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  1. I have met Platinum passengers who were boarding with Haven guests about one year ago. (Miami) They were waiting in the same area as Haven when I struck up a conversation. They bragged a little about how they spent about 1/4 the money for a balcony but they were boarding just as early as Haven.
  2. I sympathize with your feelings. I won't spend a nickel for a long vacation in Jamaica. Things have changed for the better in recent years but not far enough. That said, If I were visiting on a cruise, I would get off the ship and at least test out the vendors close to the ship. They're humans, some might be "family" but I would hope that not all are staunch anti-lgbt. If it doesn't feel right, get back on the ship and enjoy a discounted in-port massage.
  3. Hopefully I can clear up some misinformation here. If you have TSA Pre Check then you have been assigned a "known traveler number". This number is for ONE person. When you book your flight, you either tell the agent your number over the phone or enter it in your personal information when buying on line. Frequent flyer members can store the number with their respective personal info. You can even give your number when you check in at the airport so it can be printed on your boarding pass. If you have received Pre-Check in the past without having provided a known traveler number, consider yourself lucky, some algorithm has selected you to get it as a promotion. If one person has Pre-Check, family is not automatically given a Pre Check pass unless they also have a known traveler number.
  4. Howl at the Moon, three weeks ago on the Getaway
  5. Last week on the Getaway, rib eye was on the menu at Cagney's but not available for the week, no explanation. I thought it odd to serve prime rib but not rib eye that is exactly the same cut. Pork belly was on the menu at Cagney's and the Haven restaurant, It was delicious.
  6. Just came off the Getaway aft Haven 12904. Those back cushions are definitely not attached. I was wondering myself how that was made into a bed for 2. Perhaps if they put an egg crate top over the 2 cushions and then a fitted sheet it makes a adequate bed.
  7. We love the thermal suite and have had spa passes for the last several cruises and will have it again this October. One cruise, it rained nearly the entire week and the spa was heaven. I think it helps after a night of over indulging too.
  8. Here is a video of the NCL Breakaway leaving someone behind. I can personally attest to getting left by an airline. It happens.
  9. https://www.insuremytrip.com/ is my go to for trip insurance. Once you put in your details you will be offered many different plans and prices that you can compare and find the one that suits you. Although I have never had to collect on travel insurance, it is peace of mind knowing that emergency medical expenses would be covered. My Blue Cross won't cover out of network expenses on the ship or hospitals in Mexico should there be a mishap on an excursion.
  10. Just speaking for one manufacturer, GM began puting transponder chips in their keys in 1997. Now, nearly all GM cars and trucks have them. That’s why a replacement key and associated programming can cost 50-100 dollars at the dealer.
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