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  1. Hols4 We have had cabin D110 there times and the view is not a problem for us and it was near the lifts.Also if the boat starts sinking you can jump straight into a lifeboat ! (Joke).
  2. Hols4 My wife likes going to the gym on Aurora while I do 4 or 5 laps of the promenade deck,(3.2 laps is 1 mile).Only trouble is after a few laps I start daydreaming and forget how many laps I have done.Looking forward to our 4th cruise on Aurora our favourite ship end of May to the Med and the changes they have made.
  3. Hols4 Princes Pete you mentioned the group Caravan were on Oriana and were good.They used to be in Aurora for years and we always enjoyed their music, I hope they return to Aurora after Oriana goes as we used to prefer to watch them than some of the shows in the evening.
  4. Hols4 There are changing rooms on Lido deck next to the grab and go, handy for the outside Riviera pool and the inside covered pool.
  5. Hols4 If I remember rightly they are Doew Egberts or Nescafe,also decaf
  6. Hols4 Arcadia has left Southampton so they must have fixed it.
  7. I've noticed Arcadias departure from Southampton has been out back to 0600 on Monday wonder if she has a problem as well ?
  8. Hols4 Has anyone seen in the news today that Venice is bringing in a landing charge for short stay visitors and targeting cruise ship passengers from 2.50 euros up to 10 euros at peak times ?
  9. Hols4 The showers in the balcony cabins with a shower over bath are adjustable on C deck.
  10. Hols4 I think the Costa venues are only open until late evening. You can get a Costa card when you order your first drinks,you save about 10% with a card,but are limited to the medium size cups. You can get a free cake with your order on some ships.
  11. Hols4 Aurora is a lovely ship and our favourite but the Small tv's let it down,you can hardly read any small print on the screens! Let's hope they change them on it's refit next year but dowt it.
  12. Hols 4 My wife had to use a wheelchair in Naples when she broke a foot bone and it was very hard to cross roads as many were cobbled and the headstones were very high,where there were dropped kerbstones cars had parked right across them, car parking seemed chaotic!
  13. Hols4 The local town buses are quite cheap you can pay on the bus,at the bus stop by machine,the shopping centre up near the casino is amazing!.
  14. Hols4 We find 14 to 18 days is enough the going down to dinner starts to get too much and the food repetitive. Would like to do more 7 to 12 day cruises but we have a long journey to and from Southampton.
  15. Hols4 We used to like Arcadia which we had 3 cruises on but decided to try Oceana and Aurora. Oceana was nice but doesn't sail from Southampton very often so always try to book Aurora as we love the layout and feel at home in her.
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