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  1. the drink card is not always available ... it is something sometimes pulled out halfway thru a cruise if booze sales are below what they want/need I haven't seen the 'coupon book' for repeat customers in several years.
  2. I've used PnC many times and never had a problem .. once even accidentally left car unlocked and my rayban sunglasses and cash in the console were still there . . . Note the 'lots of honor' is the same place ..... and may offer slightly lower price. https://lotsofhonor.com/
  3. there is a foot lane over the bridge from downtown into the port the path I've marked is about 3/4 mile .... you'd have further to go to actually get to the terminal note: there's a very good change the temperature will be HOT with high humidity
  4. tender no options there is no pier for cruise ships
  5. I live 30 minutes from 'a port' I've never heard of a program like this BUT if you have a GOOD Travel Agent ........ THEY may provide this service .... a GOOD travel agent ****************** what I DO is watch the web sites for the cruises out of the place near to me ...... and often I'll ask Mrs .... "wanna take a cruise next week" for {silly low dollars} and off we go . . .
  6. https://www.dunnsriverfalls.net/prices/ Entrance fees (as of April 1, 2019) Prices (Non-Resident) Cost per Adult – $25.00 USD Cost per Child – $17.00 USD (age 4-12) Prices (Jamaican Resident) *Id required Cost per Adult – $1000.00 JMD Cost per Adult – $500.00 JMD (age 4-12) ×ENTRANCE FEE TO DUNN’S RIVER FALLS INCLUDE LICENSED FALLS GUIDE AND USE OF THE PARK FOR THE DAY.
  7. this can help you determine who will visit Flam in 2020 http://crew-center.com/flam-norway-cruise-ship-schedule-2020 other port schedules are on same site http://crew-center.com/cruise-ships-ports-schedules-2020
  8. stuffed animal turtle is quite "Cayman" pirate theme is also popular the blue iquana is unique to Cayman a stuffed toy animal of this is often seen
  9. If Miami is new to you then you WANT to go Cuban for dinner. My preferred option is to ask the front desk staff where they have lunch/dinner cuz you KNOW there is a lil mom and pop around the corner that's GREAT. But if not brave for this, a huge tourist recommendation is near ... Versailles is just under 3 miles by taxi/uber/lyft and in same place (a block away) is a La Carreta location .... La C' has several locations around Miami INCLUDING in the airport and is authentic Miami/Cuban as it gets! V is 'famous' ... and La C is more local family ..... I prefer La C' !!!! EITHER will give you a great Cuban style meal.
  10. also day of the week .... (I'm not looking up your cruise to determine day) on Sat or Sun a non issue but morning rush hour in Tampa is a B I T C H . . .
  11. IME not a different entrance, but once thru the single security line you get sent to a 'suite' section of checkin agents with no queue (usually)
  12. the only real item on the report that anyone ashore is interested in is the ETA, they could care less where you are, just so long as you are going to make the ETA. how sad .... I guess if the ship sinks they don't really give a damn? Ya just assume we'll find 'em ......
  13. When we sailed we would give head office an ETA for the next port and would keep in touch with them as a matter of course. The only time we told them of a specific route was when they queried an ETA. Their desk jockey claimed we could could manage Udevalla to Baltimore far quicker than our ETA suggested because they were suggesting a northerly passage around Scotland and, in January, we ‘declined’ and routed south of GB. The weather was vile even on our route and we avoided some pretty nasty looking storms. .... A USCG command center called me to respond to a distress and asked my ETA two days You are only 200 miles away Yes ... but I got to around CUBA to get there . . .
  14. Most ships, shipping companies, and charterers require a departure notice, an arrival notice, and daily noon position reports .....
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