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  1. Attached is the advertised price as it appeared on July 8th.
  2. I'm trying my best! When I had RCI on the phone yesterday, I asked them how many people they were contacting (how many had already booked at the "wrong" price), but they said that is confidential. I'm trying to find any others who were booked on the same cruise to "stand together", but I will pursue this, on behalf of all Consumers. I've been in business over 42 years, and I know that when an employee makes a mistake, the Company makes good to the Consumer.... it's only good business, IMHO.
  3. Hi Jenny - yes, I thought it was a great price; we booked an inside cabin. Yes, the TA confirmed the price (as it was discounted 82%) and they did confirm before booking. Still trying to determine what we will do next. Yes, I have travel insurance, but it won't get me the cruise, which is what we really want. 🙂
  4. Itchy - not sure, but I'm guessing it's because they're covering their mistake. They already have my deposit....
  5. Ontheweb - I did have both the TA and RCI on the phone at the same time (for over 45 minutes). When I asked to speak to someone higher up, with decision making authority, the RCI rep replied "this is not a Call Center, this is the Executive Offices of RCI; there is no one higher". ("arms crossed/line in the sand").... the TA felt absolutely terrible, but felt there was nothing they could do if RCI would not honor their price.
  6. John Bull - That said, under UK contract law advertising is an invitation to treat, then submitting a booking is a contract offer, then accepting a booking (confirmed by accepting a deposit) is an acceptance. A firm contract. But my understanding is that US contract law is much fuzzier. The carriage contract has a clause for "errors and omissions" which covers them. My legal advise says it is more of an FTC (Federal Trade Commission) issue. My point is that it is NOT good Customer relations, and they're now in a position to lose more than the cost of honoring the price.
  7. I did feel it was a bargain, which is why I booked. I did check, double check, went direct to RCI website, and saw the same price. When I booked with the travel agent, they got RCI on the phone, to select my cabin.
  8. On July 9th I booked a 12-day Alaskan Cruise/LandTour, (cruisetour 12A) for uly 10, 2020 as advertised, for 2 people for a total of $2924.86 .... yesterday I received a call from RCI that they advertised the price incorrectly (their error was also applied to multiple travel agency sites), and that in order to keep my cruise I would need to pay $9,672.72. Bait and switch, false advertising. Has anyone else been affected by this? They (RCI) made an "executive decision" to not honor their pricing. I'm now out airfare, excursions, travel insurance, etc. If I don't pay up by August 2, 2019, they will automatically cancel my reservation. I am appealing to their "upper management" and their Board of Directors, but I'm trying to find anyone else to has experienced this (or similar, and what your outcome was), so we can band together. I've cruised on over 50 cruises, and my husband has been on more than 30; this would have been our first experience with RCI. Pam Monroe
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