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  1. I did not know that was an option, thank you for the advice!
  2. Thank you for confirming they are still there! We already reserved ours for our upcoming cruise, I just can’t find really any info on them. You mentioned they were on South Beach, was there a lot of construction going on by the bungalows? Or are they more secluded and away from everything? You wouldn’t happen to have any pictures that you could share, would you?
  3. Thanks for your attempted efforts, but I don't know why you would type in cabana when I was inquiring about the "bungalow" 🤔 I also saw those posts, and they didn't answer my questions regarding the BUNGALOWS. I even saw your post on the first thread you provded where you mentioned the cabanas are the same thing, when in reality they are 2 different offerings on Coco Cay. So please, before you try to tell people that the "answer is already out there" or "here's the answers", make sure you are actually supplying the correct answers and not just trying to get your post count up. 😊
  4. Hi CruiseFan, I did use the search feature and couldn't find the answers to my questions, hence why I posted these specific questions 😁 If you know the answers, or the threads where they can be found, could you be useful and post them for me? Thanks!
  5. We did Anthem out of Bayonne and those were our 2 favorite places as well, two70 and the Solarium!
  6. We did this trick on our last cruise in November on Marnier and it worked like a charm!
  7. Has anybody had a beach bungalow at the updated Coco Cay? If so, how far are the bungalows away from everything? Do you still get a special lunch that you order onboard? Are there servers to bring you drinks or do you have to walk over to a bar? Does the wifi work good at the bungalows? Thank you!
  8. Has anybody who recently sailed on Adventure have any copies of the menu? We are sailing in August and it is not showing in our app yet. We want to make dinner reservations for Izumi but we want to pick a night where there aren't really any good items on the MDR menu. Thanks!
  9. Good points, both are definitely possibly in my mind as well. I just remember when we went on Anthem 2 years ago, we had booked so far in advance that we were able to take advantage of 4 or 5 price drops, and each time it was a simple process. I just called up, told them I noticed a price drop, and boom, in a couple of minutes they updated it without hesitation.
  10. I just noticed this issue as well with out upcoming Adventure cruise. It took multiple times of being put on hold and speaking to several different agents before they would honor the price drop. They kept on saying "the price I am seeing online is incorrect". One time they told me the price different was in the taxes so I wasn't eligible. I am wondering if RCCL is intentionally making it more difficult for people to take advantage of price drops...
  11. We took Mariner for a weekend getaway out of Miami in November. When we arrived at the pier around 11:15am, boarding was already underway and we were onboard by 11:50am. Enjoy, she's a great ship!
  12. They did come back, so we booked one! Thank you for the tip!
  13. So we are booked on Adventure of the Sea's August 23rd sailing and wanted to rent a beach bungalow for the day. About 2 weeks ago they were $195, today when I went to go look with the cruise planner sale they are not even on the site showing sold out. It was even removed from my shopping cart. I called RCL and asked, the lady told me "there are a lot of changes going on at Coco Cay". I don't know if that means she's not quite sure what's going on, or are the bungalows going away for good?! The bungalow's are much cheaper than the other 2 cabana's available ($499 & $695), I hope RCL brings them back, and especially for my sailing! Does anybody have any insight on these?
  14. It is nice to come back to the room and everything is made up and refreshed twice a day. Sometimes we may take a nap in the afternoon, or get another shower, and everything is put back together when we come back from dinner. Now I know there are people on here who will say "that is bad for the environment, washing towels more than needed" or "why make an attendant do twice as much work", so please refrain from negative comments :)
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