a StC tour will drop you at 7 Mile . . . If you see my other recent post with a map . . . StC is near Rum Point . . . 7 Mile is north of the anchorage
  6. I suggest some of ya'll pull up a map of Grand Cayman and locate Georgetown and the cruise tender landing area, and then Rum Point. Then you may appreciate certain issues with getting from A to B ...... a road trip from anchorage to RP goes from Georgetown to Bodden Town to Breakers to Old Man Bay to Rum Point. A ferry to RP leaves from the shore EAST of Georgetown. <Seven Mile is just north of 'anchorage'>
  7. no stores for general public on Dodge Island that I'm aware of. The port is on Dodge Island
  8. http://www.floridashuttletransportation.com/ Miami to Orlando bus and Orlando Miami shuttle services: Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, Palm Beach, South Beach, MCO to MIA Florida Shuttle Transportation offers the lowest and most affordable fares in Shuttle Bus Transportation. Whether you are a Florida Resident or a Tourist, you will find exactly what you are looking for aboard Shuttle Transportation Services in Florida! We offer shuttles for individuals and groups traveling on leisure or business in style and comfort. Shuttle Services provided in all major cities in the East and West coast of Florida. Also, airports and seaports transportation from Miami to Orlando
  9. https://www.redcoachusa.com/destination/orlando-to-miami/ and there are flights almost hourly during the day . . .
  10. right now I get T-1 to KSC visitor center $23 .....
  11. potentially a great way to learn all about emergency medical service in Cayman when I was serving on CG Cutters working the Carib' a general order came down proscribing renting 2 wheeled motor of any type while on R&R in the islands (which we visited regularly). This was the result of too many serious injuries. Some have argued "I'm a rider. I know what I'm doing." But there are big differences including - driving on the 'other side' - above influenced by a beer or 3 - other tourist traffic and pedestrians not used to traffic on the other side stepping out in front of you - above influenced by a beer or 3 - often dubious condition of the vehicle wrt brakes and tires - SAND which makes the road like riding on ice - above influenced by a beer or 3 get a car or a jeep or a taxi ...... I once watched a young lady who was on a moped in Bermuda, riding in her bathing suit. Slow and controlled she stopped for a traffic signal and her foot slipped on sand as I've mentioned. She went down slow and controlled and ended up sitting on the hot motor and exhaust .... in her bathing suit. It was not pretty.
  12. when I fist saw note of this yesterday I pulled up weather radar and the area was clear ... no major stuff showing. But when I looked at the Nassau webcam the wind was ripping thru the moorings there. All the smaller harbor traffic was running for cover.
  13. other kid friendly places to consider: Jungle Island https://www.jungleisland.com/ ... now on Watson Island (close to cruise port) this place traces history back to Parrot Jungle which was done in by hurricane Andrew. Primarily an animal park today. Miami Children's Museum https://www.miamichildrensmuseum.org/ next to Jungle Island on Watson Island .... this one is mostly indoors. a lil further away but in your range is Zoo Miami aka Miami Metro Zoo https://www.zoomiami.org/ an excellent zoo
  14. you're from Tampa but are asking for parking recommendations in Tampa? Sorry, this surprises me .... why not leave the car at home and UBER to the terminal (or is your profile wrong) I've always parked at the port's parking garage which is a large public facility used by surrounding venues including Sparkman's Wharf. When I've parked here for a cruise I was in a middle floor of this multi level facility ... iow, I was under a roof. Port also offers valet parking but IME this is OUTDOORS ... an open lot. Given the cruise terminal location very close to the sports and convention venues, low cost alternatives are not found.
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