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  1. seats 18 .. trailer for bags http://hotrayzlimos.com/index.html
  2. don't hold your breath wrt world series games just because they'd be popular not too long ago we sailed on a "BIG BOAT" over Thanksgiving. As any college football fan knows this is a BIG weekend for college ball. As several BIG college games were about to begin the sports bar closed to host BINGO for the next two hours and the BIG screen out by the pool had a very lesser game ....... Groups of alums from 'big schools'' ended up huddled around personal iPads and laptops trying to stream via the ship internet (satellite) and WiFi with varying levels of success . . . . It was as if the cruise director was anti sports ......
  3. all the rental places at or near the port have shuttle service to the terminals National Alamo Enterprise Hertz Budget Dollar Thrifty Avis location you want is either Cape Canaveral or Cocoa Beach ..... for some 'port canaveral' is not a location as it is a business, not a town
  4. I've 'house sat' for folks who RV for 5 months at a crack .... monitor the mail (they use a post office box to support their travels .... I empty once a week). Advise if anything that looks important shows up (e-mail). Check the house once a week, run the water, flush the toilets, put some bleach in the a/c (Florida), ensure everything is running normally and the lawn is being serviced .... even drive the car they leave at home to keep battery charged. They pay me ..... comes out to about $20 an hour invested under normal circumstances.
  5. OP says going Viking so I'd mention that if familiar with what most ocean cruises charge for a 'drink package' Vik' (river and ocean) is a bargain .... and as previously mentioned if for no other reason but to offer options to the 'included' beer/wine choice, we find it worth doing don't forget you don't HAVE to buy ahead of time and can buy on board even after first day (but it will not be retroactive for drinks already bought 'off package' ... you can buy on say day 3 for remainder of your time)
  6. are you familiar with typical costs for charter fishing trips? Cayman half day (4 hours) $700 US (plus tip) granted that is for a boat that can take 7 people ..... this is not a crazy Cayman price btw .... charters from Port Canaveral run about the same ..... just managing expectations if not familiar. Had some family visiting and asked me to set up a trip from Canaveral and they quickly lost interest when we got around to actual prices ... they were not expecting such $$.
  7. pretty sure this is just a fancy name for renting snok' gear all day and maybe a lil intro to snork' class. As far as I can tell the old Coco Cay snork' area has not changed and you can do it DIY so long as you wear a safety vest. I've seen conflicting reports as to they charge for a vest if you don't have one.......
  8. you can find a one way rental car for around $40 if you shop hard but there is the added hassle of getting the car, fueling the car, paying the tolls along the way, returning the car and taking a shuttle from the car place to the pier . . . you might save $ but increase hassle by taking something from universal to MCO, then using one of the regular MCO // PC shuttles. Cruise Control for example is only $14 per person MCO to the port https://www.cruisecontrol-transportation.com/ and check the shuttle companies mentioned above if they are not ones you've already checked. CB shuttle for sure says they serve the Universal hotels on their web site https://cbshuttle.com/ {IME these shuttle services only have price for MCO / port on the web site and you need to call or submit a WEB reservation request to find the price for other Orlando locations to the port . . . BUT recognize that they will not be picking up a 'full load' at the Universal location in all probability so you loose the 'economy of scale' ..... or in other words it will probably be $$} Cocoa Beach Shuttle is central Florida’s premier professional transportation service connecting Orlando International Airport, the cruise ships of Port Canaveral, the Orlando area theme parks, and Cocoa Beach. BTW I just ran Universal Studio Cabana Cay to PC terminal 1 and get X $67 XL $76 UBER prices are of course 'dynamic'
  9. interesting question as the parking is not typically open 24 hours but only when a ship is 'loading/unloading' you might want to call and ask .. this number is for the Port's parking folks: (321) 783-7831 ext. 327 - Monday through Friday. (Eastern time) And if you find something out, let us know for future cruisers . . .
  10. they get positive reviews routinely
  11. Capt_BJ

    USB ports

    SKY: one nightstand shown .. same on both sides of bed plus 5 in the lamp
  12. COCO Cay has a large dedicated snorkel area easy to get to from the beach. IME you can go on your own at any time (safety vest required) There are some 'placed' items to add to the experience. This area appears to be unmoved and unchanged during all the remodeling. Taken at CoCo
  13. When I think of port fees and taxes I always remember our full transit Panama Canal sailing a few years ago. Fees and taxes were added, $400-500. per person. Obviously paying for passage thru the Canal is pricey and several threads on CC have itemized the several fees the Canal Authority levies on cruise ships. http://panamaforbeginners.com/23-facts-know-panama-canal/ 13. All tolls for the Panama Canal must be paid in cash, and must be paid at least 48 hours in advance. 14. Ships (with a few exceptions) are charged a toll based on their weight. The average toll for a ship to travel the canal is $150,000, but it can get much more expensive for the largest ships and additional surcharges. (a ship can pay extra for head of the line privilege) 16. The most expensive regular toll was paid by the cruise ship the Norwegian Pearl, which paid $375,600 to cross the canal (around $156 per pass'). UPDATE: With the opening of the new, larger locks as part of the canal expansion, this record has been significantly broken, as much larger ships can now pass through the canal. As of July 6th, 2016, the new record is held by the MOL Benefactor, a 10,000 TEU cargo ship which paid $829,000 to transit the new locks. It is expected that when a post-Panamax ship (which can hold up to 13,000 TEU of cargo) transits the new canal, that the record toll will pass $1 million.
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