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  1. What kind of Snacks? And do you know what is usual available in the bars on Meraviglia? .
  2. Any chance MSC will have a 4.july promo on drink packages?
  3. Is the Seekers Buffet only for YC or for the rest of us aswell?
  4. Agree. For me it would have been enough with an upgrade that only cover beers up to $10.
  5. Is it a pool for toddlers who still use diapers up in the water park?
  6. Wish they also had a package for only beer, RCCL used to have that some years ago, suited be perfectly as Im not a fan of wine and dont do drinks, only a couple of shots.
  7. They are gone for me aswell and I dont cruise until April 2020.
  8. Agree, love the Cafè Promenade / Sorrentos at RCCL to just grab a quick snack instead of having to go all the way up to the buffet.
  9. The island buffet is free for kids 3-11yrs? In the cruise planner there are no price on it, only "add to basket".
  10. Guess this is why the cruise fare is so low. You have to pay for a lot of the extras ?
  11. Do they serve bottled water to all on sailings from Miami or only US recidents?
  12. I ve had that as an adult cause I never had it as a child. Please dont risk that anyone can be affected. It was hellish.😫
  13. Was anything from Venchi included for the easy package? Just need to know if I should be annoyed or not 🙂
  14. is it an ice cream machine free for all With different flavours, like the ones in Windjammer on RCCL ships ?
  15. That is not an european norm. Might be around the meditarrean , but in northern europe especially scandinavia you`ll always get tap water for free. There might be a couple of fancy resturant that wont provide free water if thats all you gonna drink, but if its ie with a glas of wine you`ll get it at no charge. This is especially in the normal "tourist traps".
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