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  1. I couldn't agree more and it's been a gripe of mine for a few years. I was amazed that the Oceans of Offers sale (similar to the Best Sale Ever elsewhere) was offered here and that it included beverages. That is the first time I am aware that Princess have offered that down here and it is good value. I had beverages and unlimited net added for $30 pp per day which is great value for us. Let's hope that is the start of a more fair arrangement for non US passengers.
  2. I use a TA mainly in the event something goes wrong with flights in particular. One of our trips to the US a few years ago had a delayed flight from Aust which would have meant us missing a connection, with a different airline to Florida. My TA sorted it and I had a text about new flights by the time we landed in LA. I'm not sure I would have had the same success had I tried to sort it last minute at the airport. I find my TA often gets better hotel deals than I find on line. So, in summary I guess I use them to fix things that might go wrong. My experience is that they generally cannot beat the cruise and airfare prices I get on line and down here they offer very little OBC.
  3. Yeah thanks, I saw that in one of your later posts. I should have read the later posts before asking!
  4. I haven't received an email or anything from Princess about refunds (other than the initial cruise cancellation email) either which I find strange, however the refunds for ship excursions that I had booked were back in my account a few days ago. As for the FCC , check your Princess account as you will probably find it there.
  5. I think we were on the same cancelled cruise as you. We received the 25% FCC (about $1800) but I notice in my Princess account that to use it we have to sail by Feb 2021. I see you have used your FCC for Sept 2021 - did you not have the same deadline by which you had to use the FCC? EDIT - forget it. I see you had another booking.
  6. Yes I have read plenty of comments where people agree with you but that is not my experience. I've only done 6 cruises though so I'm not that experienced in that regard. My Baltics cruise in July has dropped over $1000 per person since we booked that in December and even though doing a re-fare is not as common here I was able to do it twice plus add the Oceans of Offers deals. I think we might be going in to a period of time for a while though that cruise fares will be dropping, certainly not going up, but we'll see.
  7. I agree that the prices are not as low as I might have expected. However I believe the prices at the start are usually the highest and prices will go down. I'm not one that books as soon as cruises are launched as I don't want a specific cabin. There are plenty of people about, like me, that now have future cruise credits thanks to the Asian cancellations so they are probably trying to see if people spend on these, therefore keeping the base prices higher for a while. I'll just sit and wait, but the warmer weather Northern cruises appeal.
  8. I was booked on that cruise as well but hadn't looked at the Roll Call in the last few days. When you click on that Roll Call and get the cover page where some of the latest posts appear you can see two people that are being quite vitriolic, so I guess the whole thing was shut down. I can't get in to the thread after the cover page.
  9. I know that they have functions and regular happy hours there so yes, there must be a way other than walking. I just looked at my photos but I don't have any that show vehicles/carpark. There was certainly no vehicular way next to the walking path so if vehicles get there they must come in from the top. As we walked up I didn't enquire at the lodge about other ways to get there. Sorry that I can't help you any better.
  10. About 10 minutes from the lodge entry. Pretty much uphill but a well graded path once you get to the bush that you walk through. I can't recall whether there was a carpark nearby but I don't think so.
  11. Not sure where to start with your post as my experience was the opposite. We stopped at McKinley lodge for one night only and arrived fairly late in the afternoon. There was time to see a few things and then dinner. My experience with the Denali National Park Tundra tour was all about wildlife and I cannot recall any comments about culture. I'm not sure where you got this information but not our experience at all. Like most, we found the Princess cruise tour outstanding in every aspect.
  12. Not intending to be heartless at all. I maintain that the situation on Diamond Princess and Caribbean Princess are worlds apart. The Diamond situation is a one off tragic situation that requires full support from everyone. Nervous types that want to cancel a cruise because of the unlikely event that they might be on a cruise where Novo breaks out is entirely different. You may not want to be on a cruise ship right now and in relation to Asia I agree with you but I can't wait until my next cruise. My Asian cruise on Sapphire Princess was cancelled on Sunday and by Monday I had booked a replacement.
  13. Why are you linking the situations on the Diamond Princess and Caribbean Princess. They are totally unrelated. One has a Novo outbreak which has happened many times before on all cruise lines and the other has had a problem never experienced before. As for the insurance, you bought the policy knowing what was in it. I certainly think the Diamond Princess passengers and any others booked on it in the next few months should get full refunds and some compensation but you are in nothing like that situation. I can't see what you are complaining about and trying to link your situation to those on the Diamond is fanciful.
  14. It appears that the way the virus has continued to spread on the Diamond, a number of practices that were put in place did not work. However I did think Princess and Japan Health were handling the situation very well, but many lessons for the future will be learnt out of this. It is easy like the OP to come in late with 20/20 hindsight. Linking a cruise in the Caribbean with Novo to the Diamond situation is ridiculous.
  15. I keep getting emails from Princess to complete a survey for my Ruby Princess cruise which finished early December. I completed the survey two days after we got back yet still keep getting emails to do it. When I click on the later emails link I get a message that I have already completed the survey!
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