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  1. I fully agree re all other SR's on Escape, we fully enjoyed and love all on offer and have to say that all food venues offers great fare with fantastic choice and ranges of options. As for Le Bistro, I am not a complainer or moaner, I just passed a comment re 'our' night. I clarified that we always have and always will eat at Le Bistro. However on this occasion and having been asked for specifics ..... We arrived at the booked time to be seated at a table that had not been reset after previous guests. In fact their used, dirty cutlery was still on the table which was cleaned around us as we read the menu. When our starters arrived, my partners was cold to the point of freezing. The waiter removed same but left mine as is. A top restaurant will remove both starters so that the diners may eat together. Alas, the same happened with the mains when the wrong main arrived for me. I would have happily eaten same but for food allergies. Again, my main was removed but my partners was not resulting in each of us eating dinner while the other looked on. The most frustrating thing - no apology at any time throughout the night - nothing and that's what really annoyed me most. We are a chilled out couple, on vacation and fully aware that things go astray every so often, we're all human, but no apology or any thing remotely close to same really disappointed us. I suppose we have been spoilt on Epic and Jade and saying that, on Getaway the following week, thankfully normal top class service was restored so all good in the end. There are times when everything works out great and times when everything goes wrong - alas the latter was the case that night. I restate however, Le Bistro is a great restaurant, I would just reserve this high accolade for Escape's - at least for now - that is until re cruise Escaoe again.
  2. I have to say to TheDougOut - in fairness, The Bistro on NCL ships is normally outstanding, after QSine on Celebrity, our favourite restaurant at sea. Perhaps we just were unlucky the night we went, but other cruisers were also very disappointed & some were actually annoyed. Anyhow, one bad night will not stop us from going to The Bistro again and again. Enjoy !!
  3. Hi, Escape is a fabulous ship. Was on same in February and have one suggestion - The Bistro was truly appalling - I mean it was dreadful, food shockingly bad, service horrendous and overall experience was worst ever at sea so avoid at all costs !!! That said, Escape is my favourite ship with an incredible range of other, fantastic eateries, lots of venues for night time entertainment meaning all tastes are covered and I would strongly suggest you go on Escape. Don't forget The Waterfront ...... a fantastic place to chill, have dinner etc etc. Enjoy !!!
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