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  1. Our experience might show that RC is willing to change the name on the FCC. We recently took the FCC offer and booked a March 2022 Odyssey of the Seas cruise. We had about $500 in FCC leftover between my husband, our son and me. The RC person was willing to put that remaining amount only to my husband's and my name, just so we wouldn't have a random, small amount, and wouldn't be "forced" to take our son with us. 🙂 Of course, this means we may have to book a parents-only cruise. 😉 YMMV, but it does appear that there could be some flexibility. No harm in asking and explaining your case. Good luck!
  2. We've done the Columbus Cove beach bungalows (Columbus Cove is the beach furthest from the ship). We thought they were super nice. We liked having a private sand area, attendant and personal space for our beach day with our then three-year-old son. We would absolutely book one again, though the price can fluctuate quite a bit (we paid somewhere in the $250-299 range). We've done Labadee without a reserved bungalow, and it wasn't as fun. Granted, there are plenty of spots along the beach...we just didn't want to have to scout one out. We were looking forward to trying the suite area this past August, but COVID cancelled our cruise.
  3. 1. Odyssey of the Seas, March 2022 2. Oh man if this one doesn't sail, we've got bigger problems than cruising. 😉 3. We would absolutely be crushed to not sail this one. We had originally booked Oasis of the Seas for March 2020 (cancelled in Dec 2019 bc we couldn't find affordable airfare, but it would have been cancelled anyway due to COVID), then Independence of the Seas for August 2020 (as a re-do of our Oasis cruise, with our first-ever one bedroom suite ☹️, but we took the 125% FCC when this one was cancelled). Happy that we got a quick 4-day on the Mariner of the Seas in February 2020.
  4. We've done both Deck 12 and Deck 14, balconies, including underneath one of the hot tubs in the Solarium. We had no issues with noise...maybe just an little bit of soundtrack noise during one of the pool parties that we could only hear when we were outside on our balcony. The sound of the ocean wind drowned out most noises. We loved being that high up.
  5. Another vote for Blanton’s! The last time we sailed the Oasis (pre-amp), the liquor shop had all of the Blanton’s letters arranged on a board - if your husband is a bourbon fan, he might find a picture of that to be pretty neat. We were on the Mariner last week, and the bourbon selection in the liquor store was pretty poor. Not sure how liquor distribution is decided among the ships, but I was hoping to find some Blanton’s. Hope you find a bottle!
  6. We are on the Mariner now. You both must have the Internet package to message each other. Which, if you both had the package, it would probably make sense to communicate via regular messaging vs the app bc of the loveliness of RC’s IT capabilities... 😜 Have a great cruise - it’s a fun ship!!
  7. Our son was 3 the last time we cruised with him; he’ll be 6 on our next cruise this August, but we’ve done extensive travel since then. Absolutely echo what others have said - a few videos pre-loaded on a phone or tablet are essential. It’s also nice for the kiddo to have something familiar to watch. The RC TVs have a lot of cartoons, too. We let our son pick a few toys, books and one stuffed animal for each trip. We remind him that these are the toys for the trip, and to choose carefully...definitely gives him an opportunity for ownership and to feel like he’s a part of the trip planning. 😉 Bubbles and glow sticks are also great toys to play with/share with other kids around the ship. When he was younger, we brought some individually packaged snacks - like Goldfish - so he could have familiar food, if needed. Also packed a water bottle (with dish soap, so we could wash it in the sink each night), small amount of laundry detergent (accidents, food stains,) and Clorox wipes (to clean areas in the cabin.) Will probably still pack those cleaning items for our next cruise. A little backpack for their trip is also great - we like one with a chest clip, so there’s less of a chance of him losing it. Hope this helps, and have a good cruise!
  8. When we traveled from Orlando to Port Canaveral with our then-3yo, rented a car seat from the car rental company. They aren’t the best quality, but they work. Have a great cruise!
  9. We did Oasis with DS, who was 3 at the time. We only took him a couple of times, just because he was still new to kids’ programming like that (he had just started preschool, and the only other experience he had with something similar was church on Sunday mornings). The staff was really nice, though! The check-in and registration processes seemed very organized (we took him the first day for registration...just check the cruise compass for when it’s open). He got a special Adventure Ocean lanyard, as well as a wristband for muster info. We are returning to the Oasis in March, and DS is now a kindergartner...with the refurbed Adventure Ocean, and his familiarity with areas like that, I have a feeling he’s going to love it. I can report back, if your cruise is after ours!
  10. Oh that’s the worst! We brought a travel-sized laundry detergent, travel clothesline and disinfectant wipes for such an occasion, so we could do laundry in the shower or sink, disinfecting afterwards. Worked well for us for a few pieces here and there for our little dude. Good luck!
  11. Park Cafe’s breakfast sandwiches and burritos are pretty tasty.
  12. Thanks, everyone! Since we booked directly with Royal (so no TA), I’ll explore the routes you suggested in linking the reservations. And if all else fails, there’s always a podium visit. Thank you!
  13. Hi! Cruising with friends on the Mariner of the Seas next February...how do we make sure we’re seated together at dinner? We both have the late seating. Is there a way to call Royal ahead of the cruise and ask that we be seated together? Thanks for your help!
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