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  1. Correct. I was on the phone all day yesterday, emailing, tweeting, twitter DMing and nothing. He tried to upsell me champagne on one call to "commemorate my amazing cruise," twitter staff told me to be sure to be the first person off the ship, and the supervisor on the phone said to buy the floating beach mat and use that as a chair :))))
  2. I hope that there are enough chairs. How were the beach areas? We have no interest in going to the pool or anywhere near it, but want to be sure we'll be able to utilize our unlimited drink package and get chairs by the beach. Would appreciate any and all insight!
  3. Spent a lot of time on the phone yesterday with different workers. Mass cancellation of Cabana's for tomorrow's Navigator sailing as they're now having Symphony dock on a day that they were supposed to be cruising, and having Mariner dock with us. We were both supposed to dock on separate days. What I've learned - they will cancel cabanas for another ship. The capacity of the island is 10,000 people. There are supposed to be attendants helping everyone find chairs. There aren't enough chairs for people, especially when two ships are docking. Their advice? Purchase the plastic floating beach mat or be the first person off the ship 🙂
  4. Great, this is all I needed to know 🙂 thank you so much for your quick reply!!
  5. What’s the least expensive and time intensive way to see the pigs from Nassau? Thank you!!
  6. I will probably follow your lead and not exercise lol. Vacation is vacation for a reason. Thanks for your help on all my questions, Dan!!!! Cannot wait to set sail!
  7. This sounds like exactly what we’d want. We would rather be on the beach than by the pool, no question. Thank you so much!
  8. Would love your thoughts on how it was? Any details you'd be willing to share? We have Coco Cay on our itinerary for the Navigator at the end of May. Thank you! We are three adults - mom and two daughters - with unlimited drink packages looking for our best plan of action.
  9. Also, adding on to my previous questions. How was the fitness center? I heard it wasn't quite finished previously. Thank you!!
  10. Hi there! Love your review. I'm sailing on the Navigator in May. What were the breakfast options like? We loved the omelet station on the Jewel as well as the variety of food in the Windjammer. Also, what was your favorite bar that you went to? Any tips you have for adults on places to go would be well received 🙂 Thanks for your thoroughness!
  11. This is lovely! So happy to hear it went so well. Will definitely keep an eye out for new friends on the ship as always!
  12. This is super helpful! We have 6pm traditional dining. We will start with 2 and expand if we want 🙂 Just want to ensure I have time to talk to my mom and not rush through dinner. Thank you!
  13. Totally get it. My youngest brother has autism, and our last cruise (Jewel of the Seas 3/2017) we were totally accommodated for him with dining. I checked in with the HW during embarkation and they told us they had just the dining team for our family in mind, and we truly fell in love with them! Ping and Martin. Best of luck on your next cruise!
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