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  1. Gotta make up for that 25% bonus they are offering if you take FCC (lol)
  2. At the meet and greet, a "stripe" said it would be going in 2021.
  3. We took the Star in January and I wrote a mini-review on this site. My only "complaint" was the elevators which is true on a lot of other cruise lines not just that ship. Not because there were crowded or slow coming, it was because the light that sticks out to indicate the direction it was going did not work sometimes. Hence, you would hear a ding (going up) or ding ding (going down) but by the time you figured out which one it was by looking at the lights flush to the wall or an open door, it was gone. I learned to watch the call buttons and if all the "call" buttons going your direction went out, it meant an elevator was there somewhere and to hope you could locate it before it left. Smoking locations were not very good but that probably doesn't bother you or 99% of the other passengers (lol) Other than that, I thought the ship was just fine and had a great time. Crew was especially good. Shows outstanding. Yes, it is a little frayed around the edges but due for dry dock so you can't blame them for giving some things a "band aid" treatment if it needs major attention until then. Some people think because it is "biodegradable" it will be o.k.to flush or they are just plain "rules don't apply to me" and I won't put very much down the toilet but I don't like that paper thin toilet paper. I've often said that the only good thing coming off a cruise and getting home is 2-ply toilet paper (lol). I have had to tell more than one client that their 2-ply biodegradable toilet paper they want to take and use will cause major problems not only for them but for many cabins around them.. The ship isn't worried about about being green, they know that even Kleenex will cause a problem.
  4. Oh, and I'm sure someone is going to 'fess up they have a cough or a temperature (lol)
  5. It was a "dungeon" on the Star. We did have a bar there and very good crew working it. They were always emptying ash trays, wiping tables, and available. If a "regular" came in that smoked cigars, they would immediately take a cigar ashtray over to their table without even being asked. Well worth extra tips for them (lol)
  6. If you go to the dining room, by the time you are finished, the cabins should be open and you have had a nice, relaxing, sit down lunch and not fought the hoards in the buffet (lol).
  7. Duh, I figured that out after I hit "send" (lol)
  8. Not only do they not show, there are tables practically empty, particularly at the early seating, when those of us in anytime are standing in line as anytime dining rooms are full. On the Star last month, they did open the traditional dining room for anytime after 7:30 when they got a handle on how many empty seats they had and would not be filled as it was past time for the traditional diners to show up. They can't do that with the early traditional seating as, by the time they figured out the no show seats, it would not be able to get people served and out of there for the second traditional seating.
  9. Where did the second person sleep if the bed was taken out? Drop down bunk?
  10. We got off the Star last month and the ice box was empty when we got on. Don't know if they are doing it on all the ships, though.
  11. We always go to the dining room. By the time we finish eating, the cabins are open and it is more comfortable to enjoy a nice lunch that fight the crowds at other venues.
  12. We were on the Star early January as Platinum and welcome in Skywalkers every night for happy hour.
  13. From what I have heard, if you are YC, it is good. If not, have heard a lot of negative comments about the cruise line.
  14. I heard if they throw in a bag of chips on the bus--that's different (lol).
  15. No library on the Star. Lots of empty lockable glass covered shelves. There were "five books in a foreign language" and quite a few board games. The space was being used for the computers. I left a good book that I finished on the shelf for them (lol). Probably didn't last long as I would see people coming in and looking at the dozen books that were left on the shelves.
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