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  1. That is a tough call. I think I would prefer to do the second one after it's transit from Asia. Being able to drive is a huge plus to us. -(- I have a cousin that lives in Kelowna. We are doing road trips now and hope to get up there in the next year or two) Keep in mind that the Sun Princess has terrible balconies, very small and closed in. We are booked for a round trip LA/Alaska next summer on her. We were hoping the Sun Princess would be on the hit list to be scrapped and another ship be substituted. We enjoy our balconies and are spoiled after many cruises on the Grand Class ship's Carib balconies.

    Overnight in port

    We've had an overnight in Kahului once also, the ship was open to come and go all night. Aloha!

    Overnight in port

    We've done overnights in Honolulu and Lahaina Hawaii. You could come and go as desired. Lahaina is a tender port and the tender service slowed over night. On the hour into port and on the half return to the ship. (or vice versa) Aloha
  4. Hi Harvey and Joanne --- We're working on getting the date corrected - there was a typo - too many 2's 😉 Aloha!
  5. The 28 day Hawaii/South Seas is still scheduled for October 3rd on the Emerald Princess from LA. I'd be surprised if it sails, but who knows?
  6. I hope you are well soon and your job returns. People are going nuts wanting to do things and go places, not many want to fly anywhere.
  7. We'll be doing the hotel route, thanks for the offer for camping tips. It will be interesting to see how crowded the parks will be. There are still a fair number of people that are nervous to leave home. The spring, when they first re-opened, would have been the ideal time. We are timing it to meet with good friends who have a vacation home in Big Sky. We are really looking forward to the trip.
  8. We're going on a road trip from San Diego to Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Grand Tetons National Park, Yellowstone National Park. Big Sky MT and Glacier National Park and home again. During our working years we earmarked almost all vacation time and money toward cruising. It's time to see the USA! We have had four cruises canceled -- we miss them ☹️
  9. We were affected by the 2-2-21 Hawaii cruise - We were surprised so far out, but assumed it was Covid19. After doing some research, I see that HAL still has several Hawaii cruises scheduled for this October and November. We are disappointed and also confused.
  10. Holland America just canceled their Hawaii cruises until the middle of February 2021. Our 2-2-21 was the last in the current round of cancellations. 🙁 Aloha!
  11. Wow - thanks for the spreadsheet - it really hits you with the enormity of it as you scroll past all of the cruises that are not going to happen. We were at the bottom of the list 2-3-21 - 18 day Hawaii. It's very sad.
  12. You don't need your passport info until you check in on line -- you have plenty of time
  13. It will be sad if NCL does not survive these trying times. I speak as someone who hates NCL. Strike one -- I never forgave them for being the first main stream line to ban passengers from bring their own alcohol aboard. When we started cruising it was fine to bring your own. On our first Carnival cruise in 1987 you could buy what you wanted in the onboard store. There were two prices on on all of the bottles, one was about what we paid in CA grocery stores, the other price was duty free and cheaper. If you paid the grocery store, price your were welcome to take it back to your cabin. Strike two -- after San Diego lost most of their cruises maybe 6 to 8 yeas ago, NCL was going to do several 11 day Mexico's from San Diego. We booked and figured, let bygones be bygones. Three or four months prior to the cruise they canceled them. Even so, losing any competition in the industry is not good for cruisers.
  14. We've done two Alaska cruises in late September -- on the first one we had horrendous weather. Several other ships sailing at the same time missed multiple ports. One HAL ship missed all of it's ports. We had rain and heavy seas almost every day. On our way back the captain needed to list the ship 8 degrees pick up the Canadian pilots. The pilot boat was bobbing like a cork, with the propellers fully visible out of the water at times. It was exciting to watch. We had a great cruise, but we didn't get the full Alaska experience. The second time the weather was fantastic -- Sunny and cold. The naturalist on board said that Glacier Bay would have been more speculator if there had been some clouds. The beautiful warm sun washed out some of the colors. It was pretty fantastic to us. We didn't have a drop of rain until we stopped at Victoria on the way back to LA. I understand Alaska weather is always a crap shoot. You have a higher chance of poor weather near the end of the season.. There is a reason they stop sailing at the beginning of fall. You also have much shorter day. We would do another September Alaska cruise in a heartbeat. We were supposed to do the other fringe season in about a week and half. We prefer things less crowed and less kids. I hope we're cruising again soon!
  15. We had our Golden Princess Alaska from LA canceled - we were bummed, it was going to be a special cruise for us. We booked the Sun Princess for next August when we were on the Star in January. We were extremely disappointed in the offerings from LA next year. We have our fingers crossed that as things shake out, perhaps they will reconsider only offering only four cruises from LA on their oldest ship. Our main issue is not the age, but the balcony design. We have become very used to booking Carib balconies on Grand Class ships. We may wait for better choices in 2022 -- besides that the ship isn't to our taste, the itinerary, time of year and price are all worse than what we had on the Golden. ☹️
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