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  1. That was my understanding of how the system worked but I could well be wrong 🙂 Happy to be corrected.
  2. One thing that might help Lindy..... if she knows anyone who has cruised previously with Saga they can introduce her as a newby and they will both get a 10% discount through Saga Possibilities. When my s-i-l joined us in September we introduced her and we all got an extra 10% discount 😁
  3. Yes it is, but being picky, it's actually a decrease in discount 🙂 The cruises have actually been on sale since the end of August, we were by no means first in the queue and we purchased ours on the 4th September. Their more interesting itineraries will be snapped up quickly. Lots of Canaries cruise still at the original discount.
  4. That's how Saga sell their cabins, with the discount reducing after a certain number in that grade are sold. If the cruise isn't selling well they might offer guarantee cabins closer to sailing. The cruise you were hoping to book is obviously very popular. We are going to pre-register for 2023 soon, £90pp and we will have first choice of the cabins when they come on sale. The £90 is fully refundable if you change your mind. The £90 is for one cruise so if you thought you might want to book 2 cruises in 2023 you would have to buy 2 pre-cruise certificates each.
  5. I suppose it all depends on the itinerary. Our Corsica, Sardinia one has already increased by approximately £800 pp but our Canaries cruise is still offering 35% off the lowest grade. Not really surprising as there are many Canaries cruises to choose from One thing I noticed when checking out the brochure, the full price has increased slightly in the 2022 brochure we received. Full fare on our Corsica cruise when we booked was £4944 whereas in the brochure it is £5049. Similarly with the Canaries cruise we booked at £4124 but brochure now showing £4199. For us it is worth pre-registering especially as the money is fully refundable. Our USA cruise next year cost us £5618, the same cabin would now cost us £8028.
  6. Best tip book early as the discounts decrease as more cabins are sold. However, Saga will offer guarantee cabins closer to sailing if you’re not too fussy about where your cabin is.
  7. We had 1 formal on our 7 night cruise and 2 on our 15 night cruise. I don't drink much alcohol but the house brand spirits seemed perfectly fine in the occasional cocktail I had. If you have a favourite, the so called 'top shelf' brands are very reasonably priced, especially when compared to Oceania prices
  8. Not all Saga cruises have overnights, in fact I would say that is the exception, but it depends on the itinerary.
  9. Saga are also including some shore excursions from 2021, as yet no details have been published. Transport is in VW Caravelles, Mercedes Viano or similar. £1200 for 7 nights in a balcony is not the norm, was this a late booking? Of course Azamara don't include flights in their pricing. We've had some good cruises with Azamara but noticed that their prices were rising to a point where we didn't feel that they offered 'value' to us.
  10. All 2022 itineraries now on website.
  11. Yes I noticed that the 3 I found had disappeared.
  12. Saga website has started to be updated with 2022 itineraries. Only 3 cruises showing so far for April and May, all still offering 35% discount.
  13. Glad to hear that your case is now resolved. My money is now in my bank account too, after nearly 6 months since requesting a refund. 😀
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