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  1. Duh, I figured that out after I hit "send" (lol)
  2. Not only do they not show, there are tables practically empty, particularly at the early seating, when those of us in anytime are standing in line as anytime dining rooms are full. On the Star last month, they did open the traditional dining room for anytime after 7:30 when they got a handle on how many empty seats they had and would not be filled as it was past time for the traditional diners to show up. They can't do that with the early traditional seating as, by the time they figured out the no show seats, it would not be able to get people served and out of there for the second traditional seating.
  3. Where did the second person sleep if the bed was taken out? Drop down bunk?
  4. We got off the Star last month and the ice box was empty when we got on. Don't know if they are doing it on all the ships, though.
  5. We always go to the dining room. By the time we finish eating, the cabins are open and it is more comfortable to enjoy a nice lunch that fight the crowds at other venues.
  6. We were on the Star early January as Platinum and welcome in Skywalkers every night for happy hour.
  7. From what I have heard, if you are YC, it is good. If not, have heard a lot of negative comments about the cruise line.
  8. I heard if they throw in a bag of chips on the bus--that's different (lol).
  9. No library on the Star. Lots of empty lockable glass covered shelves. There were "five books in a foreign language" and quite a few board games. The space was being used for the computers. I left a good book that I finished on the shelf for them (lol). Probably didn't last long as I would see people coming in and looking at the dozen books that were left on the shelves.
  10. We took the Princess transfer. While I am not a fan of excursions that the cruise line sells, it worked out well for us and was $32 a person. We were sent to a specific waiting place and our time to disembark was "coordinates" with our flight departure at LAX. We got a porter in the terminal, retrieved our luggage, and the porter got us through a fast customs line and out to the bus. As soon as it filled--not more than 15-20 minutes, it took off and dropped us at the terminal door. We left the ship around 8:20 and was at the terminal in about an hour or so.
  11. The weather was on the cool side and very windy occasionally closing down some of the outside decks.. I judged this was unusual. Still, take a jacket which DH did and I didn't and lived to regret it with only a sweater. As for the conditions, I did not hear of any sea sickness and the barf bags never went out on the railings. I do not suffer from motion sickness but my SIL who was on the ship does sometimes and she didn't say anything. I always take ginger tea bags or ginger tablets with me as proactive #1 if I feel queasy. Proactive #2 is green apples and saltines. If those don't work, I have Bonine which is probably way out of date since I've had it so long and never used it (lol). I only went to Skywalkers during Happy Hour as a Platinum. They have an "appetizer of the day" plus some cheese and crackers and veggies and dip. A list of five "umbrella drinks" that never changed for $6.50. They didn't have anything scheduled up there during the day that the "public" was invited to so I can see where it might be a good place to find some peace and quiet if there is not a special group event booked like Meet and Greet or a private group function. The cruise director was Gary Golding
  12. Here are some of the positives: Embarkation was really good. I am mobility challenged and need a wheel chair. I was greeted quickly with one and a pusher who got me to the waiting area to board in good fashion. There was a wait there for pushers but I still got on the ship before my "group" (assigned when I checked in) was called for general boarding. I had the crew member take me directly to the dining room where I had a nice sit down lunch and, by the time I was done, the cabins were open. I heard no complaints from our travel companions who did the regular boarding so I think it went just as well for them. Lido: Service was great with constant attention from the crew getting drinks for you, cleaning tables, asking if everything was o.k.. I liked they had sinks at the entrances to wash your hands so it was convenient and quick. If you didn't stop and do it, the whole world knew (lol). They had hand sanitize rs at the entrances to the food. Two minor things I liked--crispy bacon (although they had a sign saying you could request it if you wanted. If it was anymore crispy most of the time, it would be burnt (lol) and you could get a splash of milk in a glass for your cereal. I always felt bad taking a 1/2 pint when all I wanted was just a little bit to wet the cereal. Note that all the crew members had white athletic shoes that looked like they had never been worn! Cabin: Bed was comfortable, large flat screen TV. Plenty of storage space but I did take wire hangers from home as I liked to hang everything I can including t-shirts. Plenty of wooden ones though. Refrigerator was empty so you didn't have to deal with asking to have it emptied if you didn't want mini-bar stuff. The ice bucket was plastic and, when kept in the refrigerator, kept the ice cold all day long. Food: It was geared more towards the Hawaiian itinerary with lots of fish which, unfortunately, I don't like. DH is meat and taters man and he could usually find something to eat. The Alfredo is good on the every day menu. They even put shrimp on it for me. However, the last time I was on the ship the waiter said he couldn't do it--only chicken. So i asked for a shrimp cocktail with no sauce and had my shrimp for the Alfredo (lol). We never ate in the pay for dining so I can't comment on that. We did eat at the two pub lunches they had and they were good. Do not be discouraged by the long line to get in as it moves very quickly. It is a limited menu (posted outside the door) and I think they have the dishes prepared and ready to go in the kitchen so service is very quick making turnover quick. As for the quality, if I don't have to buy it, cook it, serve it, and clean up after it, I am a happy camper. Not five star but certainly o.k. for me. Internet: I had 250 free minutes and didn't use them all. Mainly because I didn't know I had them coming with my Platinum status and wasn't prepared with passwords for a lot of things but I knew the important ones like for my mail, facebook. . There was an attendant who had the patience of Job with me getting me set up. I didn't find the speed that slow, not like some of the other ships. Never had to wait to get a computer even the last day when people were getting boarding passes. Production shows: Outstanding and this is from someone with 50+ cruises who usually doesn't go to them anymore. They were live--no lip syncing, live orchestra. My only "complaint" was they didn't turn the house lights up immediately following the show so that you had to sit through the CD talk even if you had already heard it. Comics were not so good, though. We always went to the 9:00 show and never had a problem getting a seat. I think it was a little different at the early 7:00 show, though. Trivia: We are big trivia fans. They posted the questions on a screen most of the time. However, the hosts all spoke good English so, when they couldn't post them for some reason, you could understand the questions. They would "roam" the room looking for those who may be not playing fair googling or with notebooks of previous questions. There were people who had been on previous cruises and one group routinely aced it out having probably heard some of the questions before but I'm not discounting they were really smart. Towards the end, they declined the prizes and said give them to the second place people. That was us a couple of times (lol) We go to learn and have fun and not for the trinkets they give so we had a good time. Art Auction. Not our cup of tea but we were really glad that they kept it "low key." No ads in the Patters, no multiple announcements, no cluttering up the public walkways with it. All in all a welcome relief from other cruises. Same with the photographers. They weren't in your face every time you turned around. They came into the dining room one time on formal night. Other times they set up shop so if you wanted a picture, you had to go to them rather than constantly tell them you weren't interested. Being mobility challenged, I did not take any excursions and only got off the ship once when we tendered in Cabo. I knew they would leave us in town so I wouldn't have to walk far and I got my $4 margarita (lol). So I really can't address any of that but I did not hear complaints but, then, not listening for them either. The best part? The crew. They were fantastic. Always acknowledging you, always wanting (and offering) to help you if you asked. We went to the front desk a couple of times and they were very good in addressing our "dumb" questions and helping us out. I will be glad to address any specific questions you have.
  13. I used it last week and well worth it. Particularly for me as I am mobility challenged and needed wheel chair assistance which was outstanding. As soon as the bus fills up, they leave and it doesn't take long for the bus to fill. They dropped us off right at the American Airlines entrance. They had a specific lounge for us to wait in for those that bought the transfers. Porters were available when we claimed our luggage and took it out to the bus. The whole process was smooth as silk.
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