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  1. I watched the video Miaminice shared, where Richard Fain says he doesn’t know if vaccinations will be required. If you think they should be of all people who are able to be vaccinated, write his office and let him know. Herd immunity should protect the few who can’t be vaccinated. I’m signing up for a transatlantic this year, but if it turns out vaccinations aren’t required, we’re cancelling and will fly across. I’m getting an airline ticket with my miles as a sad back up. Fingers crossed.
  2. Here is a summary of the Cambridge study. At the bottom it say mis-September to esrl December for first cases. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/04/200409085644.htm
  3. How awful. If you had a Covid19, it would have spread through the ship. My friend and most of the ill people led off the Westerdam after your cruise, and housed at a closed ski resort until they could travel, tested positive for the flu. She said it had come up from Australia on the ship. She had bronchitis, too. I’ll forward your message to see if she has anything to add. She did say they were the last to disembark, told to stay in their cabins, and when they left the names of the new occupants were already outside the door. She was concerned that her virus and germs would still be in the ca
  4. So how will US West Coast ports be handled? Despite such strong Pacific Rim ties, West Coast officials are just now pulling their heads out of the sand, reactive rather than proactive. In Italy, armed guards are surrounding the affected villages; do you think anything like that is being considered anywhere in the US? I expect the US to be hit harder than Europe based on the complacency so far shown. What would it serve to bring ships to the US?
  5. Indeed glad for you. Some of us on the Constellation are having a tough time rerouting to Dubai without breaking the bank. It's costing me much more than the compensation offered. But I'm glad they have been proactive with us.
  6. On HAL, twice the sommeliers didn't charge corkage for the French wine bottles we brought for them to serve and store. We are strictly sippers with food. Are diners ever given a pass on corkage on CC?
  7. In that case, I need to throw a linen kitchen towel into the suitcase too, to keep those spotty glasses worthy of our elixir of the gods. Great information.
  8. Does anyone have a Celebrity wine list they can upload, or post a link to. We have that classic package but are also coming from Paris, so I want to know if it’s worth bringing a couple of bottles and paying corkage— we aren’t snobs, appreciate almost everything we drink with food but do know our way around the vineyards.
  9. That’s the plan. Sometimes content is blocked if in a different zone from where it was downloaded, but sometimes being in airplane mode allows access on the iPad. We’ll have content from both the US and European zones. Sometimes after a hectic day, I just want to chill with Father Brown instead of cruise content.
  10. Great answers. Thanks. so for Netflixs, which internet package do you recommend for two oldsters who: watch BBC mysteries, or other calm fare don’t download video games, but may download a news broadcast or YouTube video?
  11. We'll be on the Constellation Singapore to Dubai in March (Coronavirus willing) and enjoy watching a little TV. Our last cruise on HAL, we were disappointed that some of the programming we liked before was completely eliminated. So, to know if I should download movies onto the Ipad, which could lead to higher priced internet, could you tell me what's showing these days: serials, films, BBC mysteries, news shows, any in other languages, etc. Thanks.
  12. This is so good to see. We were there four months after the hurricane and saw a lot of devastation. The restaurant street on the French side was so destroyed that only two of the sixty restaurants had a grill lit. Red Cross was there, lots of tarps, no children on bikes, no children playing. Community centers, sports clubs, médiathèque all destroyed. Thanks for the video.
  13. It is obfuscated, but you’ve made it very clear. Thank you.
  14. Thanks for the internet information. So does that mean that the airfare is not part of the O package but is included for everyone? Am I understanding correctly that the airfare credit would be applied to the cruise-only price? Thank you for pointing out the value of the excursion credit. We usually prefer private excursions. I wish I could see a sampling of the offerings at the 199-price. O Life is $1,100 more, while the OBC is $800. Our gratuities will be a bit under that unless they are raised in the meantime. So if the airfare isn’t an O Life perk, but could in fact
  15. I thought the same as the OP, due to the airfare being included, but thanks to this thread, I did the math. With OLife we’d have to take what we’re assigned flying to South America and home from Miami. But when I checked flying using our stash of CC points and miles, I found we could easily fly in business for a low level of points and from our home airport, without the OLife extra charge tacked on. Now I have to calculate the cost of the free internet and OBC, but as one-drink-a-day cruisers, I don’t think we’d run up a $800 bar bill.
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