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  1. It's a great way to cut the expense of the internet package provided each person logoffs each time when finished. This isn't much different than when using the minutes provided to Platinum/Elite.
  2. Except that the app provides a way of ordering the Medallions ahead of arriving at the terminal. It's one less thing I have to concern myself about when boarding.
  3. Not that I would condone such repairs but what choice did Princess have in that situation? Obviously they couldn't have cancelled the complete cruise.
  4. I'm really surprised that they won't allow people to use the Princess web site to order the Medallions. Not everyone has the latest model of smartphones.
  5. We weren't thrilled with the buffet food on the CB and probably wouldn't go back again although the DR was fine. I guess they can't please everyone all the time.
  6. I guess you just don't pay attention to those things. After 4 sailings you should have noticed it by now. And yes, the problem still exists as of 2 weeks ago.
  7. We're doing the opposite. As good as the Crown was I'm still looking forward to the Regal buffet. It puts all the others to shame.
  8. It's correct that the Medallion does not have a cabin number princes on it BUT there are numerous boards on even deck that will display the cabin number & exact location of any Medallion. There's no need to walk around searching for the cabin. Just walk up to the display screen & look at it. I don't think you've yet sailed on a Medallion class ship.
  9. ??? What ships have you been sailing on recently?
  10. Possibly a politically orientated theme would be nice around election day next year.
  11. I read them also but it usually after we've done the cruise on that ship so I know which parts are pure bull & which are true. Most of what I've read about the Crown is only nitpicking. I did read one that mentioned not having decent AC and that I can agree with but that's not usually a concern on the Crown. (sometimes on the CB it is) If you're looking for absolute perfection then maybe Princess isn't a good choice to start with although they do a pretty good job of trying.
  12. You must have submitted yours. LOL
  13. I can't see what more they could possibly want to sell me? I get paper ad's for every concealable item on board & service now that goes directly into the trash can as soon as I see it.
  14. It's significant once you hit 52 cruises. I'm with you. It should be applied to both passengers.
  15. I found that it wasn't always accurate. At times it wouldn't show anything at all and other times it would show the incorrect deck. I still prefer it to the card. They still haven't fixed the security problem of indicating the persons cabin by checking the board so that if you lose your Medallion anyone has access to your cabin until you report it lost.
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