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  1. The one we took in July was in the afternoon and was just under 2 hours.
  2. We waitlisted in June of this year for a cruise in November 2020 and were cleared in August so we cleared in about 8 weeks. We waitlisted in 3 cabin categories (you can waitlist in up to 5) and paid $100 each for priority status as we were told that could help us clear sooner.
  3. There is a separate shower in addition to the tub in the concierge and superior suites---not sure about the others.
  4. Tampa is definitely a gateway airport for Regent.
  5. Hi—I see a couple of references to bedding. What can be requested in that regard?
  6. We were booked on Delta and Air France from Tampa through Atlanta flying to Stockholm this past July and returned on Air France and Delta going through JFK from Copenhagen and that was using Air Deviation/Custom Air. We have made a solemn vow to NEVER go through JFK again. Every time we've gone through JFK there has been a massive aggravation. It's just not worth it.
  7. We booked flights through Regent with air deviation (although they insisted on calling it "custom air") for our cruise last month (I think we booked the flights in March). We were on Delta for the domestic legs in first class (we paid $175 each for the "custom" air) and just happened to get lucky with first class for domestic and the international segments were on Air France and KLM in business class and we received miles for each flight. The reservation showed up on our Delta accounts with good seats already selected within 5 minutes of booking. It couldn't have been easier.
  8. Regarding water on the gangway as of last month on Explorer they had the small plastic bottles of water. The Vero water was in the suites and restaurants.
  9. Thanks for the helpful responses. I guess we'll mark the calendar for February.
  10. Hello-we are curious as to the need to book air deviation at 270 days v. later. Whenever we've booked our own air if it's more than 6 months out there always seems to an equipment or schedule change. We were a little late reserving a Baltic cruise with Regent and used air deviation at 120 days from sailing and got exactly what we wanted. Now we are probably go to reserve for Barcelona to Dubai November 2020 (we've been cleared from wait list and will give them our answer by Wednesday). Do we really need to utilize air deviation so far out? Thanks for any comments/responses.
  11. I've managed to talk us into this one, mainly because the $500 per person deposit for "priority" wait list " is completely refundable even if we clear the wait list.
  12. Thanks very much Travelcat2. Do you know if we would be required to obtain visas or is there a “blanket” visa for the ship provided you stay on the ship’s excursions (like with St. Petersburg)?
  13. Hello-I saw a cruise on the Explorer Barcelona to Dubai, 22 nights departing November 6, 2020 in a mailing. When I went online I noticed every cabin category but one was wait listed. Does that happen often for a sailing well over a year away? Also, what is the chance of it opening up? The Regent rep told me you can wait list up to 5 cabin categories with with no deposit (or $500 refundable for priority waitlist). Once you're notified of it opening you have a brief period of time to make a decision and place a full deposit. I don't know how willing we'd be to put our life/plans on hold that long unless there is a good chance we'll get what we want, and know sooner rather than later. We're on the Explorer next month for a Baltic sailing so I suppose we can ask more detailed questions once onboard but any comments from people experienced with this process would be much appreciated. The Regent rep did say the future booking wait list while onboard does not qualify for any discount. Thanks.
  14. rcandkc--thanks very much for posting your question. I also do not have great skills and only signed up because my partner is really interested. was also somewhat called out once in a cooking class (not on a cruise) and it wasn't a great feeling. Now I'm looking forward to the class on Explorer.
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