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  1. this government site will show the 'official' estimate from Passport Agency https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/how-apply.html today is says for NEW application:
  2. I spent last night in the Doubletree in West Palm Beach .... room had a big paper 'seal' on the door saying it had been sanitized and you broke that when you went in. Room had a coffee service etc just like b4. signs said the breakfast was open / available but I'd read that options were limited primarily cuz the typical hotel 'free' breakfast had been a buffet / self service style and that's kinda not a good idea at this time .... I had breakfast at a diner 5 minutes away and other than a general 'masks required' policy set by the county the place was business as usua
  3. spent a couple of days in London b4 a cruise departing from Greenwich. I'd gotten some pounds in US and ended up with most of them still in my pocket even after a cruise with some UK stops! Credit Card was used everywhere. We did the Hop On bus to get a good overview .... we've generally had good experiences with them. Package included a ride up and down the river on a water tour as well ....
  4. we did nutshell when our cruise ended on Bergen and did drag our bags .... it was a bit of a PITA but WAS doable. Every leg of the trip there WAS someplace to put bags ... special racks or the typical bus storage area ... they were never 'underfoot' We made the post cruise a long leg .. spent two extra days in Bergen then booked via nutshell and stayed a night in Flam (become a quiet place when the cruisers leave), then the remaining train to Oslo for 3 nites before flight home. Nutshell Bergen to Oslo is a LONG day .... just the direct train Oslo/Bergen is a long day (
  5. yes at Cutty you'd technically be DLR .. but this map and others show DLR as part of the 'tube' ... in Gren' it IS underground having gone under the river! But no matter ... much easier to taxi (and not expensive enuf that I even remember what it cost) circle: Viking accepts luggage here - this is where their shuttle busses arrive diamond: Viking had a tent here for checkin ... arrow: where you get the water taxi / shuttle to the ship ... there is no pier for the cruise ship
  6. we did this cruise, beginning in London / Greenwich, spent a couple of days in London first. question becomes how much dragging of your own bags do you want to do? You can take public transportation (tube) to London and then depending on where you stay drag bags to your hotel. We did this ... I'll not do it again! A taxi provides door to door service.... Our hotel was a few blocks from Victoria Station. To get to Greenwich on boarding day we just took a taxi ... again door to door service. The 'tent' Viking operated from was set up in the shadow if Cutty S' .... taxi driver probably will
  7. parkway does not own or operate any parking .... they sell space in other's lots .... prior to COVID the two 'biggies' serving Port Canaveral were (stand alone parking serving all the cruise lines) parkcruise.com and parkportcanaveral.com both had been around for years and which in closer to the port depends on where you measure to ..... they are both a very short shuttle ride. What the deal will be when cruising resumes ......... p.s. lotsofhonor.com is the same operation as parkcruise but offers (offered) a limited number of spaces
  8. https://www.miamigov.com/Services/Transportation/Get-Trolley-Information-Schedules-and-Maps https://www.miamigov.com/files/assets/public/document-resources/pdf-docs/trolley-maps/systemtrolleymap508.pdf The Coral Way route does go into the port, but does not operate the full length of 'terminal row' ..... It WILL take you into town however .....
  9. how it WAS ....... As you may know these are the two terminals farthest apart in POM ... about 1.4 miles In the past there was no trolley or shuttle in POM for terminal to terminal transfer. In theory you can walk it .. it IS a straight line. You can 'virtually walk it' via Google Earth and decide if that's for you .... Most opt for a taxi but be ready to tip HEAVY cuz the driver is gonna LOVE the small fare of the trip versus an airport run. You can ask at customer service and may get lucky .... because Celebrity is a si
  10. We had a cruise booked back in May .... it was CANX obviously and I've been watching the situation closely. Today decided it was not worth allowing RCL to earn interest off my money so would change my FCC to a refund. Anyone else tried to do this thru the web site? I believe I'm pretty computer savvy but after an hour I had yet to succeed .... I went down several paths that said I was on my way to a refund request to find NO ....... wrong place. (No surprise to see complaints about RCL web site huh?!) So I went to the phone .... the auto answer system gave me little c
  11. We visited on our own via 'Norway in a Nutshell' and had tickets in hand for the morning train after an overnight stay and GLAD we did. There were 3 ships in, one at the pier and two tendering and the line at the ticketing area of the station was insane .... as was the queue area waiting for the train ...... (altho the boarding process was a bit of a madhouse .. they do NOT oversell the train so despite a 'me first' rush ... it was easy to find seats (we even had luggage to stow, on our way to Oslo from Bergen via Flam .... ) In Flam 'proper' there isn't a whole lot more .. a coupl
  12. There is an annual Jazz Festival if you hit the right week ..... music events all around town (but was canx this year due to COVID I believe) The downtown area is bigger than many of the ports we visited so more shopping opportunities ... and there was a large street festival in connection with the Jazz fest .... If not Jazz week, the 'big attraction' is a preserved/restored village with many artisans/performers in period costume ... think Colonial Williamsburg type stuff (but not THAT big)
  13. https://www.floridatoday.com/story/news/local/2020/09/04/9-hotels-more-than-1-000-rooms-added-brevard-county-year/3455341001/ Even in times of COVID-19, seven hotels open — with two more scheduled — on Space Coast, adding more than 1,000 hotel rooms
  14. July 2018 .... they were setting heat records ..... https://www.visitflam.com/information/webcam/
  15. Flam has the railway ...... world class excursion ..... For us Ger' was VERY crowded ... PACKED .... we went to Flam on our own after our cruise which ended in Bergen. Did Norway in a Nutshell with train /bus / ferry to Flam, spent a nite there (sleepy town when the ships leave for the day) then next day Flam railway to meet the train to Oslo .....
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