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  1. A good few years ago now but on a short cruise from Southampton we were behind a family in security who were trying to bring on board a small satellite dish and receiver box. The sort of thing you would use in a caravan (RV). I remember the argument well when it was refused - Manchester United were playing in a Champions League game they wanted to try and watch.
  2. Crikey, we are UK based but have only cruised with an American line mainly, from the States over the last 10 years or so, and the above is not our expectations or our experience. Things must be different between US/UK lines but as long as the service is friendly, as we enjoy the opportunity to get to know the bar staff and our waiters over the course of the cruise, we will be happy first time P & O cruisers and will act accordingly.
  3. Do people tend to tip in the busy bar areas to 'assist' with regular service. I'm assuming things are similar to Royal and you sign a receipt that has a box to add a tip if you want to.
  4. Thanks for your thoughts on P & O gratuities. We have only ever sailed Royal Caribbean so tipping is part of the eco-system, so to speak, which we are used to and the additional for steward, servers and bar staff. The service though we have always found top notch, hopefully the same on P & O and we are really looking forward to trying them out.
  5. Thank you all for your advice, as a first time P & O booker we have sorted the no upgrade, the parking and had the drinks package confirmed. A quick question if I may on the included gratuities in the P & O price, having only ever cruised with US lines does nobody leave a little something for bar servers or the stateroom attendant or is this not needed/required.
  6. Yes absolutely agree, could you let me know please how you can opt out of upgrades with P & O.
  7. Thank you everyone, much appreciated. Do P & O offer automatic upgrades, this is a golden wedding anniversary celebration and we are joining other family members all booking around the same area on the ship. I was wondering do we need to opt out of any upgrades possibly moving us? Thanks again
  8. Hello all Sorry these are real newbie questions but I have only ever booked with one cruise line so I could do with some reassurance please of where I am at with things now our Iona Fjords cruise is booked (April 2026). 1. We booked select with parking but there is no mention on anything I have been sent on how to book this, the travel agent confirmation mentions parking but not the P & O manage my booking website. 2. We booked the drinks package with the 10% off promotion, again the TA mentions it but there is nothing stated in my booking on the P & O website. 3. There is no mention on the P & O website regarding the Β£100 on board credit 4. I was expecting my booking to be within my P & O account but I have to go to another website to view it, is this because I haven't linked something. Any advice on the above would be appreciated, thank you πŸ™‚
  9. Yes you’re right the price is considerably cheaper, I was actually quite shocked at the difference. Royal itineraries from Southampton seem to attract a premium cost and the current itineraries are a bit disappointing. For us the difference will be good and new, we are looking forward to trying P & O.
  10. To be honest I have only ever sailed with Royal Caribbean and when booking on the website you know exactly when the ship arrives in port and when it leaves. We are really looking forward to booking our Iona Fjords cruise but this 'arrives morning and leaves afternoon' thing leaves me very nervous. Technically this could be the ship arriving at 11am and departing at 1pm or worse. For people to spend thousands of pounds on a cruise and not know something as basic as time in ports seem very odd indeed. I can tell though from switching across from the Royal forum that you folks here love the P & O brand and enjoy your cruises so I'm guessing it must all work out ok in the end.
  11. Thank you for the prompt response and the reassurance. I think we will be looking at independent tours so that is good to know.
  12. We are looking at P & O for the first time and I find this 'cloak and dagger' with actual port times a bit unnerving. To all you regulars on here is there anything to be concerned about, we are looking at Fjords cruise on Iona with some bucket list stops for us but are put off booking as we don't actually know how long we will be in port. It gives the impression P & O doesn't know how long it will be in port??
  13. I've noticed that, seems to be Shanghai only departures for 2026.
  14. We are on a bit later than you, 15th August. At 11 years old I think your son will be in the 9 - 11 year Voyagers group and lots of activities will be organised. I would check the app or cruise compass for details of the Adventure Ocean sign up when you board and I would recommend that he attends the first evening as from experience that seems to be when friendship groups form. He will have a great time πŸ™‚.
  15. Sorry that didnt work out. We actually really enjoyed our promenade room, nothing noisy seemed to be going on before 10am in the morning or after 11pm at night, which suited us as the rest of the time we were mostly out the room. We had to accept though if we were in the room and there was a parade or theme night going on such as the 80's night you mention, we had to be downstairs participating. I think you might have been a bit hopeful hoping to watch a movie whilst that was going on.
  16. We are also on Liberty of the Seas this summer with our son. There are kids clubs broken down into age groups (I'm not sure what group your son would be included in) that arranges activities and over the years our son has had great fun and made friends. Now he is a bit older he tends to prefer the sports court and the kids just tend to join in with each other. After a couple of days we can be walking along the promenade or to dinner and there will be lots of 'hi' back and forth with children he was made friends with.
  17. I don't know what it is like in the States at the moment but here in the UK we have been getting the usual cruise planner sales but actual cruise purchase sales have been very poor for months now. Once in a while we would get a genuine promotion offering good per person savings combined with decent OBC, those days seem long gone unfortunately.
  18. We are sailing 15th August, I picked up it was Mey Lau from our FB group but from reading the cruise director thread, like yourself I'm not too sure whether it is in fact Danny Turner.
  19. We are on a 9 night sailing on Liberty later in the summer. Do you have any comments on the current cruise director Mey Lau and the activities/bands/singers around the ship. Thanks
  20. Yes, I have always been asked for my passport details when checking in to nearly every hotel we have stayed in around the world. I have never been asked for passport details to make a booking (refundable booking) and it is a lot of information to give online - address, credit card and passport number. I have made a mock booking with a couple of other hotel chains for our stay in Barcelona and it is only H10 that requires your passport details when booking. It has put me off choosing them to be honest.
  21. Thank you for that, good to hear. I've booked hotels all over before and not had this request so wanted a bit of reassurance πŸ™‚.
  22. Hello all, I'm looking at booking online a H10 hotel (Maddison) and noticed that it asks for your passport number to do so. I've never had this before, yes giving it at checkin at the hotel but not online when booking and giving your card details. Is it just me being a bit wary?
  23. I'm actually amazed at the C & A numbers on these two cruises from the UK. There were almost 1100 top tier on the Canaries cruise with 84 Pinnacle and 65 Pinnacle on this one. Its not welcomed changes, but no wonder there our Crown Lounge and Suite Lounge access restrictions now in place.
  24. I'm sorry I can't help with your specific queries, and this might not apply to your particular sailing, but a number of stateroom categories on Independent from Southampton are almost sold out for 2025.
  25. There is a paid for shuttle with Royal and also a port provided free shuttle about a 5-10 minute walk when you get off the ship, I found details on a trip report on Youtube.
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