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  1. As much as I like BBQ there is no way I would pay $12-15 for it on a cruise when there are other great options included in the cruise fare. However, $13 for one mixed drink? No problem! That’s kind of tongue-in-cheek because I think Royals drink prices are ludicrous also. Dan
  2. Kennedy Space center is incredible. Being so close to Disney World, you can tell that they took some design and crowd handling queues from them, as well as the whole customer experience. The space program is so inspiring, and seeing Atlantis up close is really cool. If you can, make sure you take the bus tour out to the launch pads and then do the Saturn 5 rocket center. Hope you have a great day! DAn
  3. I actually asked the RCCL representative and she said it was possible, people don’t show up for cruises all the time. 😉 However it’s quite an up charge to pay for a third person for the extra square footage of those cabins. In that case it does not make it worth it. Dan
  4. Didn't say it wouldn't come along with some complications. 🙂 😂 LOL (I would never do this by the way, just an interesting thought). Goes to show the over-flexibility of the system IMO. Dan
  5. Hypothetically speaking, does this work by current rules... Are husbands and wives automatically linked, or not? If not, do they each have a "significant other" spot open? 🙂 🤣 Dan
  6. Not every year but it has happened a time or two, mainly to celebrate Seinfeld while it was still on air (first run). 😋😄 Plus, it doesn’t take much of an excuse for us to get together with friends and have a few drinks 😊 Dan
  7. I must be missing something. (It wouldn’t be the first time 😊 ). Isn’t Diamond happy hour from 5 PM to 8:30 PM? The windjammer is open that entire period correct? Dan
  8. Totally up to you, but for our 9 night March cruise on the Navigator out of Miami, for the first time we ate on land before boarding the ship and showed up around 12:30 - 1pm. There was literally not one soul in line at security, and no one in front of us for the check-in process. Walked onto the ship and all staterooms were available. We could put our bags down in our rooms and grab our SeaPass cards immediately. The three hours we could have gained by getting their early were FAR more offset by the convenience at the port, not dealing with the Windjammer madhouse, and being able to go straight to our rooms. The last time we sailed out of Galveston on the Liberty we showed up around 10:30am and we dealt with the typical crowds, and the Windjammer, etc... Anyone know if the crowds drop around 1pm in Galveston like we experienced in March on the Navigator? Dan
  9. Interesting. They don't show up on the website unless I choose 3 or 4 person rooms. Also, the Royal Caribbean agent I spoke with said they are reserved for 3 or 4 persons. I'm not doubting you at all, but how do you reserve them for less than 3 people? Do you pay double occupancy or triple? Category 1M. There are no 2M (dual occupancy) versions on the Grandeur. Thanks.
  10. I looked into these cabins and all of them on the Grandeur require 3-4 person occupancy. It's just my wife and I. Rooms look nice though. Dan
  11. The buffet is open, and in the Royal Promenade area there is pizza in Sorrento's and finger sandwiches in the Cafe Promenade. Can't remember if any specialty restaurants are available to book for embarkation lunch. -Dan
  12. Thank you for the education regarding how gratuities work in every other life situation. I never knew that before. 🙄 I’m interested in the process of doing this on a cruise. We have personally been OK with the auto gratuities, and then I add more on top of that if I feel it’s warranted. If for some reason one of the services is not up to standards then I would go and get gratuities adjusted I suppose. Back to my original question, you must have to go to guest services and tell them not to charge you gratuities? Then you somehow determine on your own what you feel is warranted? Dan
  13. We’ve never had the need for specialty dining. I’ve thought about it many times but then I remember that I can find entrees and appetizers that I really enjoy on every MDR menu. One of our cruises we’ll give it a try. Dan
  14. Yeah, we've had balconies and just don't use them much. The balcony space is small and I'd rather be on a pool deck or walking promenade deck. I totally understand why people love them, but for us it's a waste of money. We tend to stay up late each night (midnight+) so we enjoy sleeping in. The light that bleeds past the curtains impacts that. I love the pitch black of an inside cabin. Makes for great afternoon naps also. We spend very little time in our cabin. Basically sleeping and getting ready for dinner. Dan
  15. I honestly can’t remember a cruise when the escargot was not offered every night. We’ve only done Caribbean cruises though Dan
  16. Has anyone noticed an appreciable increase in size of the cabin between the Oceanview and an inside? We aren’t one of those that appreciate a balcony. We would rather be on the open air decks of the ship and I don’t like the light pollution of the balcony. So the only reason we would get in Oceanview is for a little larger cabin, but it doesn’t seem much different when I research it. Thanks. -Dan
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