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  1. Hols4 My wife cannot walk far and when we took the train into Bruge there was a frequent bus just outside the train station right to the main square in Bruge
  2. Hols4 I haven't got a printer or computer only an Amazon fire tablet.When my e- tickets are ready I just ring P&O and they send them to me though the post and more luggage labels if I want them.You should also have luggage labels in you holiday information book they sent you.
  3. Hols4 We used the modern tram to get to the old town La Laguna, you can walk to the nearest tram stop at Fundacion a 10 minute walk from the cruise terminal and catch Line1 tram to the terminus at La Trinidad and the old town is right behind it. It is an interesting ride and takes about 30 minutes you can get tickets from any tram stop before boarding and is less than 3 Euros each way.
  4. Hols4 We are on Aurora in October to the Canaries and that cruise is a Music Festival at sea cruise. It says it is mainly classical music with music quizzes and lectures by radio and tv personalities.
  5. Ho!s4 Did the med 27th May to 14th June sunny and warm every day,yet the week before in Italy they had heavy rain for nearly a week!
  6. Hols4 Selbourne we had C248 last month on Aurora and did get noise on the one morning of tendering at Sorento. I think any cabin towards the aft of the ship will hear the davids but it hasn't put us off booking on C deck as the rest of the time it is quite and near the centre lifts which is convenient for getting most places.I We always book C deck mid to aft balcony on Aurora.
  7. Hols4 The large new tv's picture quality is still poor, I think it is more to do with the signal the ship receives rather than the tv itself.
  8. Hols 4 Just got off Aurora this morning after 18 sunny days. There was a hold up getting off due to the dock and baging area flooding. The ship didn't look much different apart from New carpets in most areas and new seating in the bars and Raffles coffee bar which has more seating and a brighter carpet. The Curzon theatre hasn't been updated and the acts on this cruise were poor in my opinion.The food in Meridian restaurant was good and the service was quick.There have been a few comments about the captain's funny comments on this website,we and a lot of other passengers found him quite witty. I don't know why we docked at El Farrel instead of nearby La Corona as it had very little to offer cheaper to dock there I expect.We still like Aurora but some of the Ports we called at were poor.
  9. Hols 4 You also get a free cake or pastry with your coffee !
  10. Hols4 You can buy even the smallest item in Norway with your card,papers,sweets etc. I was jokingly told by a shopkeeper they prefer card payment because no one can add up in Norway !
  11. Hols4 We were lucky to dock right in the harbour on Oceana,we wanted to go to casino square and caught the frequent town service bus which is only a couple Euros.
  12. Hols4 We did the people mover and vaporetto,it is Line 1 you need to get.
  13. Hols4 We have had cabin D110 there times and the view is not a problem for us and it was near the lifts.Also if the boat starts sinking you can jump straight into a lifeboat ! (Joke).
  14. Hols4 My wife likes going to the gym on Aurora while I do 4 or 5 laps of the promenade deck,(3.2 laps is 1 mile).Only trouble is after a few laps I start daydreaming and forget how many laps I have done.Looking forward to our 4th cruise on Aurora our favourite ship end of May to the Med and the changes they have made.
  15. Hols4 Princes Pete you mentioned the group Caravan were on Oriana and were good.They used to be in Aurora for years and we always enjoyed their music, I hope they return to Aurora after Oriana goes as we used to prefer to watch them than some of the shows in the evening.
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