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  1. Tried to call the captain. Love it. :) Dan Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. They must have known it was a really bad cruise! ...didn't want the feedback. ;) Dan
  3. I understand, but it's out of our control and the awareness is just heightened right now. The same thought could be applied to child poverty and the unemployed. Sadly that's happening everyday too but we don't tend to feel guilty about it when cruising. Now you can even more guilty. ;) Dan
  4. Can’t answer for the Anthem but the fries have been fantastic, and similar, in the Windjammer on every cruise I’ve been on. I assume they are all supplied from the same vendor. Taste buds vary, but I think Royal has great fries on their buffet. Can’t necessarily say the same for the burgers. Dan
  5. Looks like Kite City and King Kong burgers battle it out for the #1 and #2 food cart. They are near each other. Maybe we'll try both! Dan
  6. Wow, I think I know what the focus group would vote. None of the above! Dan
  7. You can rent a vehicle from Hertz on the island if you like. The Divi Flamingo Resort location is closest to port and within walking distance. Dan
  8. I called about a month ago and was also told they only have the 2 seaters now, for around $100 each I think. I rented a 5 passenger sport ute from Hertz instead (Divi Flamingo Resort location, J A Abraham Blvd. 40, which is closer to the cruise port). About $80 for the day. Dan
  9. Love this, especially because it provides good information for each of the markers. Thank you so much! Any luck on finding an interactive map that can be downloaded and viewed while on the island without wifi? Dan
  10. I have a couple of sport utilities vehicles reserved at Hertz for our upcoming trip in March and just want some input to know if it's the right decision. Our plan is to drive around the island to a few snorkle spots and beaches,(we love snorkeling) and see some of the other local scenery like the salt pans, flamingos, past the old slave huts, etc.. but I want to hear from those who've driven themselves. We'll be driving regular vehicles, not golf carts. I like to think I'm a good driver but I would like to hear other folks' experiences. Much appreciated. Our other option is to do a private tour. It helps with getting some of the history of the island and we love those too. Any solid recommendations for private tours if we decide to go that route? We are already doing a private tour the next day at Curacao with "Around Curacao Tours" . Really looking forward to that one too. Thanks in advance. Dan
  11. In general, no. You need to go to into the Windjammer to grab food. Very little, if any, food offered right by the pool Dan
  12. I'm not sure I understand your point. If your son is over 18, the points he gained in your suite must have added to points that he previously actually sailed in order to reach 80+ points. So, he must have had at least 66 actual days on a ship already. It's well known that points are 2 for 1 in a suite. Cruise fare is irrelevant. I believe what people are discussing is the "grandfathering" of people into a higher status by simply sailing with someone that has a higher status, even though the individual didn't actually sail all (or a small fraction) of those points. Dan
  13. All I know is that we're not in the running for these "distinctions" but I do have a question about "inherited" status. We've cruised RCI with and without our kids, and all three have their own C&A numbers. At the rate we have been cruising my wife and I will reach Diamond before one or two of our kids turn 18. Once we reach Diamond, and before they are 18, do we need to cruise together for them to inherit the Diamond status as well, or do I just need to call C&A and let them know that we've reached Diamond and then they will reciprocate it to the kids? Dan
  14. Yeah, like I said it's a preference thing. I've been to all that you listed (except Belize) and they all fall below the Eastern Islands in my "pecking order". The one "Eastern" that doesn't interest me much anymore is Puerto Rico. That would fall somewhere behind Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Dan
  15. I don't really care that they are getting rid of the libraries but not for cabins! Not sure what I'd put in place of a library, but the last on my list would be more cabins. Dan
  16. I take the question as: Who has surprisingly high "earned" C&A points for their age. Not "grandfathered" from their parents, but they've actually sailed for all of their points. Dan
  17. OP, I can understand if your question was about Western Caribbean ports, but in my opinion the Eastern and Southern are the best in the Caribbean. It's a preference thing, but we're done with Western Caribbean cruises. We just don't have a desire to go back to them. Eastern we could go back to over and over, and I can't wait for our first true "ABC" southern in March. Dan
  18. We’ve done mostly Royal but one 7 night eastern Caribbean cruise on the Equinox. Food was a small notch better on celebrity. Service also seemed to be a small notch better on celebrity. The one thing I noticed was that by about day six or seven I had kind of ran out of things to do on the ship and it felt like I was doing a lot of repeat. I missed some of the variety of activities that broke up the days like on the royals ships. Overall our cruise on celebrity was still fantastic. Love the sunset bar and the grassy area and all of the fantastic ocean views on the S class ships Dan
  19. It does get busy but I've never had a problem getting through during the shopping bonanzas. I don't mind seeing a bunch of people in the Promenade (except for later at night when it's nice to just relax). It's a true heart of the ship. Love it or hate it, it's a HUGE selling point for us. No, don't try to go through during the 70's Disco Inferno Party. That is a madhouse, but a blast. Dan
  20. Thank you. I was wondering if that is what they were talking about. Thank you for the clarification. In my mind I pictured that staircase landing as between deck three and four Dan
  21. How do you sit at a table in between decks? Or do you mean sometimes they would have it on 5 and other times 4? Dan
  22. In addition to port fatigue, I get a similar experience when trying to find a cruise to book. So many of the same cookie cutter itineraries. (especially the OASIS class ships :( ) We are so excited for our first ABC cruise in March! New islands and a nice long cruise. That is why the choice of ship is SO important to us. We treasure our time at the islands, but most of the time on a cruise is spent on the ship so I want to insure I like the one we're going to sail on. I think after this upcoming ABC cruise we'll either look at doing that again or looking at Celebrity again which has alternate itineraries to islands we haven't been to. Dan
  23. Another "Drew" CD is Drew Devine. Last we saw him was on the Liberty this Jan. Thanks for the fun review by the way. I'm glad there are guys like you willing to post all this stuff because it's fun to look at and read. Dan
  24. Indy gets my vote. Promenade Longer Cruise Freshwater pools More to Do Dan
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