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  1. This is so good to see. We were there four months after the hurricane and saw a lot of devastation. The restaurant street on the French side was so destroyed that only two of the sixty restaurants had a grill lit. Red Cross was there, lots of tarps, no children on bikes, no children playing. Community centers, sports clubs, médiathèque all destroyed. Thanks for the video.
  2. It is obfuscated, but you’ve made it very clear. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the internet information. So does that mean that the airfare is not part of the O package but is included for everyone? Am I understanding correctly that the airfare credit would be applied to the cruise-only price? Thank you for pointing out the value of the excursion credit. We usually prefer private excursions. I wish I could see a sampling of the offerings at the 199-price. O Life is $1,100 more, while the OBC is $800. Our gratuities will be a bit under that unless they are raised in the meantime. So if the airfare isn’t an O Life perk, but could in fact be credited...hmmm....
  4. I thought the same as the OP, due to the airfare being included, but thanks to this thread, I did the math. With OLife we’d have to take what we’re assigned flying to South America and home from Miami. But when I checked flying using our stash of CC points and miles, I found we could easily fly in business for a low level of points and from our home airport, without the OLife extra charge tacked on. Now I have to calculate the cost of the free internet and OBC, but as one-drink-a-day cruisers, I don’t think we’d run up a $800 bar bill.
  5. Amen. Best advice for all of us. Beautifully put.
  6. Found an offer on one of our Amex Gold cards, but it’s for 15,000 points instead of $150 cash back.
  7. For us it was seamless—2nd bus at 10:00 am, quick passport stop, and sitting in the MDR by 1:00, thanks to being able to use our Global Entry at the US passport control at Canada Place. However, I was stressed the whole time knowing others’ experiences and pitfalls I had overlooked. I booked the only direct flight to Seatac from my airport for the day before, but once I realized that a late-day summer storm could have delayed us a day, causing us to miss the shuttle, I knew I had planned wrong. If booking the day before, catch an early flight. We flew with a companion certificate so saved $800 even with shuttle cost over the quoted airfare price. But I felt stressed.
  8. How do you block it, igraf? Does the fix stay in place? I bought saline in Ketchikan but it was too late to prevent—will pack it next time.
  9. Hadn’t seen your other thread, oakman58. Very interesting. Maybe it’s just a particularly bad year with things warming up. I hope everyone in your party is well now. I did clean the room with disinfectant wipes after my friend caught the second-round flu. And we’re pretty constant with the washy-washy every chance we get. I found the drying fan disturbing until I slept with one of my shawls from the shoulders up to protect me from the air. Thanks for the info on the S and R class ships. Anyway, seems I’m the only one who finds it disturbing. In the Amazon, that fan could be very welcome...maybe.
  10. Let me first say we loved our Alaskan northbound cruise, the scenery, the crew, fellow passengers but—I have never seen a word posted about the ventilation coming out of the ceiling, hot and cold 24-hours a day—just over our beds. I should have had the beds separated by day two, giving a few inches relief, but I didn’t. By Ketchikan, I had a full blown sinus infection. Am on antibiotics now. Meanwhile, good friend of mine got the flu on the Westerdam in early July and was led off with all the other sickies and their spouses to a separate train car, sent to a resort to recover for 3 days before Denali. Oakman58 in his wonderful Westerdam report from early June ended up at the Denali Clinic from cruise crud https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2677658-westerdam-alaskan-cruisetour-jun-2-13-2019/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-57890076 So do all the ships in this class have this type of ventilation? Am I the weakest link in our biological cruise-chain. I’m hesitant to book the Volendam for a 35 night Amazon cruise.
  11. Just reviewed my Westerdam photos from last week and can tell you we docked starboard side in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagwa, but port in Seward.
  12. We just came off the Westerdam two days ago and were thrilled with our aft-facing veranda. In fact we turned down a free upgrade to a Signature Suite to keep the aft veranda. At dock we saw both land and water except in Seward where the aft was backed into a slot. There we saw river otter and a seal behind the ship. Note that we were sailing north so always had sun, whereas sailing south an aft veranda would face north.
  13. If they try to fly to Europe t to catch the ship with the US passport, they will be denied boarding. You must have three or six months validity depending on the country. Period. As another dual, it's better to just renew that passport now and not futz around. Your friend has enough time. Then don't forget to update the info to HAL.
  14. Clean chino khakis with a navy jacket is classic. But some people wear khakis until they look messy and dirty.
  15. To clarify—I think you’d pass because these are dark dress jeans. I don’t think anyone would notice, based on your description of the garment. If you make a point about what you are wearing when you get to the MDR, that puts the HAL personnel into a difficult position because the rule is on the books. But I don’t think anyone will notice if they are dark. As we who are over fifty pass on, you young ones will... ( fill in the blank).
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