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  1. Long before this came up, I would say that NCL (the cruise line that is the epitome of nickle and diming) would charge you for the chair you sit in if they could figure out how. Can't believe they have beaten Princess to figuring it out (lol).
  2. When we have had to change cabins, we have gone to the new cabin steward and introduced ourselves a day or so beforehand. Then we have asked if we could have access to the safe as soon as the cabin is vacated and always been allowed. This way, we can stow our valuables and go about our way either on or off the ship without having to tote them.
  3. I have found that you can book the same hotel the cruise lines use for less price even when you factor in paying for transportation to/from the airport/pier. if that is what you want. Agree with others that the Mark Hopkins is great to have a drink at sunset but not really close to touristy things and more inexpensive accommodations suggested and more convenient would be the way to go.
  4. If I remember correctly (and it has been many years since I took this excursion), instead of turning the train around once you are at the summit, they unhook the engine and run it around to the former end of the train which then becomes the front. Is this correct? If so, then the "left" side going up would be the "right side" going down. In other words, if you score a left seat, stay on it (lol). Thank you for your help. I have a friend that is going on this cruise the end of August so researching for her.
  5. You can go to Walgreens and buy a travel toothpaste package (has a small tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush and a cover for it) which is in a plastic case the right size for the luggage tag. Punch a hole in it and attach it with a cable lock or "tagger" tie. Or Wrap it in packing tape, punch a hole in it and attach it. I don't put ours on either until we are leaving the hotel for port.
  6. You can almost always do much better getting a hotel on your own even if you will have to pay for transportation to port.. Even the same hotel the cruise line uses can be cheaper than what the cruise line is quoting.
  7. That is not true. Due to the propulsion problems, the itinerary was changed to Cozumel and Costa Maya. The cruise was a day late leaving Galveston and an extra day added so won't return until Monday, July 8. Don't get me started on what chaos this has caused for those people who had booked it to have it all change ten days or so before embarkation.
  8. The sip'n sail "free" perk is not always free. I priced out a cruise January 3, 2020 down the west coast for $1,600, aft for a chosen balcony cabin. The sip'n sail went in a day later--price for same cabin was $1,900. I called to see if I could get the cabin without the sip'n sail since DH does not drink. NO! The promotion will run out July 23 and I'll be interested to see if the price goes down. It might not as the cruise is selling well and there will be no need to reduce the price from Princess' standpoint.
  9. You might want to look at 3rd party insurance. It offers better coverage and about the same price. I have probably spent enough money over the years on trip insurance that I didn't use to pay for a cruise in the Presidential Suite. However, I don't regret a dime of it for the peace of mind I have had knowing I was covered. I have collected a couple of times for more than I paid for iit and other times on minor claims like a stolen camera, eat wax removal. Princess insurance only pays for what they sell you. If you get independent air, hotels, tours, they are not covered. I get mine from insuremytrip.com which has multiple policies to cover whatever you feel you want. There are others out there. I mainly look at pre-existing coverage if it is within a couple of weeks of the initial deposit since the fee is waived and want at least $125,-000 or more in medi-evacuation. I think, but not sure, pre-existing coverage on Princess is if you have had no issues with an illness for several months prior to getting it other than routine check-ups that do not require any change in medication or treatment. The advantage of Princess insurance is that you don't have to pay for it prior to final payment whereas with 3rd party it is when you get it. You can buy Princess insurance any time prior to the cruise and the "clock" starts then on pre-existing coverage look back.
  10. Thanks for clarifying this. I didn't compute "July" and thought it was just June. I thought it was funny only a few days but then they have their annual 3 day sale every year which they just finished that included drink package, grats, on board credit, $100 deposit for cruises next year and 2021.
  11. We found the same thing on a January 3 cruise. However, some cabins may be blocked off by agents that will go back in the pool when they are told to "use or lose." I saw one cruise that every other cabin was "sold" with the "other" available to book. Has to be an agent blocking. When final payment is due, some "rats get off the sinking ship" so things may open up. That is what we are hoping will happen as the only assigned cabins available are $200-$300 more pp than the guarantees. Then, this week, they added sip and sail and the price jumped another $300+ but you could get the cheaper price if you didn't want the sip and sail. that promotion runs out in a day or two so we will see what happens then.
  12. Basically, if you read the fine print, Princess can do anything they want, anytime they want. Sometimes they will call your TA and ask if you want the "upgrade" but I had them do it to us once to not only separate us from people we were cruising with but to a less desirable cabin location which was one category better but at the opposite end of the ship from us at the very front when they had booked a mid-ship. We were not notified and the couple didn't even know it until they boarded and their card didn't work at their previously assigned cabin. Another time we got an upgrade that was pretty good when we had booked adjoining inside cabins with relatives to outsides midship. Last minute but our TA was notified and could see it was a better deal so accepted it for us since we were in the air on our way to port and out of touch. I think that was a situation, and probably what might have happened with you, is that someone came in at the last minute, wanted adjoining el cheapo cabins and, if they couldn't get them, they weren't going to take the cruise. In your case, might have wanted a cabin close to their friends (lol). So, as others have told you, always link and always say "no upgrades" if you are happy with your cabin location because the upgrade you might get is probably to a cabin that hasn't been sold for a reason--under the disco, underr the Lido or the kitchen, near the ice machine, etc.
  13. What you might want to consider is taking a pre-cruise from Kensington Tours which is what we did. They met us at the airport and transported us to our hotel (Four Seasons) and it included breakfast. We had a guide for the next couple of days who was outstanding even finding us a restaurant on Valentine's night which was most reasonably priced. They arranged for transportation to the pier when the cruise was ready to leave. They took care of every detail and smiled while we made changes (lol).
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