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  1. @spikemom, OP has laundry service, but they have to pay for it. They are looking for ideas to do laundry without paying.
  2. If I'm right @gnome12, you can go ahead. I'm running out of pics.
  3. Thanks @dogs4funand @Canal archive. We watched this last night and really enjoyed it. Now another river to think about... 🙂
  4. We've never lived anywhere else than in the country, but still enjoy watching the progress of the fields & animals in them. I guess it's just in our blood. While we are looking forward to actually living somewhere where we can get take-out, we are still moving to an area in the city where there are a lot of parks, a canal to walk along, and not in a high crowded area. My dream home was (and still is, but unachievable now) a house in the middle of a big field with a stream nearby...not a sole in sight. Unfortunately, that doesn't work with our future plans, so maybe a cottage on the sea
  5. We can spend a whole day driving through farmland, looking at the cows & cornfields. We will hit the odd small town, but much prefer nature.
  6. @ural guy, yes, we usually went through Cape Vincent on the way home from our weekends. Kingston is very close to us, we are often down for an afternoon drive, touring around the lakes north and also the River. We have a fair amount of family there, so know it well. Of course, we always have to stop into the cheese factories for curds & ice cream! Who knows, maybe some day you will see a car going by wildly waving if we spot your bike...and if it's a stranger...well, maybe we will have made their day! 🙂
  7. @jpalbny, I hope you get a good break, you deserve one. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to pack up a picnic with a bottle of wine that can be chilled nicely in a cool stream. You guys (and everyone else) take care, keep the hope up. We can do this, we can get through it. Life may be different when we do, but it will still go on, and for that we are the lucky ones. Take care all.
  8. Nice ride. We have been to Talcott Falls, very pretty sight, and @jpalbny, Sackett's Harbor is well worth the visit. We used to go to Watertown quite often for weekend getaways, loved touring around the area..and of course taking the tours of Singer's and Bolt's Castles.
  9. I'm thinking it's not so much flint as a mix of buff & grey stone. Just from a quick look online, I'm wondering France? Possibly the Normandy area?
  10. @Lois R, Canada is trying to get as many 1st shots in the arm as possible, so are delaying the 2nd doses for 4 months. There is talk that this may change as more get their 1st dose, but so far, we are still trying to get 1st shots in the arms.
  11. We retired early, had planned for "freedom 55", but were a a bit late. DH was supposed to have retired last year, however since he was the only one in his office that knew his job and the others, they asked him to stay...he did and they laid off all the others, so he refused to stay another year! I must admit, like Jazz, we aren't looking back and have learned to let all calls go to voice mail as they are still calling him 4 months later. Only problem with this, we were planning on doing a lot of travel (inside and outside of the country), but are still to young to get the vacci
  12. Sorry, but this gave me a chuckle. One of the Ontario Doctors in charge of a health agency tweeted out last winter that she was so tired, she showed up for a radio interview without a skirt under her coat. They are all working so hard to do the best they can, and are getting a lot of flack for not doing enough. I wouldn't like their job, they are in a situation that they have never handled before, and for some, it seems as if anything they do, it's not enough. I hope they all get a good long holiday when this is all under control.
  13. We had people in the community growing up who used to take their sheepdog to the grocery store (think corner shop, small town) and always had to buy something small to put in a bag for the dog to carry home. Everyone knew the dog, and often would offer to get something small for them to give the dog something to carry.
  14. @texanapat, one bonus of this "cruise" is no worries about water levels. If you are happy with a coach tour using the ship as your private hotel & restaurant, it sounds great. All the benefits of a cruise where you don't have to unpack/pack every day, but with a coach tour where you don't have to worry about anything but rain. If you are able to go, it will be interesting to see a review. I like the "combo" style.
  15. Here is the Canadian site for their regulations : https://www.avalonwaterways.ca/avalon-assurance/ On that page, you will see links for a Health & Safety Waiver, and pre -trip screening. It also tells you what is required. They should contact you (or your TA). Sign into MyAvalon and you will see what you need to complete. I hope you are able to take your cruise, but with the way things are going in Europe right now, I would be prepared for other plans.
  16. @Bake apple, both sets of parents got the Pfizer one, no reactions at all so far. Just waiting for their follow up appointments in July and hopefully all will go well with them as well. It is a problem in Eastern Ont that we can't seem to get enough vaccines, yet other areas have empty slots. Kingston was out of the pharmacy ones within a week (they were letting "out of towners" get the shots), and I've heard lots complaining there. I hope they start distributing the vaccines properly so we can all have a turn.
  17. Congrats @Bake apple, I am on a waiting list - signed us up as soon as they opened them for the 55+ group. I miss seeing the flowers on the Hill, but not worth the drive up to the City with all that is going on...I feel safer in my small environment right now...guess it's just thinking the fewer contacts, the lower chances of contacting Covid.
  18. We just watched a program about the Chateaux of the Loire Valley...I was thinking that looked familiar.
  19. I live in a rural area, mostly crops around here though. Only problem was when planting /harvesting season started...you had to leave a good 15 minutes early to allow for the tractors on the road. Oh well, it's scenic. We are getting ready to sell the house and move into the city so we can get an apartment to "lock & go". It's going to be interesting to see how we handle the people & noise. Mind you, it will be great to be able to walk down the street to get take-out or order food in if we don't feel like cooking...and having a variety of places where we can go nearby to eat at.
  20. Not to sure how I would like to be whipped either! Dinner is almost ready to pack up and start delivering, the house smells so good from the Sauerbraten and DH wants to start early! Maybe I can sneak him a piece for a late lunch when we get back...special Easter treat. Have a great Easter all.
  21. We have that up here, as well as them saying that if used for travel, some won't be able to travel. Sorry, but it's private companies who run concerts, and other countries who allow travel. If that's their rules, you get a passport. Just like getting a passport & visa to visit countries. Yes, it's not overly fair for those who live in countries who haven't had a full on roll out yet, but then maybe they shouldn't be travelling or in large groups until their country has things under control. Saw an article today that the "youth" in the UK are upset because they are also looking at pass
  22. We love ours, especially if we have a busy day and want something quick....whole meal in 1dish, so we only have to wash the pot & lid. We hand wash everything, so we tend to try and minimise dish use. I started out being a cook who used a new dish/utensil/measuring cup for anything, now I can get away with minimal dishes...needless to say, DH is very pleased, as he usually does the dishes. They make fantastic soups to, and very quick, no simmering over the stove & stirring for hours.
  23. @sharkster77, there is another one not to far away called Owl's Head Museum if you get another rainy day... 🙂 We haven't made it to the Cole Land Transport Museum, but it's a lot of farm stuff...which we don't mind, but not sure if you are into it.
  24. @Canal archive, was thinking of you last night. We are getting anxious about cruising so have began watching a show on Prime (Amazon). It's called Britain's Best Canals hosted by John Sergeant. Every episode he goes off on a new canal in the UK. Just added another trip on our bucket list now, as they look so nice, and seeing the small villages along the canals would be great. Also good to see which ones are busy so we know to avoid them. 🙂
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