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  1. Crown and ginger, I'm definitely following! Plus we're on the Breeze next April, so I'm trying to see as much as I can about the ship for our first time!
  2. DubNHub


    For EBT cash withdrawals, there is no accountability for what the money is spent on.
  3. DubNHub


    Don't feed the trolls.
  4. DW's purse, my Saddleback backpack - goes with me everywhere, and only looks better with age! (Can say the same about my wife!) Hello. Mr Iguana - Grand Cayman Gray skies - leaving Ocho Rios Great Stirrup Cay - before the crowd!
  5. Meh. Just more stuff to pack. Feel that tropical breeze!
  6. We just booked a Breeze cruise in 2020, only our 2nd cruise ever. I got us a spa balcony and we are super stoked about using the spa! We are both sun worshippers and don't mind a good party and a bunch of drinks... but we both love to relax in a quiet environment also. We both work very stressful jobs, and my wife and I both have back problems.... so we can't wait to switch off and lounge on those heated chairs and try out the T-pool!
  7. Strongly considering booking an MSC cruise for our 5th anniversary next spring. We've only cruised once, on NCL. It was ok. We are mid-30's, no kids, and the idea of constant activities and CD announcements is not appealing. Definitely following this review!
  8. Depends on if you're looking at the front or back I imagine. You can either see the leaning tower of pisa or the tar pits :'):'):'):'):')
  9. Thank you for your future healthy liver when my goes belly up! ;p
  10. Real life southerner here. Can confirm, this phrase is 100% condescending and we love using it. You may also see "Bless him" or "Bless her" or if someone really wants to throw down some extra condescendigness (yes, that's a word) you'll simply see "Bless." All of which are, of course, said with the nicest, sweeter-than-sweet-tea and peach cobbler tone of voice. Tell your mama 'n 'em hey, and y'all come back now, ya hear?
  11. I'm sure I'll catch heat for this, but whatever. I wouldn't go. I couldn't possibly enjoy my trip knowing that at any minute, my health could take a turn for the worse in open sea or in a foreign land. Not only would that put me in jeopardy, but it would risk ruining the trip for thousands of other people. It's selfish, in my opinion, to risk all of that. You live in Florida - why not fly to the Bahamas for a land vacation? At least you'll still be in a tropical location and have much easier access to a medical facility that could treat you versus the on-board doc and hoping that USCG or Medevac gets there in time so keep you from dying. I'm not a bad person and I honestly wish you all the best. But it may be time for you to face the music and stop cruising. It may just save your life one day.
  12. 1st post, joined 16+ years ago. That's the definition of a lurker! I'm impressed you remembered your login info!
  13. Think outside the box if you're that concerned about someone opening your safe. - unroll a long strand of TP off the roll, place the designated card against the remainder of the roll, and re-roll the TP you rolled out. Will it be perfect? No. But no one will ever think to look there unless the steward wants to put on a fresh roll of TP - take a bottle of water with a label, undo the label, hide the card between the label and bottle, use a small piece of tape to secure the label back together. Face the bottle of water with the name brand facing out, your card should be on the opposite side of the bottle, and voila, another hiding spot that won't get a second glance. - take your designated card, stick some two sided tape to it, and tape it to the underside of a dresser drawer. There's another one for you. Just a few ideas.
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