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  1. I have been waiting for all the holes in the Enchantment OTS itineraries to be posted. I called C&A today, and they checked with someone (who knows) and there is no schedule for this to happen. I'm waiting to book cruises, but they don't want to sell cruises. What's a girl to do???
  2. Waiting anxiously for the rest of Enchantment OTS Baltimore schedule to be released. How can I book b2b, with every other week empty?
  3. Dudley Jean left Grandeur OTS on 17 Oct, and is transferring to Enchantment OTS, same date. Carlington Berry is joining Grandeur 17 Oct.
  4. First they said - if you get a balcony - you'll never go back. And that is SO correct. Then they said - B2B cruise - and you'll be spoiled for less. And that is also SOOOOO correct. We have 7 B2B cruises booked thru spring 2021.
  5. I hope everyone in Halifax and surrounding areas have recovered from Dorian. We are scheduled in Halifax next week. Is the farmer's market and terminal shopping area open? Looking for a close stop for lobster roll. The little deli at the end of terminal building wasn't open when we were there in May.
  6. I think Royal UP has affected assignment of suite guarantees. We have a JS, and were offered a Royal UP for Grand and Royal Suites. So; last effort to squeeze another $$$$ before they assign suites. We booked the cabin we want, and we're sticking with it.
  7. thank you for the quick responses. We love the port of Baltimore. Now to figure out what we're doing in Halifax. Talk about your steep ramp!
  8. DH has a back issue, and cannot walk the ramps. He is OK on flat areas, but the ramps put pressure on his back. Who do we need to talk to so we can embark on deck 1, instead of the ramp to deck 4. We don't need a wheel chair assist, just need to avoid the ramp. Thanks.
  9. We usually walk down to the Maritime Museum, but DH has back issues, and may not be able to do that walk. I'm looking for a plan B, in case we can't do the walk. Maybe a taxi, but taxis don't usually like those really short trips.
  10. I think I remember there were pedicabs on the boardwalk in years past. This May I did not see them, but we were there very early. Are they there now, or will they be there first week of October?
  11. I have seen a few Red Hat Groups in full regalia. Over the winter, I saw another group (not Red Hat) but something similar. They were seated in the MDR, so I would say - it's not a problem.
  12. Coming off the smaller ship (2000 guests) and joining the larger ship (5400 guests) does not sound like fun to me. There's a reason we're on the smaller ship.
  13. I never paid attention to the CDs until we had a really great one on Celebrity Mercury. He made the cruise so much more enjoyable. So now I understand what a really good CD can do for a cruise. But the bad ones don't wreck the cruise, we're cruising and having a great time.
  14. we really liked the wine packages, but they now offer the one size fits all beverage package.
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