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  1. Thanks for taking the time to make the list, but if you are sailing royal Caribbean what ports are included from Galveston? We are not interested in Disney or carnival at this time Dan
  2. RCCL must have gotten the hint that the Oasis class ships feel very closed in compared to others. I'm very glad to see that top outdoor solarium deck. Makes me almost consider the Oasis class again, maybe... Dan
  3. Thanks for the advice SRF. This cruise is without our kids so at least that won't factor in. Dan
  4. Thanks all. Looks like around 7ish for early show and 8:45-9:45 for the late show. That later show time still works and we could have dinner around 7 PM which would be just about perfect. Dan
  5. Itinerary: 9 night this summer out of Baltimore to Bermuda, CocoCay, Nassaua We typically eat on the earlier side with My Time Dining, say 5:30 - 6pm, but would like to try dining later to maximize our afternoons at the pool, etc... We would still like to see the late show for the headliners or Royal's own entertainment. Anyone know the typical times for the early and late shows on the Grandeur for this type of itinerary? Thank you in advance, Dan
  6. You will love it. We did that same 9 night itinerary on the navigator this past March and it was by far the best yet. Just amazing. Dan
  7. Even an eight night cruise out of Florida can get down to the ABC’s and back just fine. I would be super happy with an 8/6 schedule on an oasis ship. It seems to me that it would still allow plenty of families and the right demographic. Maybe they can’t dock in the ABC’s with the ship that large? Of all of our cruises the ABC’s stand out as far superior to many other cookie cutter ports. Dan
  8. I hear ya, but it's not one 10/11 day cruise. It would be a 10 or 11 night cruise followed by a 3 or 4 nighter. Still two cruises in two weeks. Dan
  9. Short answer, yes. Reason being, with our work and our kid's school schedules the summer is a prime cruising season for us now. I would love ANY Royal Caribbean ship to leave from the US and do a true southern itinerary in the summer. It's not just limited to the Oasis class. I'm bored of the cookie cutter 7 day itineraries on the Oasis class ship. Even though I'm not a big fan of Oasis class I would jump on them in a heartbeat for a southern itinerary. Dan
  10. The VAST majority of times I've been in the WJ, I've had sandals on. No worries. Dan
  11. OP, I asked this question a while back as well, as we have our 18 year old niece travelling in a connecting cabin with us in March. I had conflicting information shared as well, but ended up deciding that she does not written need permission from her parents. I'm not sure if rules have changed, but I believe closed loop cruises from the US don't technically require a passport either but it is HIGHLY recommended. (just proof of citizenship, such as a government-issued birth certificate and laminated government issued picture ID, denoting photo, name and date of birth), However, I wouldn't want to get stuck on an island with no way to fly back home. So, passport and medical insurance info is important. Charging privileges are to be worked out between you and her. Dan
  12. Sorry it’s just short for sport utility vehicle. I think our two vehicles were 5 passenger Suzuki’s. (don’t remember the name of the model). It was an automatic transmission. It would have been tight for 5 but worked great for our parties of 4 and 3. It worked out well. They do a very thorough job of checking over the vehicle before and after the rental. Dan
  13. We're looking forward to our one and only cruise on the Grandeur in July. From my reading, I think we're really going to like the covered solarium (we've only experienced that on the X Solstice and really liked it) as well as all the windows and views of the sea. That's something really important to us and one of my primary reasons we don't care for the Oasis class. Dan
  14. You’re absolutely right. Thanks for clarifying! Dan
  15. I thinks it's overdue time that RCCL rethinks Johnny Rockets. Never really understood the appeal of the place, especially for such a steep up charge for diner food. So many better venues could occupy that space. I do like what they did on the Navigator and made it ala carte pricing and moved it right next to the pool deck. Dan
  16. If you don't need it to be refundable any longer, you can remove that charge. I just repriced one of our bookings today because we are now so close to final payment (less than a month away) I went ahead and removed the extra fee for the refundable deposit. So now we have a non-refundable booking, but saved $200 overall in the process. Overall I've repriced this cruise to a level that's $800 lower than when we originally booked. Editing to clarify: You can remove the fee for a refundable booking, but you need to make sure that the base fare still works out to make it worthwhile. For example, if you booked a refundable fare at $3000 (say $2800 for the base cabin fare and $200 for refundable fee), and today it's $2800 for the base cabin fare, then it's a wash to remove the refundable fee and not worth it. Hope it works out for you OP. Dan
  17. For me it is the onion rolls. The rest of my family loves the pumpkin seed rolls though Dan
  18. I feel for you that you got sick, but outbreaks occur on cruise ships all the time. It's not like we hear about this regularly on the Grandeur. It appears to me that unfortunately you were on one of those cruises that had an outbreak. Dan
  19. At some point there will be no choice when all that’s left are the mega ships. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are catering to the vast majority. Their profitability is balanced into the equation heavily. Dan
  20. We've been on Navigator pre and post Amplification and didn’t find it feeling more crowded. Love the new venues and look. If anything it made us love the Voyager class even more than we already did. Hope your experience is similar. Dan
  21. I can only hope. Freedom class is the largest in Royals fleet that we care for so far. We are about to try our first small ship on the Grandeur (74k GT) in July. Looking forward to that experience. Dan
  22. Loves travel pass. Have used it quite a bit. The ability to go and access our domestic plan for a one time daily price is fantastic. It’s nice to keep the phone away for most of the cruise but to catch up once or twice with friends and family back home Dan
  23. Thanks for taking the time to put that video together Dan
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