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  1. We were looking at cruises weeks ago and were looking for the 2nd week of July. Our agent told us today she would not book anything out of the US until August at the earliest. Now we are not sure what to do because the kids start school in Sept and we can't keep pushing it back. Is anyone booking before August??
  2. We almost booked one the 2nd week of July a few weeks back but now with this we are holding off. Just wondering if Carnival is giving full refunds or credits with some OBC for future cruises?
  3. Can that be true. We were in the process of booking for the 1st or 2nd week in July and she advised us to book in August as she doesn't see any cruises out of the US till August at the earliest. How can that be?
  4. I was tempted to book a few months back but held off as we are trying to giving my daughter, and our family, a nice graduation gift. We are looking at islands as well, but my daughter really loved the cruise we went on last year. But with everyone panicking about what is going Any idea if the prices will drop? Will people cancel and open up rooms that will be cheaper? Thoughts?
  5. Family of 4. Come cruise time you will have: Mom Dad 18 year old 15 year old * They are saying 3rd and 4th guest are free, or kids free. * Free open bar for all guest- Only 2 can drink, wife does not even drink a lot. * Free specialty dinning- WHAT IS THIS? *Free Wifi- all 4 of us can use this for sure. * Free shore excursions- Is this per person or per room? Up to how much? per stop? And what excursions, the ones no one wants?? Just looking for some feedback because as of now, for this family with a balcony out of NY to Orlando and Bahamas they are saying $5,800.00. Thoughts? Thanks in advance for any input...…...
  6. I did it and shared it with about 16 other people. It's small but good to get out of the son, good place to keep drinks cold and so on
  7. We are researching ships out of NJ/NY and Baltimore for a June trip and the Sunrise tends to be the least expensive out of all the lines and ships we have been looking at and I am curious as to why? Has anyone been on the Sunrise recently? Pros? Cons?
  8. We are looking at various ships cruising out of the NY/NJ and Baltimore areas and were wondering about Celebrity's Summit. Any feedback, pros and cons? Thanks
  9. My wife may have a drink near the pool and maybe a glass of wine at dinner and that’s it. Although I am no longer carrying kegs on shoulders and drinking from the nozzle, I think I will do over 10 drinks or more throughout the day. So what do you all suggest we do?
  10. Has anyone seen some good Black Friday deals from Norwegian or other cruise lines? If so, what were the deals and savings?
  11. Has anyone ever saved a ton on a Black Friday deal for Royal or any ship?
  12. Never cruised on Royal as we are looking at a few of their ships for next Spring. Do they have drink packages? What are they or can you share a link to explore them further? If two people in a room are over 21, do they have to both get the drink package if one decides to? How strict is Royal on sharing your drinks? Just trying to figure all this out before making our final plans. Thanks in advance...…….
  13. My wife and I are looking to take my two teenage kids on a cruise as this will be their 3rd time however, my brother would like to join us. He is single with no children. Do you feel it would be cheaper per person to try and rent a suite for the 5 of us or go with two rooms with 2 and 3 in each? And if we go with two rooms, would it be cheaper for him if one of my kids, 17 and 14, room with him on paper, saving him money? Is that how that works? Thanks in advance.
  14. July 4th week and we can go out of NY, Jersey or Maryland.......
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