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  1. When you enter the data, China must be your TRANSIT to another country, not destination. If allowed by your passport and the location, that "transit" can last 144 hours. Re-enter your data with those parameters and see what it says.
  2. Well, the carriers care because if you are denied entry by the countries with the rules, they have to move you (fly, sail, whatever) somewhere else at their expense....
  3. We traveled from HCMC up the Mekong to Phnom Penh, then flew to Siem Reap for 4 days. I had no bites the entire trip and don't recall hearing any mosquitoes there either. But as I noted - I would not have done anything differently ;-)
  4. Mosquitoes love me, I always travel with bug spray as even when "it's not mosquito season" or "it's too dry now" or "we're too high for mosquitoes", they will find me and I will have bites. I've been in Vietnam twice now - HCMC for a couple of days as part of an Azamara cruise, and throughout the Mekong region on a river cruise earlier this year. Azamara was December, Avalon Mekong was August. We sprayed our clothing with pyrethrin ahead of the trip and brought DEET spray and picaridin wipes. No problems with mosquitoes. But I wouldn't have done anything differently - next time we'll still spray our clothing (my husband sprays his at the beginning of each summer for tick prevention - ticks like him as much as skeeters love me 😉 ) and bring spray/wipes.
  5. Some people apparently have spouses who do not fill their TSA 3-1-1 bags and use some of their space. My spouse is not one of those, so if I have too many liquids, I check a bag. He doesn't share ;-)
  6. One option - should you decide you aren't going to wear the shirt due to the feel - is to frame and hang as art. I do that with scarves all the time, and I have a baby quilt my great-grandmother made me that is also hanging as art. Might not be your personal style, just throwing it out as an option in case it works for you or someone else. (I love fabrics - they don't always "love" me color or style wise - but my office at work and guest rooms are full of fabrics on walls)
  7. You can use a plug adapter the same way you do with your US version. I've been doing it for 30some years with hair appliances I bought when I lived in Belgium. The bottom line is there are a LOT of options and some work better for some of us - none of the ideas are "wrong" (unless you try to plug that 220v appliance into a shaver only outlet!) I personally have had bad luck with dual voltage hair appliances so I avoid them. Others love them and have had no problems. Neither of us are "wrong", just different choices.....
  8. Timely to see this pop up again as I'm getting ready to soften a new t-shirt. Fabric softener is basically going to coat a fiber - it's not a lasting change. I am trying to decide which option I want to try - probably washing soda, but salt & vinegar are the other options...[I have washing soda, salt, and vinegar at home right now, so....] You said "none of the options worked" - what did you try other than dryer sheets & ironing? https://www.polaroidfotobar.com/how-to-soften-t-shirts/
  9. I don't know how to state more clearly that the in-laws did not ask for this and are/were as confused by it as I was. I'll stop posting now as our issue is mostly resolved and it's not relevant to this thread if no one else has experienced the issue.....
  10. That's not necessarily true, as one of the first google results is the posting on CC with the pdf from a few weeks back, so, you know... If Viking still has old/bad information on their website, that's their problem and you should complain to them. That doesn't negate the fact it is EASIER to search and find results on google than on the viking rivers website.
  11. I find I have better luck searching on google than almost any company website. I hate that, but when you're searching, you do what you need to do.....
  12. Nope, in-laws don't have our booking number (because I was supposed to make our specialty reservations - I have THEIRS). I know the in-laws didn't book anything as we had several texts and emails and then phone calls about this last night (planning) and this morning (figuring out what the$# happened). I assumed TA as well. Oceania told my FIL "sometimes this happens" but didn't say how or why -if TAs could do this, wouldn't Oceania have a clue "how" this could happen? I wouldn't think a TA could go in and make changes under my oceania booking online that I didn't request. So I will be asking her [the TA] what happened.... Because I wasn't able to make any changes to the reservations, when my FIL called Oceania, he did his own reservations over the phone and asked that all of ours be released, so I then went in and made my own picks.
  13. Woke up this morning and logged in to make our specialty restaurant reservations. All 4 were already reserved, with my in-laws each time, AND conflicting with my reservation at La Reserve one night. My in-laws did NOT make the reservations (in fact, they're the ones who called Oceania to remove the reservations so we could block what we wanted - I was unable to do anything because I was the "invited guest" on each reservation). We're fine now, BUT, do I need to be mad with my travel agent or Oceania for being that presumptuous so as to make those reservations??!!
  14. Avalon has always allowed. Ah, I see you're on Viking so this has been answered. As answers can vary by line, it's helpful to list that when asking 🙂
  15. So sorry!!! But bad things happen with TAs as well, so I'd widen your recommendation to KEEP EVERYTHING in writing/pdf....
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