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  1. Daniel's and Manawakie will be about the same distance. For a quick visit, I'd choose Daniel's. For a more thorough history and details of the islands, as well as animals, you could spend an hour +/- at Manawakie.
  2. Sounds like you went to Daniel's. We always tour with Ronystours.com. He can take you to any of the locations that have monkeys and sloths. If you plan on going to West Bay for beautiful beaches and snorkeling - Daniel's is in the opposite direction.
  3. We've used cool Dave Tours 3 times. Felt very safe. I highly recommend him. He will make sure you have a great day!
  4. We've gone with them at least 6 times. Top-notch trip every time. They have a beautiful boat. They limit the number of guests so you never feel crowded. When you get to the sandbar and see the large boats packed with cruisers, you will be so glad you booked with Stingray Sailing. Also, they have great snorkeling equipment. Such a fun and relaxing day!
  5. I think Mayan Jungle is the name of the zipline at Victor's. We like South Shore canopy zipline. It isn't far from Victor's monkeys and it is very close to beautiful West Bay with fabulous snorkeling right from shore. Daniel's would be and the other direction. I'm not sure which suspension bridge you are speaking of. There is one at South Shore Zipline and 1 at Gumbalimba. I'm not sure if there is another or not. You can email Rony with questions as well. He will be glad to answer them for you. He will make sure you have a great day!
  6. We have been there at least 10 times, including an 8-day stay at a resort. We have always toured with Rony and have always felt safe. We have never been in any situation where we were concerned. It is a beautuful island with lots to do - definitely do not stay on the ship.
  7. I suggest West Bay. You can choose a resort based on your preferences prices will vary if you would like to eat, use the pool, or use lounge chairs. The beach is absolutely beautiful and you can easily walk right on to a fabulous reef. Rony or his driver will be able to make suggestions for other stops along the way if you like.
  8. So great to hear you had a wonderful day. We have been using Rony's every year for more than 10 years. Spectacular day every time!
  9. Totally agree with bearette. When our kids were younger, we would take them to the buffet and then to kids club. We'd enjoy a nice dinner - everyone happy!!!
  10. #1TravelMom


    We've been there. Ok beach 10 minutes walk+/-. We were constantly being asked to buy marijuana. We didn't feel unsafe. A few dollars to enter the beach.
  11. 65+ cruises. We've never had anything stolen. I often let my jewelry bag out of the safe - nothing extremely valuable. I do have a gold chain and hoops. I never bother to put them away. I never take anything that can't be replaced. However, I understand that having things go missing would be frustrating.
  12. We love ronystours.com Rony and all of the other guides that you can reserve in advance all have the same pricing. We just know Rony has nice vehicles and is very reliable. We've always had a great time with him! If your kids have never seen tropical fish, bring goggles for them. Even if they are not snorkelers, they can easily walk in and put their face in the water and see amazing fish on the reef in Wesr Bay. PS. Victor's and West Bay=perfect day!
  13. I've read so many reviews and comments where someone will swear never to sail on a specific cruise line again based on one experience. We have been cruising since 1987 on all major cruise lines. Over 65 cruises on 45+/- ships. There are ships on each line that we just love and others that will probably wouldn't choose again. I think this can be confusing for new cruisers reading comments. We have had some not-so-great experiences over the years, but don't write off the entire line. We had a bad Carnival experience and skipped them for several years. Later, tried the Breeze and had a great time - tons of trivia(for me) - tons of sports(for hubby). We were just on RCCL Harmony with a group and had a fabulous time. We had one couple who were on the Majesty of the Seas years ago and swore they'd never do RCCL again. They were glad we changed their mind. I just finished reading two reviews where cruisers had trouble - one lost a piece of luggage, the other had a conflict at customer service. They are never cruising with Carnival and NCL again. Bad experiences can make you feel like you don't want to go back. Just keep and open mind - you might be missing a great ship. By the way, I'm a total hypocrite - I just said "I'm NEVER driving through McDonald's again" based on one messed up order. Just ordered 2 plain hamburgers(came with all toppings), ordered chicken tenders(received chicken nuggets), asked for extra ranch(received 6 honey mustard dipping sauces), asked for unsalted fries(received fries loaded with salt). Do they do this on purpose???
  14. Yep - for sure. We went for a week last year. Had a great time.
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