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  1. Good luck getting a doctor to sign a document like the cruise wants, I have read their preferred wordage, I would not sign it. Not only that your are healthy enough to cruise, but you cannot have, heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, etc. and the doctor has to attest you don't have whats on the list. Such a deal You Cheatum & How are going to have a field day.
  2. No matter what one does, some Human behavior will never change. We were on the last cruise on Rhapsody, shut down when we got off in Tampa. During the cruise Some still would not use the hand sanitizer, some still got stupid, some still did not care what the did at the buffet and on and on. The crew did a very outstanding job keeping it clean and encouraging sanitize, many cases to no avail, and believe the crew tried. Passengers may need to step up and call some people out, but not sure that would not create more problems. Human beings are going to do what they do, some the hell with everyone else
  3. Is RCCL doing any TransAtlantics out of Amsterdam, or Copenhagen, 2021. Only T/A's I see are out of Barcelona
  4. Quite sure, got it on video, could not see the face, camera was too far down the hall. We had magnet signs, room steward and desk said those were ok. We even had a different door covering for Halloween. no problems, in 40 cruises never had a problem.
  5. We were on 8 and there were many doors decorated all very nice. we saw other floors decorated as well. Will continue to do it, as long as OK with the ship. As someone said, they need it that bad to fulfill their life, take it.
  6. Just got off the brilliance this past Monday. Great cruise great crew. One problem, a passenger. We decorate our door. A passenger took our best and largest sign off the door. It was not crew. Video was not clear on face, did show clothes. One never knows. New world new type cruisers. Live and learn
  7. Your suggestion is/was great and the company was well thought of. What we are looking for is a 3-4 hour tour, 2 people and a pick up at the train station if possible Romelimo, Romeinlimo, and Romecabs, cannot do that. Min. tour 7 hours, no pick up at train station, they have to come to the ship. Prices were fine with what they can do, but that does not meet our time. We know exactly what we want to see, so we will keep trying. Thanks for the help.
  8. Thesandman12


    Does anyone have recommendations on a private tour company for Rome. Two to four hour tour pick up at train station or elsewhere. Thanks for the help. Two people.
  9. Just got off the Rhapsody. Some, in the recent past, have been saying, food not good, staff not good, ship old and beat up, etc. NOT SO. Ship is older yes, in great shape. Food very good and great service. Service was excellent throughout the ship. Shows were all entertaining If all RCCL ships get a 10 for staff friendly, then the Rhapsody gets an 11 or 12. Did see some passengers that were not very nice to the staff, always one or two. Could not ask for better. I'm not sure what some people want out of a cruise, but this one was outstanding. All the people we talked to, and we visited with a lot, agreed. Did not hear one request for a ten.
  10. Read the book, Devils on the Deep Blue Seas, short, easy read, good book. The book talks about the start of the cruise industry, how ruthless it was and can be, like many industries. One of the guys in the book still is a big shot with Carnival. One other thing, reading these posts makes me wonder why some even go on cruises. One has a great time overall but requesting a 10 or tipping has ruined the whole trip. Forrest Gump and his chocolates, on a cruise ship, one pretty much knows what they are going to get. We enjoy cruising and will continue to do so, its the people we meet as well as the ship and ports. It's sad to only see the things one does not like, but that is the way it is some things never change.
  11. Got up this AM and fixed a nice breakfast, and I only got an 8, my life is over
  12. Well I ordered an omelet she made it perfectly, I thanked her, said it looked good, went on my way. It was excellent, I went back and told her so, went on my way. Next morning, went back She nodded at me and made my omelet, her decision, which impressed me, no one ever knew, you brag you loose. All the omelets were excellent. Being nice is not the usual things now, demanding is. She chose to take care of me I chose to tip her for it. I do not ask for favors, but will accept them as well as give them. So yes, it was NOT good service, it was excellent service and I was just lucky, anyone else could deserve the same and I would have no complaints. I do not know what people expect on a cruise, my cruises have always met my expectations.
  13. Yeah I believed it, he had only been on the ship about 5 weeks, and you could tell he was learning because the other guys around for one thing, he still deserved it. Had one passenger notice I did what I did, and informed me I was not supposed to do that. Had an omelet lady once did the same thing, when I showed up, I did not have to stand in line and wait, she saw me, made my omelet, others around, got bent sometimes, 16 day cruise, she got a 20
  14. I agree with the people that don't like the 10 discussion or request from some of the crew. I have never seen it or had it, guess I'm lucky. I do know that the workers are asked/made to do things that are unpleasant for them as well as the cruisers. I have also seen abuse from cruisers toward workers, I have seen the same from higher ups toward lower workers. I do not tolerate that when I see it, I have nothing to say to the cruiser or anything to do with them, but I do go to the worker, apologize for what happened and tell him he should not have to put up with it, I do know that is part of their job, to just take it. I also inform a higher up about how professional t worker was with the encounter. If it is a higher up that does it I do go and deal with him myself. I do watch closely for retaliation toward the worker, Enough said
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