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  1. We went on a Baltic cruise this past June. We had booked over a year in advance while on another X cruise. Perk sales come up every few months. But.....our experience was one day (ok everyday!!) I got an email from Celebrity regarding a sale with perks. I saw that AQ cabin prices went down substantially (which we wanted as we were on CC) and now included 4 perks including premium beverage. This was about 4 months before the cruise. Thank goodness I took a screen shot of the sale as by the time my TA was changing my booking based on the email I got (literally no more than an hour later) the premium beverage perk was changed to a standard one. It took lots of time and escalation to a senior rep to get that rectified (only because of my screen shot!). And BTW even if you book with a TA, they don't get all the X emails about sales so do your own research. Good luck.
  2. Thanks, had not even thought of the OBC Usually we do use a TA
  3. All your responses have been amazing and I see someone asked a similar question on the Princess boards. Seems though that our only option for that day on Celebrity may be the Edge (that's good), but not sure how lucky we will be with that ship (that's bad). For sure we will wait until after November's final payment date. Considering we will be coming off a 10 day cruise, the day we want to sail out again, if it doesn't happen, oh well.... May try again for a month or two later.
  4. 105!! That is incredible. And I was hoping for maybe two a year. Good for you.
  5. Thanks all for your responses. We will wait and see. If nothing comes up, we at least have a Panama Canal (not full transit) cruise that we had booked a year ago and prices have gone up $1,000 pp! since we booked.
  6. Wen are looking into booking a second cruise the day we arrive back in Fort Lauderdale from a Panama Canal cruise. The EDGE sails out that very day but is pretty much full (no surprise) with only obstructed balconies (no thank you). We noticed that final payment is November 4th so we will wait in case any cabins open up and see if the pricing is the same, lower or higher?. If we have no luck, no big deal but when we started costing out hotel, food etc for staying in Fort Lauderdale another week, another cruise sounded much more desirable. Anyone with experience doing this?
  7. We were on a forward cabin on the Reflection though the Baltic this past June/July There were two instances that we were heard loud creaking in the night which we attribute to some machinery. Annoying for sure but did not impact our overall experience.
  8. We found our experience on the Reflection in Blu fantastic once we moved to another area, where the wait staff and sommelier were outstanding and all meals were great (our opinion of course). Our first two nights had a too high energy waiter and an awful sommelier with no customer service skills so we asked to be moved (notice how Blu usually seats you at the same table?) Menu for us was great except for the breakfasts, which really need to be updated. Boring for sure. While we enjoyed the breakfast calm in eating in Blu over the buffet, we did go to the buffet a few times only to have some more variety. We tend to choose a ship by itinerary but some of the lines are cost prohibitive for us. Trust me I keep looking 🙂
  9. This is exactly what our plan is for our next cruise (well when we book one 🙂 ) While we enjoy AQ for Blu, we like the idea of offsetting the price difference and just buying a dining package.
  10. My vote is for Murano, hands down.
  11. To the OP sorry you are not finding the Reflection to your liking. We were on the Reflection's Baltic sailing at the end of June and found it to be one of our best Celebrity experiences ever. A very lively crowd where we all enjoyed the silent discos and sing a long Abba (the night we were in Stockholm) in the main foyer. People of all ages and demographics had a terrific time. Was it busy? Yes! But we much preferred the liveliness of this sailing then ones where you can hear a pin drop after dinner on several Celebrity cruises we have been on. I do agree re Sushi on 5 being a wasted space. We successfully found seating at Café Bacio each evening after dinner (our timing seemed to work) I cannot comment on the MDR as we were fortunate to have an AQ cabin and had fantastic dinners and service in Blu. Our only bad experience was on one of the last sea days where it took almost 1/2 hour to find a table for lunch. That was beyond ridiculous. Am so sorry to read that Guiseppe is no longer the cruise director (or is he on vacation?) as he was the best cruise director in all of our cruises hands down and we do look forward to sailing on Reflection again.
  12. Thanks knbcruisers. As I thought!
  13. Roll Call is another forum on this site where people who are on the same cruise as you can meet before the cruise, arrange tours together, and arrange a place to meet on the ship on the first day (if you want to meet others). To find your roll call, go back to Cruise Critic boards home page, you will see the topic Roll Call, then go to Princess Roll Calls and then find your specific cruise. We often join the roll calls to find people who may be interested in sharing private tours, We went to Australia and New Zealand several years ago and were able to put together private tours with people we met on the roll call. Best thing we did. For both our Med cruise several years ago and on a recent cruise to the Baltic I went on the ports board (another one on CC) and found lots of recommendations for private tours. Trip Advisor was a great source as well. To us, Viator provides no added value. You can book with the tour operators directly. We always ask for the tour guides to get us back to the ship an hour before it is setting sail to give up plenty of time. Planning is part of the fun!
  14. I was setting up my Medallion app and see it shows us for 7:15 anytime dining in Club Class yet on my computer it does not show that. We are in a balcony and assume this was done in error as all I can read is that Club Class dining is for suites?
  15. We tried HA and went on the Eurodam in January as it sailed out of San Diego when we were planning to stay for a week in addition. Celebrity did not offer cruise then. This was our first experience with HA and we found the following, if any of these are considerations for you: Food -We found MDR food options and quality, other than formal nights, were very average. As a result we ate at specialty restaurants for 4 nights of our 10 night cruise. What we loved about the buffet was their strict public health standards where servers had to provide food which was beyond glass. What we hated about the buffet was there were no build your own sandwiches (sandwiches were prepackaged) and food options were not as varied and creative as Celebrity. It could just be on the Eurodam but we there was no central coffee areas for an afternoon latte and treat (was out of the way on the top deck for those who found it) - we missed Café Bacio our fave on Celebrity. Service While service was friendly, most times it seemed that staff never went that extra mile which I always find on Celebrity. We were on the Reflection in June/July and the service was outstanding everywhere. Entertainment - Actually we were blown away by the choice of entertainment on HA which outshines Celebrity. There was a dedicated blues lounge with outstanding music, another area where two pianists/singers entertained and at times people sand along, a Lincoln Centre venue for classical music. Never a dull evening. Celebrity needs to mix it up more. Mind you on a recent Baltic cruise on the Celebrity Reflection, we had a lot of fun as the central foyer area for silent discos and a sing along Abba (night we were in Stockholm) was the most fun we ever had on a ship. Local Themes: We were on the Mexican Riviera cruise with Eurodam and did really enjoy that there was a Mexican theme for activities, Mariachi twice at the pool and a few other local cultural events. This is an area where Celebrity can improve. I remember years ago being in New Zealand was they served Colorado lamb for dinner. While we would consider HA again if they offered an itinerary that Celebrity didn't. But not Eurodam, as we found the layout of the ship disjointed, tight and awkward. BTW we are very sensitive to smoke and found no issues at all
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