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  1. July 4th week and we can go out of NY, Jersey or Maryland.......
  2. 40 + of us are trying to book a cruise again with Carnival but some complained the Pride looked tired, old and rusty when we were on it last year. I know it heads into dry dock for some touch ups soon. Does anyone know what they plan to do to the Pride, what changes or improvement while dry docked? Thanks
  3. Carnival Pride will be docking in Bermuda for 3 days next July and I had a few questions. Do we have our own beach? Chairs/huts? Does the CHEERS program work anywhere there once off the ship? Things to do while in this port?
  4. Does anyone know what is being done to the Pride? How much money is being put in for upgrades? When is it going in? I ask because 30 of us cruised the Pride this past April and 25 or so would do it again, a few were up in the air saying the ship was run down, food so-so and so on. I am hoping the upgrades will be enough to sway the rest to give it one more shot. Any info? Thanks
  5. It will be for July 4th week Ports seem to include as of now: Kings Wharf, Bermuda Phillipsburg, St. Maarten San Juan, PR Labadee, Haiti Worried that some of these ports may still be a bot beat up from the hurricanes the past few years.
  6. A group of 30 + just completed a Carnival Pride cruise a few weeks back and many wanted to try an upgrade or sorts so we have narrowed it down to the Anthem of the Seas. Looking for some feedback: Pros? Cons? Ports? Difference between Carnival and Royal? Difference between the Pride and Anthem of the Seas? Thanks in advance
  7. We changed it just before dinner on our last night on the cruise. Went down, asked to have it taken off and that we would be handling it ourselves. However, we did leave the one category which said something like, alternative services or something, I do not have the bill. We just preferred to pay our wait staff and room steward the same amount Carnival charged us, just paid them in cash
  8. No, I added it because that was part of my review. Several people were taking those costs off their bill throughout the whole week We were the third group in my own party to do so and I only did so after speaking with my waiter and my room steward. This is a review of my trip and what we did. Obviously many do not even tip, others tip minimal yet others tip the same as Carnival, just in cash
  9. Nope, I will do as I please, this is a message board in which people, GULP, ask questions! And yes, if you the same question over a several week period, odds are you will get many different opinions and answers, along with the miserable whiners like yourself. As I noted, a informative and active message board like this is in place to ask a questions. Just because it may seem repetitive or stupid to you and a few others, doesn't mean the one asking the question should be shamed upon. Like you in this thread, you have nothing positive, constructive or worthwhile to add to my honest review of the Pride and what I did there. Either add something to the thread or don't respond...……. Your poor hubby
  10. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I asked questions to see how others do it and to make my own judgement. Just because you give advise do not mean it is the Bible, WOW. And as I noted it, the workers I spoke to all said CASH IS KING, like I always said. Again, I am a good soul who feels these workers will take care of those that need be...………. Just some advice, don't be offended when others DO NOT take you advice...…….
  11. Not so, tips and cost are RECOMMENDED on everything but Cheers. Some people tip NOTHING! I actually gave my waiter a tip in front of his female helper and the steward was cleaning the room next to mine while his coworker was cleaning the bathroom and I tipped him in front of his coworker. I would be shocked if they didn't share but that if not, oh well.
  12. Taino Beach, cost 5 bucks to get in and they left you use some paddle boars or kayaks for free but they have tons of water activities for a price as well as a bar and place to eat. Very nice beach
  13. We all had a very relaxing and fun filled trip. Yeah, there were some pros and cons but overall an awesome time. Dr. E really pulls that ship
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