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  1. Had we been able to do the March 15 Freedom it would have ended on the 22nd so there is the 6 days. I suspect those points will get removed. If they were to stay, I could have reached D + at the end of the Oct 25th Western Med but if the Fall Allure cruises go as planned then it will be after the Nov 1st TA.
  2. While finishing our March 8th Freedom expecting to continue on the 15th, it got cancelled and only got credit for the first week. Correction just looked and now the other week is showing ummm. Will see if it stays.
  3. Our March 15th Freedom sailing was cancelled near the end of our 1st sailing for March 8th. I went for the full refund and was told by my TA to expect the refunds within 2 to 4 weeks. I keep checking my CC's for both the cruise & shore excursions.
  4. We still have around 7 months before our October 25th Allure sailing so keeping fingers crossed everything will settle down by then and we go as planned. This also includes the Nov 1st TA.
  5. Our Freedom of the Seas Southern Caribbean sailing returned to Miami this Tuesday, we know some crew were going home such as our waiter, many others were remaining on board. All passengers were able to disembark and fly home smoothly with no health issues. Buses were provided to take passengers to MIA or FLL airports.
  6. While I book normally Port Side, it really doesn't matter since I am usually on the upper decks during the day unless in port, so will walk over to a side if I wish to see something.
  7. There is some confusion with the April 25th 2021 sailing. Some are still seeing it for the Ovation & the Quantum yet the RCCL has nothing for the Ovation. I don't know if some are seeing things differently if they are looking at an Agents site. In regards to our Allure Oct 25th, 2020 ( Western Med ) & Nov 1st 2020 ( TA ) sailings, I am due to make final in May. If anything changes suddenly on the Med, my TA will quickly notify me. Trouble is everything is paid for, tours ( Italy tours ) & flights. ( Air2Sea )
  8. Thank you, flights are booked already. Our departure Port is Barcelona then will continue with the Nov 1st 2021 TA on the Allure. All the excursions are also booked with Italy Tours for the cruise & Barcelona Day tours before the cruise. I see no changes on the RCCL site. From what some are saying our April 25th 2021 on the Ovation out of Singapore, has had changes and will arrive in Yokohma on the 7th and continue with the TP We lost Hiroshima and Okinawa on the April 25th sailing.
  9. We have two cruises for Oct/Nov 2020 our of Barcelona, the one I am now concerned about is our Oct 25th Western Med. Our cruises for 2021 from Singapore are now being modified and we could end up with nothing except our upcoming march sailings out of San Juan.
  10. We rented a car from the airport upon arrival and drove to the parking lot and left the car there for the week. We came in a couple days early and stayed at a Hotel across from the Houston Space center to take the tour the day before our cruise.
  11. Never cruised during that day but I would think they would have some function. Bring a green shirt or blouse and beads just in case. We will be on the Freedom so got some blouses ready to pack and beads .
  12. Waiting for the skip the line tickets to the Colosseum to open, they are up to June now on the web page to book, we will need for the end of Oct
  13. As others have said, board by 11 yet keep in mind, final boarding is 90 min before sail time so everyone needs to be checked in & on board by 4:30. Let your vacation start early and enjoy the ship.
  14. If you get the cabin, he could sleep in your cabin. If you do not get the bid then your present cabins would remain the same.
  15. Daughter & I thought about staying over but cost of hotel for the night was high so opted to do the Marriott Day Pass. My flight is at 1 AM but hers is at 2:45 AM on the 23rd. I found American but the cost was more then my cruise fare in a balcony. I have 2 stops over & back. on United. Going over, PSP ---> SFO ---> O Hare --.SJ and going back it is SJ--> EWR --. DEN --> PSP
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