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  1. Carmel or Dial 7 Car Service is your best bet from Brooklyn to Mid-Town Manhattan.
  2. Speaking of the Winemaker Dinner; how do you sign up for it? We will be cruising on the Regal this Saturday out of NY to New England/Canada. Thanks.
  3. Your very welcome Nini. Enjoy the cruise. Hope the weather is nice. Understand the Regal is a beautiful ship.
  4. My wife and I are on a cruise this month too and will be visiting Newport, RI along with Boston, Bar Harbor, Saint John, NB, and Halifax NS. Apparently, there are lots of great seafood eateries in all these ports. Based on my research we are leaning towards trying The Black Pearl (know for their clam chowder), The Mooring, and Brick Alley Pub. Of course, these are just a few of the great places. Hopefully, other cruisers who have been to Newport, RI and the other ports will way in with their suggestions. In the meantime, you might check out this link called Toms Port Guide for Newport RI: https://www.tomsportguides.com/uploads/5/8/5/4/58547429/newport-rhode-island-08-25-2013.pdf. Tom has done a nice job summing up his visit to this and the other puts along the New England/Canada route. By the way, we will be departing on the Regal Princess next Saturday, 9/22. Hope this helps get you started. Lee and Shelley
  5. Thanks for the update BigGuy25. Looks like original 100 rooms are up and running as previously reported. Sure glad to hear internet is running smooth and very fast. That's sure a plus. Would be nice to find out from the Princess guru's what the hold-up is regarding full implementation. Of course, we board next Saturday and will enjoy our time onboard either way.
  6. Interesting CruisingDeacon! If it were 100% implemented on the Regal for all passengers don't you think there would be more chatter about how it's going? I'm skeptical just like you. Guess I will find out next Saturday, 9/22 when my wife and I board the Regal for our cruise to New England and Canada.
  7. Honest mistake skennedy25. I agree that Princess needs to put some more steam into the Ocean Medallion Program.
  8. Actually, The Regal Princess will be back from its European rotation on September 22nd docking at the Brooklyn Cruise Port. We cruise on the Regal on the 22nd for a 7 day New England/Canada itinerary. Our cruise returns to Brooklyn, NY on September 29th.
  9. We found a great flight for our cruise out of Brooklyn from Austin TX on SWA. Austin to EWR, non-stop both ways and great price too!
  10. Thank you all for your input. I will likely use a small plug-in type night light or one that is battery operated.
  11. Does anyone have a recommendation for type of night light that can be used in the Regal Princess bathroom? We will be doing a New England/Canada Cruise later this month and would like to have some type of low voltage night light for the bathroom at night. Thank you.
  12. Great deal! My wife and I are cruising to New England/Canada in September on the Regal Princess and booked in a club class mini-suite. We received an upgrade offer to a Penthouse Suite for $300 per person. We said yes because we have never stayed in a full suite before and thought the additional amenities, etc were worth it.
  13. The Double Tree Suites Time Square you want is on 7th Ave between 46th and 47th street. You would be right in the middle of the action in and around Time Square.
  14. Stayed there a few years ago with my wife while visiting some friends who live in Brooklyn. TripAdvisor gave it a good rating so we pulled the trigger and didn't regret it. Right in the middle of the Time Square action.
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