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  1. I'll be excited to see many test cruises take place just to see how it goes in the future. Maybe in late 2021 we'll give it another try but only after there's a vaccine and there are dozens of successes without a single incident. Even at that, I doubt if a cruise will ever be the same again.
  2. I sort of doubt it. They'll be even more cautious about sailing on any ships since they've probably seen many cases of extreme situations & would rather wait it out until cruising gets back to somewhat more normal times. If that ever happens.
  3. We've had our flags out in our front yard for a while now along with our political sign for our candidate. I expect to see many more flags out this week.
  4. I'm also thinking about just a total refund since it doesn't appear to be likely that they'll be a vaccine for the immediate future. Not that we won't cruise in the future but until they come up with a viable solution, sailing on a ship just wouldn't be enjoyable.
  5. Yea it is. Other then your assigned location which is located on your cabin door, nothing earthshaking has changed since the discontinued bringing your life jacket.
  6. This occurs when a persons been to 40 or 50 drills and hears the same old thing time after time.
  7. They can't even keep track of the people who don't scan in at the muster stations before all this mess happened.😄 LOL
  8. That's very true. In that case people who mustered at an outside location could then be led to their proper indoor location by a crew member.
  9. In the outside occurrence that something does happen it doesn't make much difference where you were initially reported. They'll lead you to a different location to join the rest of the crowd.
  10. They could always schedule more muster locations around the ship so people could spread put some more.....like having some of them on deck, basketball court, gym, around the pools, etc.
  11. Always turn on the TV as soon as you get to the cabin to let it play the video while yo go to lunch. I suspect the amount of chairs available at the pools & piazza will be limited to keep plenty of space between people. I imagine that the chair hogs will be watched very closely since any seating will be at a premium. They could also limit the number of people in the show lounge for each performance so that spacing could also be increased....and at the same time increase the number or performances accordingly. It's not my idea of a fun cruise so we'll just wait it out until they have a vaccine & things return to normal.
  12. While I can agree with the concept, it's only one of many gatherings that occur during a cruise. What would they intend to do about the embarkation seating, buffet lines, elevator crowding and show lounge? These things make me think about our future of cruising on any cruise line until they come up with a vaccine. While I would really hate to see the end of cruising as we have known it, I've got major concerns about the future of all the cruise lines right now.
  13. I hope they open up soon. I'd really like to see some test sailings before the fall season begins to see how many cases (or not) of the virus show up and just what physicians form Princess will be using.
  14. IF this outbreak continues possibly they could require people to be vaccinated and issue shot cards to prove it. (just speculation on my part)
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