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  1. Just a typical balcony cabin, noting out of the ordinary!!
  2. It is a charter cruise and they had extra provisions and equipment to load.
  3. You can park at Midport and there will be a shuttle to take you to T29.
  4. You will need a print out of your express pass which turns into your boarding pass. If you do not have a printed copy you will need to get one at the pier. Your seapass card will be located in your mailbox outside your cabin door.
  5. Norwegian does not sail out of Port Everglades at all. Summer of 2020 and 2021 Port Everglades will be undergoing renovations so sailings will be limited. Royal will have the Independence, Celebrity will be Equinox and Princess, Caribbean Princess. This is 2020. 2021 so far only Caribbean Princess.
  6. Actually it is determined by the check in system on the ship. There are currently 3 different ones for both Royal and Celebrity. Majesty should transition to their new system on the way to New Orleans but most likely will still distribute sea pass cards in the terminal for awhile.
  7. I am a pier coordinator at one of the ports in S. Florida and we are NOT allowed to make room changes with the exception of charters and or if due to a no-show/cancel will leave a minor alone in a cabin. We need to move an adult into that cabin. Best to do before hand or go to guest services on board. Depending on the ship we can make an extra card.
  8. If you can make the change before the sailing that would be the best. If not you will have to do it onboard. They will NOT do it at check in.
  9. There will only be 1 or 2 ships at most in August as they are doing renovations on the port. You will be docking at T25 which has facial recognition if you have a passport. As others suggest do the self assist and you should be off the ship 7:30ish if all goes well..... FLL is only 10 minutes from the port.
  10. Adventure pretty much only sails from T29 on both the 6 and 8 day sailigs, while the Allure can only sail from T18 because of her size.
  11. at Port Everglades, if you order from Special Needs Group, you can pick up your wheelchair/scooter right in the terminal....
  12. Are you sailing the 15th or returning the 15th? There will be 7 ships in port on the 15th and 8 on the 22nd..... This is going to be a VERY busy port for debark. If you want a chance to make that flight you should definitely self debark and be one of the first off the ship. Hopefully you have a passport and will be able to use the facial recognition.
  13. So I was able to get some info on the program. I think it is great for those that have late flights..... You learn something new everyday. You will have to get off the ship with your luggage and go thru customs , and then drop your luggage at the suite luggage entrance and meet the shorex staff and wait in the general boarding area till 0 count. You board back with your original sea pass card before general boarding commences....You need to be off the ship 90 minutes before the next sailing. You will then collect your luggage. This is only for Celebrity Terminal 25.
  14. Maybe for Celebrity but not for Royal..... I will check with my Celebrity contact as well as CBP. Not sure how this will work as they want 0 count onboard before we can even board the back to backs....
  15. I work at Port Everglades and we do not have this program. In looking at the Royal FAQ's it is only offered in select European ports.
  16. You will be fine answering no. CBP is more concerned with those overstaying B1/B2 Visa's.
  17. It is simply not acceptable nor is it right to ask for an exception. Your non-FTTF cabin will be sent to a separate seating area to wait for boarding. You could wait and board with them.
  18. Yes, Truly is available but only one flavor.
  19. I am further south at Port Everglades...Don't stress about this... Just leave it as it is and bring the passport, ARC and his driver's license. His passport will be stamped with the ARC notation. They have an amazing documentation person in Port Canaveral that handles the Royal ships up there....Have a great cruise!!
  20. Yes, I do have experience with this. I work at a port and handle this on a daily basis. What ship are you sailing?
  21. If cruising form any US port he MUST use the ARC card unless it is a one way TA or full transit Panama Canal cruise. The US does not recognize dual citizenship and once you have an ARC you are considered part of the US.
  22. Since he has a ARC, input that information as that is what he will be checked in with. Although his passport can not be used to check in, bring it anyway to show the 2nd last name.....
  23. I will see you Saturday!! Just stop by the Pier Coordinator's desk and say hi!!
  24. You are in one of the 5 states that has the EDL.... So many states are confusing that with the new REAL ID which you still have to bring a birth certificate.
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