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  1. For me it is the onion rolls. The rest of my family loves the pumpkin seed rolls though Dan
  2. I feel for you that you got sick, but outbreaks occur on cruise ships all the time. It's not like we hear about this regularly on the Grandeur. It appears to me that unfortunately you were on one of those cruises that had an outbreak. Dan
  3. At some point there will be no choice when all that’s left are the mega ships. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are catering to the vast majority. Their profitability is balanced into the equation heavily. Dan
  4. We've been on Navigator pre and post Amplification and didn’t find it feeling more crowded. Love the new venues and look. If anything it made us love the Voyager class even more than we already did. Hope your experience is similar. Dan
  5. I can only hope. Freedom class is the largest in Royals fleet that we care for so far. We are about to try our first small ship on the Grandeur (74k GT) in July. Looking forward to that experience. Dan
  6. Loves travel pass. Have used it quite a bit. The ability to go and access our domestic plan for a one time daily price is fantastic. It’s nice to keep the phone away for most of the cruise but to catch up once or twice with friends and family back home Dan
  7. Thanks for taking the time to put that video together Dan
  8. Sure enough.(see my screen grab from Verizon). It’s only while at sea, but that makes sense because when you are in port you are using that ports cellular service. I’m not sure why you would buy this $20 monthly plan for a cruise ship when it doesn’t work while at sea. When in Port they shut off the cruise ships cellular services so I’m not sure when this service would even be usable? I wonder how they are able to disable cellular data connectivity to the ships cellular service while at sea? Dan
  9. Yeah you are correct when you consider the small amount of cell data some apps use for something like location services. The insane charges that cellular providers charge for cell data while at sea causes this to be an issue. However in the case of the OP, it sounds as though he actually had a significant data overage, and to me it appears that he kicked over to cellular from Wi-Fi. It is is best to turn off cellular data altogether when on the ship. One thing I like about Verizon is the fact that you can sign up for their Travel pass which allows you to use your domestic data and cellular plan in many of the Caribbean islands for a single day $10 charge(per island). It doesn’t help when on the ship but it is awfully nice to be able to make unlimited phone calls and use your plans domestic data to catch up with family and friends back home. Dan
  10. OP, You are absolutely correct that when WI-Fi is working properly there is no need to put your phone in airplane mode. Problem is, Wi-Fi on cruise ships is not the best, even with the best service you can purchase. If the signal is weak or you are in a dead zone it will default to your cellular data if you don’t have cellular data turned off. At home, I assume you have a good Wi-Fi signal so no need to worry about it bumping over to cellular data . Have you found out how much AT&T wants to charge for the overage? Just curious . Dan
  11. Wow, that’s rough. I tend to book refundable until I am absolutely sure I’m going. ( flights are booked ) Dan
  12. Don't set your expectations too high. I think they are o.k., but I'm also not a cookie/sweets/cake kind of guy. Dan
  13. Just tell them you want to reprice your cruise. I do it all the time when the price drops Dan
  14. Solid advice. A dry trap can definitely let the odors through. It happens pretty often in homes where people hardly use some of their sinks. That trap dries up and whammo!, sewer smell. Dan
  15. Thank you all for the replies. We are sailing with friends and we decided on an inside cabin and ocean view cabin 3053 and 3052 respectively. This gives us cabins above us and below us and puts us mid ship. I figure that will give us the most chance of having quiet cabins and easy access to the front or rear elevators as well as the least chance of the ship causing motion issues. ( none of us have motion issues but we have also never been on such a small ship ) If you know of any reason not to choose these cabins please let me know thank you Dan
  16. The ABC's are by far our favorite itinerary, particularly when it's 8 or 9 nights. Dan
  17. Looking forward to reading more. Loved the Navigator when we sailed her in March. Would love your opinion of the common areas of the Navigator versus the Escape when you get a chance. How was the Royal Promenade on the Navigator versus the main “centrum” style that is on the Escape? Also, how did the pool areas compare? Dan
  18. The longer cruise and southern Caribbean wins it for me. Dan
  19. If you have time breakfast in the main dining room is very enjoyable for us. Same for lunch. No crowd issues Dan
  20. Pigs in a blanket. Love it. Hadn’t thought of those since my grade school cafeteria days. Now it’s making me hungry. 😋. Used to enjoy them with a mix of basic ketchup and mustard.
  21. Can’t really compare like that IMO, or at least you never USED to be able to. Even high end dining on cruises used to be offset by your cruise fare. However with the way specialty dining costs are going they are charging similar to full land based prices now anyway. Part of the reason we won’t justify it. Dan
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