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  1. Because on many cruise lines, they are. As with many on this thread, I wear what I want (I always meet the dress code) and try not to judge what others are wearing. I notice, of course, because I'm an avid people watcher ๐Ÿ™‚ I certainly prefer people meet the dress code minimum and most of the cruises I've been on have not had flagrant violations... Also, JazzBeau - my husband is bald, shaves his head every day - and wears a hat each time he steps outside BECAUSE he's bald ๐Ÿ™‚ Never indoors, of course, but....When you see him, there's no doubt he has no hair - he's not trying to hide anything. And it's been that way since he was in his early 30s - he started shaving his head because it's easier to apply sunscreen!
  2. We haven't been to Miami in ages and are arriving fairly early the day prior to a cruise - seems fun for us to stay in a "more interesting" area and enjoy a little exploring. I had guessed it might be the $/distance for some of those hotels (though right now the Hyatt Centric and Intercontinental are quite a bit more than the Mondrian, so....)
  3. I've been reading this forum, trying to make a similar decision about a 1 night hotel prior to Miami departure (from Terminal J ;-) I have never cruised out of Florida. I haven't noticed very many people asking about Miami Beach hotels - is there a reason? I've been making notes as I read different opinions - my husband and I seem drawn to hotels in Miami Beach, though Brickell might make more sense. I wish I could tell if the Hyatt Centric has good enough views - it's not waterfront so I worry about obstructed views....
  4. We're getting ready to book on Riviera so have been watching video reviews. One review mentions that certain (larger) plugs don't do well on the desk outlet because of the light switch position. (the light turns on when the plug is used, so, not ideal for nighttime use/charging).
  5. I will use malarone (we go in Aug 2019) and deet. Mosquitos love me, and malarone doesn't have side effects for me that others have had....
  6. I try to save all my paperwork from cruises (and make my husband take photos of weird things, like the space under beds ๐Ÿ˜‰) because I know what kinds of questions come up on CC and I might not remember off the top of my head - but I can go check my files! Thankfully this community is full of people like that!
  7. No, because your phone could "work" but charge you a LOT of money for roaming. Do you not have a contract with plan specifics? I'd try to call your provider again (we call that HUCA - hang up, call again ;-). You pay $X per month for your plan. What does that include???
  8. Yep, for every single mobile phone question - Step 1 = check out your current plan for details ๐Ÿ™‚ I note OP didn't tell us what plan they have or whether they actually checked that Canada wouldn't be included, so....I'd do that first ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. We were on Azamara Dec 2016, they did it (and charged $6? something like that) We didn't have to provide anything else, no photos (they had our digital photos and our passport info already, so....) We're doing a Mekong River cruise in August- will be getting eVisa for Vietnam and trying to figure out our return. We're transiting through Hanoi (literal transit, between 2 international flights) which should be allowed without a visa (as the evisa is single entry only....) but I'm a little worried about airport staff being knowledgeable about this when we board in Siem Reap.....
  10. Unless you have a verizon plan that covers Canada, which we do....(we have an old plan, no clue what it is BUT we had data & cell svc included the past few times we've been in Canada). I think the worst case scenario - if you can't find a hotel/shuttle phone or use wifi - is that you have to spend a few dollars in roaming or cell phone access to use your phone once to get to the hotel. Still cheaper than a taxi, right?
  11. I really liked hanging the wreath on the mirrored wall with a suction hook - I love flowers in a cabin, and some ships have vases and it's the norm, but I do feel that adding "things" to flat surfaces adds work for the cabin stewards, which I try to avoid if possible. I was used to the concept because it's how I put up my Christmas wreath on the front door at home! And there were some stalls in the Nuremberg Christmas markets that had wreaths of various sizes - ours was about 10" I think? Not overwhelming!
  12. My husband (and FIL) adore the rauchbier. So many people on our cruise were giving him their bottles (we each got a free token for a bottle and a tote, if I recall correctly). I do NOT like the smoked beer, gave him mine as well. We carried quite the load back to the ship ;-) And he's brewed a couple at home as well - I guess they came out good. True to the style, for sure ;-) [I studied in Belgium when I was in college and my husband is an avid homebrewer - sadly, we do not overlap much on beer flavor preferences. But malty belgians are where we can meet - a Belgium beer tour is definitely in my future travels list - but will do a land/train trip for that] As for ages and back on topic...We have done one river cruise (Avalon christmas markets, 9 days NUE-BSL) at age 41 & 46. We were definitely among the youngest but there were a few intergenerational families on board and some younger couples as well. My husband and I did our first cruise together on HAL, in our late 20s. Age does not ever bother us ;-) I do not like the nightlife, a river cruise is about the ports (and for me, the Markets!) and I am fine with "early to bed, early to rise". I have never, in any ocean cruise I've been on, been to an evening theater show. So from my perspective, not a problem. However, if your son wants to stay up late(ish) and dance or listen to music with a group of others, a European river cruise is unlikely to provide that experience. We're getting ready to do a river cruise along the Mekong river and I do not anticipate we will be in the average age range ;-) I would definitely make decisions based on what you want to do, and not how old people are.
  13. It just seemed odd in this thread, which is about Alaska. If someone wanted a recommendation on where to cruise, and/or said they wanted things that a Caribbean cruise could offer, sure..... [FYI - Alaska is the only cruise destination I've repeated thus far- 3 AK cruises :-) Of course, we do a lot of land trips and don't cruise as often as so many on this messageboard, but other than NYC, we don't tend to repeat any vacation destination. TOO MUCH to see in this great big world ;-)]
  14. Not all of us enjoy warmth or beaches. I could never visit the Caribbean again and die happy ;-) There are LOTS of places one can cruise, pleasing all sort of people. Yes, one should research and figure out what is on offer and what sounds appealing. Sand, heat, Caribbean, crowds? No thank you....
  15. I prefer to book independently whenever/wherever I can - it's typically cheaper AND I prefer the control ;-) It's not necessary in Alaska, but finding a group on a roll call to do a private tour is so nice in lots of ports! I will book through the cruise if it's something I can only get there, like the Ventures zodiac tours on Seabourn last fall. [Alaska was my first cruise too! It was 1986, on HAL - don't know which ship at this point - with my parents, in an interior cabin...]
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