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  1. Even though it is a short sail-in - in both time and view - I plan to be here.
  2. Looks like we lost our WP. See you all tomorrow for Oostie.
  3. NA definitely will be late - X might make it - they still have just over 30 minutes.
  4. They still have another hour. But running a little later than the last two weeks.
  5. With the last 2 tendering ships we haven't had panning, but the last one [don't remember which day] after the DAM ship was mostly docked - WP went to the tendering ship. I much prefer this - - forget the panning. No matter what - I plan to be here.
  6. Have a great weekend, everyone - see you on Monday at regular time.
  7. Are both the FKL and AJ dock both fixed docks - or is one a floating dock? I know that sometimes plays into the decision.
  8. At least it's not panning. And she is out in front. And it looks like Kathi is not going to get to see 'her deck' after all. 😞
  9. As she disappears behind Jewel, I'll say good night. See you tomorrow - 1 early and one at regular time.
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