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  1. I'm pleased for you that you are happy to travel under those conditions. We are not that desperate - well, we are but will wait until we don't have to wear masks, whenever that may be.
  2. Nice photos but what caught my eye were the the taped off areas and floor markings and the masks. Not my idea of a holiday.
  3. For those needing their fix of Sydney Harbour you can't beat this live webcam. A shame there are no cruise ships at the OPT. Enjoy. https://webcamsydney.com/
  4. I might be missing the point but they are not free at ports like Civitavecchia (for Rome) which is an hour from the city.
  5. Generally it will not be dark when you depart as Sydney has daylight in summer until at least 7-8pm. Arrival is often around 5-6am but it is beautiful coming in as the sun rises. I lived there for 30 years and even though I went to work across the harbour by ferry, it was on my bucket list to cruise out of the harbour which I accomplished in November. I'm biased but it is as good as any harbour in the world.
  6. Can't agree more Thrak, that is no holiday. I can't wait to cruise again but those restrictions take denying the kids inheritance to new levels.
  7. Don't agree. If the virus is controlled by vaccine or just runs it's course, why wouldn't things return to almost normal. Of course there will be things introduced like better hygiene practices but as far as having specified excursion options etc I would hate to see companies using the pandemic as an excuse. The market will soon sort those companies out.
  8. At a ridiculous price I'm guessing. The odds are now that we'll have a vaccine. I'll just wait the extra 6 months or so (my estimation only) until all the restrictions pass and we can be back to normal, or close to it.
  9. No way would I be making final payment - even if the payment date is November 7th. I just can't accept handing over more money for something that probably will not happen. Cut your losses or hope Princess let you have FCC for a later cruise.
  10. I expect this requirement will only be in place until a vaccine is available, and until that time we are not interested in cruising anyway. This type of stipulation and others that would be in place means cruising is not for us at this time.
  11. I think it's a case of just good luck with the weather. We went last year in the second week of August and were blessed. The photo below shows our perfect day in Glacier Bay, which, as Cruise Raider said, is a must visit.
  12. Took the words out of my mouth. I've been to Melbourne for the Boxing Day test (26 December onwards) and have never been so cold. I've also been there when it's 40 Deg (about 105 F for our US friends). So yeah bring all four seasons clothing. Looks a great trip Thrak. We love Sapphire and had a cancelled Asian cruise on her when the virus hit. However I am not booking anything until the cruise industry is up and running and has been so for a while. Not going through all that refund stuff again. Mind you, that time is school hols here so not for me.
  13. Just received the new "opportunity". Book an Alaska cruise and receive 10 points. Now let me think - book a trip, the trip gets cancelled due to the virus still causing havoc, you then wait months to get your refund. All for 10 points - not likely.
  14. We have done Concierge and wouldn't waste the money again. The extras are not worth it - the binoculars were barely better than having none, and on a cruise you hardly need the afternoon canapes. I would wonder whether paying extra just to get extra points would turn out to be worth it and in my opinion, why try to be tied to one cruise line anyway.
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