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  1. One day maybe? Have a piece of Apple Cake in Mamsens for me 😋 Hope you got a good deal.
  2. You can also ask for an alternative to the offered wines. Partner not keen on Chardonnay asks for a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. Similarly with the reds.
  3. Just disembarked SoD after a 17 night cruise. Yes still wearing masks when walking around inside ship but when seated they can be removed. However still need to be worn inside the Playhouse. After November 1st will be possible to explore independently but obviously will be dependent on the host country’s terms and condition. We had originally booked a b2b but changed our plans whilst on board and have swapped the current Canaries cruise to one at the end of January. You can arrange a fixed table for 2 before travelling and the table is available until 7:30, if you turn up after that time it might have been reassigned. You will always be asked if you want to share but a table for 2 is no problem. Wines and beer with lunch and dinner and special coffees available around the ship for no extra charge. We had a supercraft team on board who hosted various crafts. No charge for any of the materials or tuition. On our 17 night cruise we visited the speciality restaurants 7 times in total although the menus stay the same in each speciality. There is a steak restaurant, a fish restaurant and an Asian fusion restaurant. Sample menus for each can be found on their website.
  4. If you are seriously interested give Saga a call 🙂
  5. No we didn’t. In the end we took 2 cruises with Viking Ocean which were very enjoyable.
  6. I think it's probably worth mentioning this to Saga before you travel.
  7. There's a 13 night Canaries cruise on December 5th SD060
  8. According to a brochure I received yesterday A Caribbean Christmas SU037 and Festive Canaries SD061 are both sold out. It might be worth a call though.
  9. I have taken 2 cruises on Viking since June and although our ports of call were places we had visited before it was just wonderful to be at sea and be looked after. Both cruises had under 400 guests on board and it was a good opportunity to look at a different line. We will be on Discovery at the end of this month and are hopeful for some stops and warmer weather. Either way we will count our blessings.🙂
  10. A member of the crew tested positive.
  11. Many years ago on a Nile cruise, my husband and many other men purchased galebeyas at the locks at Esna from salesmen in their boats. They would throw the robes up to us on deck and we would throw the money down to them (all wrapped in plastic bags) The men did wear them to dinner and on a subsequent tour to a mausoleum in Aswan.
  12. On Viking Ocean we had to do a PCR test every morning, before anything else. The test would be left on a tray at evening turndown and we would put them on bedside cabinet so that we didn't forget. All ships had processing labs fitted.
  13. At the moment no one can leave the ship unless they are on a ship's tour and they must stay within the groups bubble. No shopping.
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