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  1. Welcome to SeaDream, Tuomas. You just have to be lucky with the weather. We did Copenhagen to Bergen this time of year a few years ago. The weather was gorgeous, bordering on hot. 90F when we arrived in Bergen. But we had dinner on deck every night. I think they stopped serving in the dining room after the first night. A SD dinner while sailing through the fjords may be the best time we have ever had on board. SD has long had sanitizer by the dining room and outdoor dining, and added the hand washing station about a year ago. Problem is, not everyone used them. Now we are getting used to doing it all the time. Some new good habits, I hope.
  2. In one of my high school English classes we had to memorize and recite a poem every week. Oh how I wish I knew A Shropshire Lad back then. I suspect I might have been excused from that assignment for the rest of the term.
  3. I'm reading "Splendid and Vile," Erik Larsen's new book about Churchill. During the bombing of London, it was said that the risk of your dying on any given night is remote, but the chance of someone dying that night is almost a certainty. Glad to see that the pubs have opened, Hum. On July 4th, yet. A great way to celebrate getting rid of those damn colonists.
  4. Does this imply a promotion from within? Do we have a name? There is nothing on the SD website yet.
  5. I think Zimmy might be willing to join you. Lately she has taken to wearing Soggy Dollar tank tops. Pain killer mix will be on our next shopping list.
  6. We stay here, Jim, because you can't get a good hot dog anywhere else. And we have learned not to make assumptions about Norwegian weather. When we did the fjords cruise a couple of years ago, we packed jackets, sweatshirts, and lots of other warm clothes. And it was in the 90s. Ended up buying shorts onboard.
  7. Snow has ended, Jim. We are now entering the rainy season, which will likely continue until Halloween, which is when snow begins again. But in my mind, I'm on a lounger on Deck 4 aft. Zimmy is reading her Kindle and I'm working NYT Saturday crossword puzzles. Life just doesn't get any better than this. Would you and Lois like to join us for dinner?
  8. Only because we took turns on the oars.
  9. We are joint owners of an ambulance, Jim.
  10. Could be a painkiller, but I don't see any nutmeg
  11. Trapper walking Miles for Smiles in the Norwegian Fjords.
  12. Didn't know that penguins live in Arizona.😎
  13. I'd recognize those feet anywhere.
  14. It was probably on a Barcelona to Lisbon itinerary that we sailed past Gibraltar. At 5 am, we got a wake-up call. Zimmy and I went up to the bridge in our SD pajamas, where Capt. Bjarne had the coffee pot on. Off the port side we could see the lights of Ceuta on the African coast. Probably only the second time I had seen two continents at once.
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