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  1. I don't like the new format either. Why did they change it?
  2. When I was on the Vista last January, the steward told ME when he was going to do my cabin. I just said "no problem"
  3. I've only been on one RCCL the rest are on Carnival. Will likely stay. I think a lot of it depends on what kind of cruiser you are. For me a cruise ship is a floating casino and spa. What I liked about my RCCL cruise: the promenade. What I didn't like: the casino was in the belly of the ship and didn't have any windows. The spa rooms also didn't have any windows. Most of the Carnival ships I have been on have windows in the casino so you can take a break and look out at the ocean. Also, most of the spa treatment rooms have windows in them. The deal breaker for me: on Carnival you can do your own laundry. Yes I know RCCL will let you fill a bag and they do your laundry for you but I won't do that. I want to do my own. On a 7 day cruise I like to take 3 outfits for day 3 outfits for night, do laundry half way through the cruise and then re wear them. That way I can just take a back pack and my yoga bag. Carry on only!
  4. to add to jmcancruise... two bathrooms, one regular bathroom, one has a sink and a tub in it...it is a very small tub. It is good if you are taking small children who don't like to shower. An adult can get in it but you can't stretch out your legs. It is also a good choice if you are traveling with somebody that tends to hog the bathroom while getting ready.
  5. I usually get the pass. If you plan on taking a class every day of your cruise it is worth it. Especially if you are a gym rat. While most people make a bee line for the buffet on embarkation, I go to the gym/spa. They will have schedule of the classes for that cruise. They are usually located near the entrance of the gym. Check it out and see if the classes and times fit into your cruise plans. Yoga is usually in the morning. They also offer pilates, spinning classes. I just got off the Vista a week ago and they offered "total body" workout which was like a boot camp work out. Every ship is different in my experience. BTW the yoga classes are usually sun salutations with variations. Very simple and very basic. Hope that helps
  6. Whether Customs is interested in your BC/passport...could it have something to do with the port you are using? I come and go out of Galveston, they put us in different lines depending on which form of ID we are using and the agent always asks to see it.
  7. Well, it's called a FUN ship....isn't it. Last week getting off at Cozumel they had drug dogs, we had to put our bags on the ground for the dog to do his thing. Frankly I find it sad that Carnival feels the need to send out a notice reminding us how to behave. BTW enjoy the Valor. It's my favorite!
  8. This happened to my cabin mate last cruise. Never hurts to bring receipts
  9. Bring a couple of laundry pods and dryer sheets. I do laundry about half way through the cruise that way I only have to pack half as much stuff. Also I bring pant hangers because there is never enough in the closets, also works to hang up the bathing suit to dry.
  10. Last week I purchased in the MDR: ECCO DOMANI, Pinot Grigio $39 Layer Cake Cabernet $38 if that gives you any idea. The wine package looks like a good deal if you can drink that much during a cruise.
  11. I got off the Vista last Saturday. Carb cakes were offered one night. I agree, they are one of my favorites!
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