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  1. I was just on the 34 day cruise from 3rd December to 6th January and I can tell you that I heard of no problems with A/C or toilets etc. during the cruise. The ship was in very good condition and the crew were as friendly and efficient as usual. The EXC problem provided a lot of interesting talks and the entertainment was also very good. The only complaint I would have with the Maasdam is that it does not have the middle set of stairs/elevators that the newer ships do, so I just did a bit more exercise than I expected.
  2. I got off the 34 day Maasdam Cruise, from 3rd December to 6th January, just over a week ago and I would like to provide a bit more information on what happened in Fiji as it seems there are always some people that wish to blame the Cruise Line for something that they had no control over. I will also add that they dealt with it in a very professional manner. We had been in Tonga, where they had a total of 4 active measles cases at that time. When we arrived at Savusavu Fiji, there was a hold up of over an hour before the ship was cleared. The first two Tenders, that had about 100 people on them were allowed to go ashore. The first excursion was on the next Tender and that was then held at the ship for some time before they were all asked to get off and go back on board. All ships tours were cancelled at this time and full refunds provided, as well as the all day Happy Hour being announced. The Captain then announced that the local Medical Officer Of Health had refused to allow any further passengers to disembark and that all passengers from the first two Tenders were being recalled. It was because the Island was totally free of measles cases. The Captain made regular updates over the next couple of hours saying that he was working with HALs Chief Medical Officer and would be on a conference call with all parties including the national and local Medical Officers of Fiji. The outcome was that anyone born before 1956 or 1957, I cannot remember which, would be allowed to go ashore that day. A letter from the Captain was sent out detailing what was agreed for the next three Fiji ports. If you were born before a certain date, which depended on your Citizenship, you could go ashore. There were various Countries listed that included Canada and the EU as 1970, others had different dates. If the Country was not listed then it was 1956 or 1957. Any people born after these dates would require a copy of their vaccinations. Free internet was provided for people to contact home to get a copy sent. This was especially useful as we had the New Zealand Youth Choir on board with us. This is to the best of my recollection and I am sure that I have not covered everything that occurred at this time but it certainly covers the highlights.
  3. According to something that I found on the Internet just now, they have now filed for Chapter 11. HAL still does not have any notice up on the Web Site to say that they are out of business but they still are pointing cruisers to Cruise Line Formal Wear to order your TUX. I am leaving for my cruise tomorrow so I cannot follow up with my PCC.
  4. Just a heads up, on the Princess Boards there is a thread that Cruise Line Formal Wear has gone out of business. This is what is on their Web Site now and apparently the phone number is not working as well. Not sure if they are answering emails but it looks like I will have to take my suit with me for my Christmas/New Year cruise..
  5. As you are going from Vancouver in Canada, to San Diego in USA, this is not a violation of the PVSA. It is where you start and end the cruise that matters.
  6. I will be on a 34 day cruise in December and I think that I will save up all of the junk mail and then once a week I will hand deliver it to the Spa etc. when I am on my walk about and ask them to dispose of it. They generated it so they can recycle it. Also it will save my room steward some time. If enough people do this they might get the message.
  7. This only applies to cruises that have on board charges billed in AUD& and not in UD$. It is common. and legal, in both Australia and New Zealand to have the cost of using a Credit Card as opposed to a Debit Card applied as an additional charge instead of it being incorporated into the bill. This places the Credit Card cost on the individual that uses it instead of charging those that pay cash or use a debit card for something that they do not use.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion but I have already used those sites to obtain my ETA's.
  9. I know that if I receive an email from this company then I will report it to the appropriate Canadian department. This is a breach of privacy laws in a lot of countries because HAL cannot share this type of information with third parties without specific consent. I have received a few email for my next cruise regarding Australian and New Zealand ETAs but they have all been from HAL.
  10. Thanks to everyone for your help, this is the most polite and helpful Forum on Cruise Critic.
  11. I am on a 34 day cruise leaving Sydney on the 3rd December, returning on the 23rd December as a Port Day and then disembarking at Sydney on the 6th January. I know that when I originally board on the 3rd December, I am unable to leave the ship before it sails. On the 23rd December I will be an in transit passenger and will be taking a shore excursion in the morning. My question is, will I be able to return to the ship at about noon for some lunch and then exit again for a couple of more hours of sightseeing before all aboard time. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Not sure if this will help, but can you not sign into your account for this cruise and do a screen shot of it. It should say something like "CRUISE CANCELLED" somewhere on the page.
  13. You pay at the time of booking on the web site with a credit card. There is a small additional charge of up to 3% to use a credit card in Australia and New Zealand, they do not charge it on debit cards. This includes hotels, restaurants etc. I think that you can also arrange the shuttle when you arrive at the airport at their kiosks near the arrivals section. There is contact info on the web site if you need any clarification.
  14. I will be staying at the Hyatt Regency both before and after my cruise on the Maasdam on the 3rd December. I am using the Redy2Go (www.redy2go.com.au) shuttle both to and from the airport as well as from the Hotel to the ship. I am travelling alone so the cost of AUD$22 each way from the airport and AUD$15 to the ship is very good value. If there are more than 2 then it may be better to take a Taxi. The web site is very easy to use and the info is easy to find, they also have private cars as well. They give a discount if you are doing a return trip, for the airport it was AUD$41.80 return. Hope this is of some help to you.
  15. Just to let you know that I did post about this at the beginning of July. I applied and received mine on the first day that it was available, very easy process.
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