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  1. We have 3 tours set up with Italy Tours for Florence/Pisa, Rome & Naples. This will be our first trip to these Ports but have found Christina to be very easy to work with, Thorough and are looking forward to our visit next Oct .
  2. I am sure we will take a Taxi to the Hotel Atlantis in Oct. I got a quote this morning for a transfer from a company and they wanted 50 so wanted to check here to see what others had paid for a Taxi. Only way I would do the shuttle if we had others arriving the same time and could share.
  3. My bank would have taken back the Danish money but said it could be a wait to get it exchanged, I like to get more then what I think I may need, but for my 2021 Asia cruise i am not dealing with one currency but at least 4.
  4. I was considering getting the cash for when we want to stop and get some lunch while out in Singapore and during the tours Trying to turn back to the bank unused foreign money isn't easy. I still have some for Copenhagen & Iceland. What few coins I had, I put in little baggies for the family last year for Christmas,
  5. Thank you that would make things easier at least we have time to plan and work out should we decide to take some cash to be sure who much we will really need. Singapore is where we will be staying 2 days before the cruise, so the rest will be day stops at each port.
  6. We had that happen on one of our cruises, although I didn't lose anything but gained a few things. Someone was going around and moving someones decorations and putting them on other doors. The lady from our Roll Call spent part of her morning collecting her items.
  7. It helped my husband know our room and he hadn't been drinking. . I took them down earlier in the day. of the last day and going back to the room, he walked past it.
  8. Colleen, thank you. I have a 1" binder all with tab divers by Port, usually I have a folder but with so many ports and Tours decided to go with the Binder this time. Like for Rome and Naples etc, the Emails from Christina include the descriptions of the tours and the Booking/Paid confirmation emails. & pick up Times. I have also added her to my Cell Phone Contacts. This will be a first for the daughter & I . We would have loved to do the Greek Isle but this will give us a nice start then we have the TA following back to Miami. My husband & I did a lot of cruising but his last one was our 2017 Copenhagen TA on the Serenade. He wanted so much to go on the Oasis for the Spring of 2018 but had to cancel it so now the daughter is joining me.. Daughter is working in Aurora during the winter at the Amazon Wherehouse until her Spring Jobs open back up again.
  9. Colleen thank you for your wonderful review, the daughter & I are truly excited about our first trip next Oct and have the same 3 tours booked that you did so found your review very informative and we can't wait to go. BTW I noticed your in Denver, the daughter lives in Elizabeth. To bad we were not on the cruise with you. Gay
  10. Terry & Mike, that was very helpful and at least will give me an idea for our needs. Yokohama will be a turn around day for us as we will be continuing on with our B2B with a stop in Hakodate then Petropavlovsk, Russia before heading to the Alaska & Seattle.
  11. We had 3 cruises booked once and did get all the docs before leaving but had to print out extra tags for the 2nd sailing and add labels with different dates and cruise.. 3rd sailing didn't matter as it was a b2b. There was 9 days between the 1st & 2nd cruisees from Sydney, Australia
  12. Thank you, will find out if it is still there. On the Ovation April 25th to May 8th ( Singapore to Tokyo ) May 8th to 22nd,Tokyo to seattle
  13. Thank you, we will be on Group tours for the most part so mostly during that time it will be to get something for lunch. We will have a turn around day , in Yokohama, on May 8th, 2021 so will be walking around with others there. I may plan between $50 to $100. Singapore we plan to arrive 2 days before the cruise so April 23rd through 25th.
  14. We are really looking forward to our tours with Italy Tours, We will be doing Florence/Pisa, Rome & Naples with Pompeii and possible Marseille, still working on that port for next October.
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