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  1. The buffets have to go! Or at least stop self service! Love cruising but may be a long time before we cruise again until all these changes are made.
  2. Not sure if you were on the Summit's March 7th sailing. But am with you regarding the buffet. We were on HAL last year (our only time) and while we love Celebrity I agree re the buffet!! HAL has it right!! The thought of touching all those serving spoons regardless of whether people used sanitizer makes me quite ill especially now. I would hope all cruise lines would follow HALs lead on that. Regarding the OP question. We love AQ and if it is not a crazy amount more we go that way primarily for Blu. I must say the Persian Gardens on the Summit was a big disappointment as compared to the Reflection. Went once and that was it. But must say the Summit's BLU management and staff were outstanding.
  3. Gregory Jbara from Blue Bloods was on our Baltic Cruise on the Reflection last June. He was in AQ so saw him in Blu regularly.
  4. The letter was left on the desk in our cabin. But honestly we would have missed it in the pile of paper that accumulated through the week.
  5. Seems like everyone on board the March 7th sailing was trained to be cheery and dishonest once it was clear that San Juan was not going to let us disembark (I am trying hard to give them the benefit of the doubt as the Captain and crew were all outstanding). While I thank goodness we were able to disembark in Ft Lauderdale, after I saw some of these posts, I sent Celebrity Passenger Engagement a scathing email two days ago regarding the lack of transparency, honesty and communication with its passengers. No response yet or ever. Day 5 of self isolation.
  6. Looks like that Roll Call was taken off the Boards
  7. We saved the letter but nothing yet. And doubt we will get any refund for awhile. As good as it sounded and we all cheered, it was clarified that it was not 50% off next cruise but 50% refund and 50% credit (amount of your refund) towards a next cruise. I was already pricing out suites until it was clarified The captain who wandered the ship and visited passengers over the next two days confirmed he made a mistake. But when and if anyone does get their refund would appreciate if you can share that information! Happy to be home and we are on Day 5 of self isolating. Incredible how the world changed in just a few days into our cruise. I feel we were in La La Land while on vacation (even though we followed MSNBC daily) and came back to scary times. We are ALL so lucky we were able to disembark. Stay healthy everyone!
  8. We got off the Summit this past Monday in Fort Lauderdale after being denied entry in San Juan on Saturday. The crew were outstanding and tried their best to keep smiles on their faces even when they didn't know (or permitted to tell us) specifics as to where they were heading after we disembarked. The Summit left the port shortly after we all disembarked and just hope and pray they all stay safe. While some joked that they will be doing some partying, I am pretty sure most were stressed. The Captain is an outstanding leader and made his presence on board throughout the cruise and was there to visit passengers in the dining rooms on the last night and say goodbye to passengers at the pier. Was kind of eerie saying bye to the crew. Wish them all good health and safety.
  9. Well I hope not. We are on that cruise. 🙂 We tend to buy insurance that covers cancellation for any reason but we are young seniors with an elderly parent. OP - Completely understand your concerns. If you feel anxious about going, then research your options and reschedule.
  10. Ship: Summit Length of Cruise: 7 Cruise Sail Date: March 7th Date email offer received: Jan 30 Captain’s Club Tier: Elite Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: Celebrity then transferred to TA Current Cabin: AQ Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: SS, RS, PH Bid Offer: Slightly above minimum for each Notification Date: STILL PENDING Accepted / Rejected: Comments When we booked the cruise, ALL suites were sold out. So we figure the chances of getting accepted for any suite level are slim to none. Will provide more bidding details at the 48 hour mark pre sailing.
  11. Well that changed quickly. We were only there last June and lunch was $25 and included the seafood tower. Considering it was never seen it busy, seems expensive.
  12. We were on the Reflection last June and four of us had a wonderful lunch at The Porch during one of our sea days. The place was empty except for one other table occupied by a family of 8. We had OBC so happy to use if for a special lunch. We went specifically for the Seafood Tower which was very good. Perfect ambiance on a sea day where the buffet was packed.
  13. My husband and I still talk about the incredible fun we had on a RCI (Allure), there was never a dull moment. But having said that Celebrity is our cruise line of choice, for its service, food and overall ambiance (as Miaminice said), not sure about Apex but if you are looking for tons of fun activities all day, Celebrity may not be for you.
  14. On our Canadian (not US) site, after signing in, we have to go to Manage Reservations, then to the box that says "Upgrade Your Statement in a Few Simple Clicks" It is not clearly titled MoveUP. Sounds like different places different methods.
  15. We had a cruise booked (pre final payment) through a TA who did not get a Celebrity promotion that was part of Celebrity's daily inundation of "deals" to previous cruisers. I took a screenshot of the deal and sent it to my TA. It was to upgrade from Concierge to AQ with all perks including premium for about $200 more than our initial booking. Bottom line our TA had to escalate to a Celebrity supervisor and spend hours with the supervisor before they gave us the premium package which had changed back to a regular beverage package by the time I looked at the site again. RIDICULOUS!!! As others say, I would not accept no for an answer by a Celebrity booking agent and always hold a deal you see on line before it miraculously disappears.
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