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  1. There are a few questions where the answers are very similar, such as Corp versus LLC, minutes versus miles (above). But yes, all the answers are in the cruise destination links - simply hit CTRL-F and find the key word(s) in the page, as the answers are generally direct quotes from those pages. One of the answers is technically wrong, as not all the sights are actually at the Ephesus site, but hey... that one threw me for a while.
  2. Got to love it when you answer all the PUP questions 'correctly' based on the Celebrity port destination info and they say "So Close! Unfortunately, you did not answer all questions correctly." I guess some questions have to be interpreted loosely ... if anyone got stuck on the Icy Strait/Seward/Ephesus/Koper quiz, I kept a record of the correct responses (assuming Celebrity isn't randomizing the questions).
  3. Just had an email arrive for 20 PUPs titled "Power Up Points is Turning One!" It's a 12 question quiz Europe and Alaska quiz. The email also contains the 50 PUP seminar invite.
  4. It was from the Captain's Club and titled "Here’s Your Next Chance to Earn Power Up Points" An Aussie only thing might make sense as we can't cruise yet... but there may be other countries in the same situation, such as New Zealand. Both Victoria (Melbourne) and New South Wales (Sydney) are in lock down again because of virus break outs (meaning more than a few handfuls of cases).
  5. Just had a Celebrity email with a gift icon "Click to reveal" which granted 20 PUPs. A bit random, but I'll take them.
  6. That was the only question I got wrong first time around because I was searching the web site rather than the video, so I assumed 6 women in wellness. I wouldn't have posted the answers if it weren't for the unnecessarily confusing nature of some of the questions. As for people calling it cheating... really? If people are genuinely interested in the topics they will watch the videos regardless. Using a gimmick of tiny amounts of PUPs to get them watching is pretty lame. Many people don't have the time on their hands to try and unscramble their poorly worded questions.
  7. To reiterate, the correct answers are (shorthand - multiple choice I use a through d to represent the answers): 1: b 2: True 3: b 4: a 5: d 6: True 7: a 8: True
  8. Being an RNA-based virus mutations are an on-going affair. Most mutations are irrelevant, to be sure, but occasionally new strains crop up which may be more or less problematic. Give this web page a minute to load and you see what I mean by continuous mutations: https://nextstrain.org/ncov/global There is no way an intensive vaccination program, even globally, is going to prevent mutations of this virus. People are going to have to get used to it being around for the long term, with the prospect of annual flu-like booster shots. We are no more likely to get rid of this virus, in my opinion, than the annual flu.
  9. As I mentioned... I am not worried about blood clots. I am more concerned about getting a more effective vaccine. I would be happy to pay for the Pfizer or Moderna ($50 would be fine IMO ... more than they cost, so a net gain for the Government), but we simply don't have the choice. To learn about vaccine effectiveness (in particular versus various strains) check out the following web site: https://www.raps.org/news-and-articles/news-articles/2020/3/covid-19-vaccine-tracker My concern with AZ as the only option (being over 50) is the following: "A study published in NEJM on 16 March showed the vaccine is not effective against the B.1.351 variant that originated in South Africa." It would be quite disappointing to get the AZ jabs only to find they might not be acceptable in other countries, and then have to get Moderna/Pfizer as well. I'd rather cut to the chase... but again, the Aussie Government won't allow it right now. Also, I am hardly vaccine averse... I have a booklet going back to my birth with dozens of jabs in it.
  10. Australia TL: DNR ... we are still actively hiding from the rest of the world allowing minimal passengers in or out of the country. Anyone coming in has to self-fund a 14-day hotel quarantine. Vaccine progress is slow, AZ for over 50s, Pfizer to be rolled out for under 50s (no choice). Personally I would like something that is more effective against B1.1351 (i.e. Pfizer) but I don't get to choose. Not rushing to get vaccinated in case we get a choice later, and they won't let us travel for ages yet anyway...
  11. Zero Hedge sometimes has fun articles but they should be digested, if at all, with a metric tonne of salt: https://www.newsguardtech.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/ZeroHedge.com_.pdf There is plenty of over the top fear mongering about this virus without resorting to dodgy media sites.
  12. Unfortunately, unless one is already in NZ or Oz, I would say the odds are extremely heavily stacked against a cruise in the next half year or so. The entire Aus/NZ cruise season is looking very iffy, to say the least. For info on border crossing into Oz check here: https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/ Sorry to be a downer, but before mass vaccination, I doubt Australia will be accessible for non-residents/citizens. I imagine the same goes for NZ. We will have an NZ-Aus travel bubble working before the end of 2020 *fingers crossed* but more than that it very unlikely any time soon. Western Australia (where I live) is even more closed off to outsiders.
  13. I find Cruideckplans is pretty good for getting a general idea about cabin layouts: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Norwegian-Bliss Better if you can find a youtuber reviewing the specific cabins, of course.
  14. That's peculiar. I show three results for Aus/NZ in Dec 20: 14-Day New Zealand from Brisbane on the Sun 13-Day New Zealand from Melbourne on the Sapphire 13-Day New Zealand from Sydney on the Majestic Sounds like the web sites are having trouble keeping up with all the changes.
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