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  1. Many people have now told you that you don't need a smart phone and there are plenty of options for you to cruise as you always have, without reliance on the medallion technology. You now seem to be complaining for complaining sake. Be offended if you wish but there is no need to be.
  2. I think we may be lining up for our yearly booster before we cruise at the rate things are going.
  3. I do get it actually. I have cruised both with Medallion cruises and non Medallion cruises. Of course Princess market the Medallion as it makes them appear to be market leaders but I can take it or leave it. I have just used the Medallion as I have the cruise card in the past and not for much extra. They will still have people walking around serving you. The flashy videos show what the Medallion can do, but there is no way they will put a large number of people offside that don't use all the bells and whistles.
  4. The App is such a small part of the overall cruise experience, I don't know why you would let it influence your cruise line of choice. It is just an option, not necessary or mandatory by any means. Once you get your medallion and board the ship, if you don't use the App, you will notice no difference to your cruising enjoyment at all. There are other options to the App, such as printing your boarding pass, actually using your feet to walk to a bar and order, using the TV for your onboard account, and the daily info sheet in hard copy. Really is a non issue to me. Just enjoy your crui
  5. I think you need to take a step back. There will be plenty of people that don't want to go down the smartphone route and it will not affect their cruise in the slightest. The last cruise we did was a Medallion cruise and because we don't get the medallions mailed to us in Australia I just checked in as normal with printed boarding passes. Then on the ship I just used the medallion exactly as I would have used my cruise card. Still went to the bars, used the Patter, etc. I am pretty with it when it comes to smart phones etc but I only use my phone when away for text messages, nothing else
  6. And while ever you and others hold off getting vaccinated while you wait for a choice, it just slows our vacs rate down and the opening of our borders. Just a reminder, we have had 1.7 million doses of the AZ vaccine done (including me) and have had 11 blood clot cases, probably a few of these with medical issues. I'll let you work out the odds.
  7. I just go in to the cruise and try and do a dummy booking which often shows what cabins are still available. As for no action on the boards I would say it is because there is no guarantee that the cruise will happen and people are just not bothering at this stage. My Roll Call board is also quiet. Another reason for a lack of activity is that the Boards are often a place where people get together to arrange private tours and at this time we don't know if we will be confined to ship tours only.
  8. Only my personal experience but I have never referred to the Patter when I am not on the ship. I think my answer covered 99% of situations. The only ship issued paper I take off ship is the port map which is usually inside the Patter. If I felt the need to take the local contact details I would just take a photo of the patter or screenshot the online version. As I stated earlier I would prefer the Patter in hard copy which is what this thread is about.
  9. Er, no you don't. Your phone works using the ship wifi and you can use that without needing to have roaming. That said, I still would prefer the paper patter. Much easier to read and highlight things than a phone version.
  10. Of course many of those people would have had existing medical issues. If we take the stance of waiting until utopia we may as well unpack and stay home. If we expect all passengers and crew to be vaccinated, what more can we do. Or do we just wait a year until, say, 70% of the worlds population have had the vaccination and then start up. Not having a shot at you Caribill, just quoting your post as background.
  11. Just change the law. Cruise ship departs from one US port and travels to Alaska, more US ports, by passing Canada. What does Canada have to do with it, other than some dumb law. Excuse my ignorance, from my little patch in Australia, but that law just seems stupid. If the US had the inclination to change it they could. But then again, the US still has one cent coins and one dollar notes. Sorry, just having a dig with the last bit.
  12. I would rather spend time at the bar, pool, my balcony, or anywhere than spend extra time getting ready for dinner. I always respect the dress code and wear business standard clothes to the MDR but taking ties and jackets on holidays is not my idea of a holiday. I wore a suit for years at work and couldn't wait to stop. I took a coat for my first cruises then realised that dragging it around on land tours etc was something I wanted to avoid. Each to their own.
  13. Quote: "I haven't spoken to my wife in years. I didn't want to interrupt her."-- Rodney Dangerfield
  14. Thanks for the info in your post Steelers. In relation to the above about phones and updates, it can be the case the phone needs an update. It is also probable that many phones cannot accept the newer updates. If you have a Samsung mobile they have a page where all models of phone are listed and what latest version of Android they can take. That is where I confirmed I have the latest version for my phone but this version will not work with the updated App. I will update my perfectly good phone but first I'll wait to see if my next cruise looks like happening.
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