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  1. This board deals with Saga Ocean cruises. It’s probably best if you post your questions on this board https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/115-river-cruising/
  2. My s-i-l felt queasy on our Fjords cruise with Saga. She went down to reception and they gave her a box of Stugeron, no charge
  3. Eating at 8pm, I don't think that there will be anyone booked to take your table after you, in fact I don't remember Saga 'flipping' tables. I don't think that anyone would force you to move on but you might be more comfortable decamping to the bar area. Also, bear in mind, as long as your table is occupied the waiters won't be able to leave. We often sat in the lounge/bar area of the Club listening to the resident band and singer. I don't remember a sail away from Southampton but there will be deck parties at sail away in the Caribbean. Any questions we will do our best to answ
  4. After much deliberation we decided that we would take the offered cruises as a back to back holiday to replace the 29 night Cruise which was cancelled. We booked a J grade cabin at a total cost of £5030 each. Didn't feel that was too bad considering all the extras that are included by Saga. We have already paid a deposit of over £1740 so have just over £4150pp to pay for 29 nights. I appreciate things are very difficulty for companies especially with many staff working from home. Lets hope that with the vaccine we can look forward to a better 2021. Happy New Year
  5. I think you could probably register for 2030 if you wanted too 😂 I was told by a Saga rep that some people often register 2 or 3 years in advance 🙂
  6. Rung Saga and paid up our £90 By pre-booked I suppose I should have said pre-registered because the 2023 itineraries are not out yet 🙂 Sorry if I caused a misunderstanding. The sooner you pre-register the sooner you get your phone call when they release the itineraries to those registered.
  7. We’ve already pre-booked for 2023.
  8. Not always, especially for the more popular cruises.
  9. This pricing strategy is the reason many Saga cruisers opt to pay £90 pp in advance, to get first choice/ best discount once the new cruises are released.
  10. The cancellation is due to US regulations with regards to the length of the cruise and stops in US ports. Not sure what we will do. Saga mention a Med cruise replacement but it is hardly the same and TBH have done the Med to death. OH says if we haven't had a cruise by Sept we might be happy with anything. 😄
  11. We heard today that our 29 night cruise along the east coast of North America has been cancelled. This was due to depart on the 29th September 2021. 🙁
  12. You are not alone in having cruises cancelled, I’m sure Saga are as annoyed/upset with the situation as you seem to be. Maybe it’s best if you hold off booking until there is a certainty that cruises will sail?
  13. Hello goody1, I remember chatting to you and your wife while we were waiting to embark last September. You had arrived bright and early 🙂 Did Saga offer you a flight?
  14. Just one thing, speciality coffees to my mind are lattes, cappuccinos, espressos etc. These are included and if you mean coffee with a drop of alcohol in it, as long as you don't need a special brand these will also be included. Branded alcohol is very reasonably priced compared to other cruise lines.
  15. I tried to find a similar cruise in my example but have to say P&O and Cunard do not make it easy to see all of the available cabins. They also operate fluid pricing which can be disconcerting to some. I will probably stick with Oceania and Saga in the future as I prefer the size of their ships. Stay safe everyone.
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