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  1. Hols4 There were a lot of people complaining about the new cruise terminal at Jardim do Tabago on our last cruise there as you have to walk along long walkways to get out of the terminal and again coming back in you have to walk up a steep ramp to get to the security check in. There seems to be a lot of empty areas not in use.Badly designed for people with walking difficulties.
  2. Hols 4 There was a shuttle bus to the town centre( Restauradores Square) three weeks ago when we docked at the new cruise terminal on Aurora, the square is right by the main train station. If anyone wants to go direct to Belem there is the number 728 bus which goes there. The bus stops right outside the cruise terminal. Allight at Rue De Belem if you want the famous Pastise Dr Belen custard tart ship they are delicious !
  3. We have seen Manual Martinez a couple of times who is supposed to be Mexican but some one told us he comes from Essex ! Bernie Clint was on Aurora last month but we thought his act was dated but Welsh comedian Mike Doyle had the audience in stitches.
  4. Hols4


    Hols4 We caught a taxi from the cruise port which was quite run down when we were there on Aurora last May as there was no shuttle bus. We got the taxi to Piazze de Ferrari where there is a lovely square with fountains and a few cafes,we then walked down Vila Roma just off the square which has lots of high end shops and old buildings. I am glad we caught a taxi as the areas along some parts off the front looked very seedy. The taxis charge €15 each way so it may be a good idea to share one.
  5. Hols4 Don't worry tring it is only if you have to tender there is any noise and there is no noise when the sea is rough. We always book a cabin on that deck mid ships and it is never noisy and is near the centre lifts to get to most of the ship and the launderette is near your cabin as well, enjoy your cruise wish we were on that one.
  6. Hols4 I went to empty our washing from the dryer on Aurora I had timed it so the dryer was free for someone else only to find a lady not only had taken our washing out but also folded it all up neatly. It didn't bother me but my wife said she didn't like the idea of someone handling her smalls!
  7. Hols4 We went on the tram to La Laguna the old town while in Santa Cruz. The Line 1 route starts at the bus station but there is a stop nearer the Cruise terminal called Fundacion which is about a 15 walk away. You pay at the machines at every tram stop and it is an interesting 35 minute ride to the terminus at La Trinidad were you just walk into the old town of La Laguna.It is only 1.35 euros each way and the trams run on Sundays and bank holidays every 20 minutes during the day.
  8. Hols4 They now put the marmalade in small dishes next to the butter ( on Aurora anyway) to save on packaging.
  9. Hols4


    Hols4 We didn't have to take our lifejacks to muster on Aurora last month.
  10. Hols4 Neil Turnbull gives some witty comments which we found funny but it might annoy some people.
  11. Hols4 Just back last Sunday from a Canaries and Maderia cruise on Aurora, we were Sun bathing the first morning after leaving Southampton and it was warm and calm seas for 12 days until we got halfway through the Bay of Biscay on the way back when we were hit by a force 10 game which had people falling over and crockery falling off tables so you never know what weather you may get.
  12. Hols4 Love your comments Andy hope you are on our table one night. Just come off of Aurora on Sunday and we asked for the same table for 6 every night as we like liked the waiter who was efficient and very witty. We noticed they were putting only 2 people on a table for 4 every night I presume to save people waiting.One evening a couple were complaining that the table was too big and caused a fuss demanding to be moved to a small table, no pleasing some people.
  13. Hols4 We did our first 3 cruises on Arcadia and enjoyed them but after doing a cruise on Aurora we found it had far more outside seating area's and a nicer buffet and coffee bar. the balcony cabins are a bit bigger on Arcadia but we find Aurora more friendly and will be going on her for the 5 th time next week.
  14. Hols4 Anyone know if the M27 is shut next weekend for bridge works, will be travelling down the M3 on Sat 19th Oct to sail on Aurora on the 20th. Don't know if it affects the M3.
  15. Hols4 My wife cannot walk far and when we took the train into Bruge there was a frequent bus just outside the train station right to the main square in Bruge
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