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  1. See you on Monday for Signature Sisters. Have a nice holiday and if travelling - be safe.
  2. Mickey's ship playing with their lifeboats
  3. In order to get email notifications, you can't just post. Now you must click the 'follow' icon at the top of the thread and manually set - 'follow' It works after that. .
  4. Volendam just passed Grand Island - still about another hour to Juneau harbor.
  5. By the time the cam pans back - she will be out of view. See you tomorrow for Volendam.
  6. Had already left berth and in view - before the cam panned back. She's moving out quickly, it looks like fine weather now.
  7. Noordam just indicated they were leaving now. Cam is panning - not sure how much we will see.
  8. Noordam leaves at 6 pm AST - I will try to remember - [10 pm EDT] to return.
  9. When doing the '180' on the ship, the actual motion [for me ] is not as impressive as watching on the screen. I love scenery turn though.
  10. We have a webcam person, but since the cam is focussing on Eclipse, I doubt if we'll see Noordam much before she enters the harbor area.
  11. You now have to set the notification follow setting. If you post, it doesn't automatically put you in that category, you must actually hit the follow icon at the top of the page. No wonder I got no emails yesterday.
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