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  1. Found it. No prices showing. Still awaiting a call from Saga.
  2. Apart from an email from our TA saying that our complaint had been escalated? Nothing 😕 Refund requested on the 16th March.
  3. I posted this work around in March https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2742807-oceania-passenger-with-flights-cancelled-by-ba/ I managed to get my flights refunded but I'm still waiting for my refund for seat reservations. I read on another board that this 'loophole' has now been closed 😕
  4. Watched the video, sounds like there will have to be a doubling of prices to make cruises viable for the lines. Also, from observation, the majority of cruisers are in the over 60 age bracket who have the time and money to spare. Where will they draw their customers from? What do you all think?
  5. Hi mactam6 Welcome to CruiseCritic, it's a pity that your first post has to be during this unprecedented pandemic. Instead of joining my roll call for the Caribbean cruise, you are left, like ourselves wondering what is going on. We have not heard anything from Saga but it is fair to say that Saga will still be monitoring which Med. ports will be open in November and second guessing where they will be able to sail. We have already 'lost' 2 cruises this year and are more or less resigned to not sailing at all this year. No doubt they will be in touch when they have more solid information.
  6. Yes, absolutely we have. No desire at all to revisit Greenland though.
  7. We visited Greenland in early July on Nautica, one port was cancelled due to fog but we managed to berth in Qaqortok. We hadn't booked an excursion as we were planning to hike around the lake. Alarm bells began to sound when we noticed that many of the locals sported net face coverings. After a quarter of the way round we were driven back by the evil mosquitoes who plagued us incessantly. We visited a little museum dedicated to Charles Lindberg and that was about it. Iceland is a favourite destination and we found lots to see and do.
  8. There is definitely a common thread. Oceania is refunding block amounts covering lots of bookings to the TA. The TA then has to distribute these amounts to its customers. I'm not sure how these payments from O to the TA are made up, whether it is one cruise at a time or a mixture of cruises. Unfortunately the redistribution then falls to the accounts department of the TA which is slowed down by the lack of personnel, many of whom will have been furloughed. Still waiting for my March 30th TA to be refunded....
  9. Unfortunately they have to 'play it by ear' (as we all do), as no-one has a crystal ball and can tell what course this virus will take. I don't believe they are deliberately being misleading (or devious) just trying to cover all their bases. These are unprecedented times and I'm sure they are doing their best with the information they have.
  10. Not unique at all, here in the UK we have the same 'Covidiots' who won't comply.
  11. No not as yet, I launched a section 75 on Thursday and check my CC account daily. Hopefully I will hear something by next week. 🤞🏻 As soon as I get my refund I will post on here. Would have loved to have transferred to next years TA but with all the uncertainty it didn't seem sensible. Hope you are both keeping well 🙂
  12. We have been keeping in touch on the roll call it seems that most have now been refunded.
  13. We were due to sail 31st March and cruise was cancelled on 14th too. Maybe we will get ours within the next week 🤞🏻
  14. Pleased for you 🙂 Did O cancel the cruise or did you? and when were you due to sail?
  15. As of yesterday my TA had not received any money, and as of yesterday Oceania couldn’t specify when they would refund.
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