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  1. So if a dry dock isn't available in the mean time your choice is to cancel if you feel that strongly about missing a port. We just accept an adjusted port schedule & enjoy the ship. They'll never take the ship out of operation for such a problem.
  2. As of early Feb. the Laser Range is out of operation due to being repaired. It might be fixed by now?
  3. I was always let to believe that when buying drinks individually the gratuity for each drink was included with the price.
  4. I'd say this is probably correct. I'm sure they're shuffling their ships to different around the world due to the virus. We're waiting patiently although not ready to book until everything is settled.
  5. I agree with the comment about making purchases since the picture doesn't match but if you lose your Medallion there's nothing to keep anyone from finding your room via the boards & gaining access without your knowledge, until it's reported lost. It sounds as though the person who wrote that statement was trying to describe an unauthorized charge with a found Medallion which has nothing to do with the cabin access.
  6. And since it's attached to your Medallion, the coffee credits now expire at the end of the cruise, not like the old days when you could use the card on another ship in the future. If you do have any old cards be sure to bring them with you since some of the ships still accept them.
  7. I would wait but I doubt if you'd be relaxed on the cruise anyway under the circumstances.
  8. At times it's hard to distinguish the difference in size between a main course & an appetizer. 😊
  9. Unfortunately it's a major problem with the generators that couldn't be resolved until a dry dock. They've been working on it without success and can't seem to get it fixed. What more would you like them to do?
  10. You've described ht e veggies they serve in the DR on almost all Princess ships. Their steamed & usually hard. We prefer the veggies at the buffet which at least have flavor. The ones in the DR aren't that great.
  11. In the past few years the cabins have mostly been ready & if not just drop off your luggage & go to lunch. We've never encountered closed doors that keep us from the cabins.
  12. Not directly but if you take home the cash it pays for the charge on the credit card for the FCC.
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