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  1. Arriving to your cabin as soon as you embark is not a perk with suites, unless you have FTTF. You didn't specify when you were sailing, but FTTF is paused for 2021.
  2. To be fair, all of the buffets on land (at least that I have seen) are back to normal, and people serve themselves. The only exception I have seen is at AIs in other countries.
  3. not 5 minutes after liquid hits them. 😉
  4. I just keep a box of plastic straws in my suitcase so we have them at AIs and on cruises. The paper/sugar straws are horrible.
  5. Chemo affects everyone differently and everyone reacts different. I know when I did chemo years ago, doing the chemo was fine and didn't bother me. It was between the treatments that I felt like death. I couldn't get out of the bed the weeks after treatments. During the treatment weeks, I felt fine.
  6. I think most buffets are all back to normal now. Every buffet I have been to, has been back to normal for a while now. The only exception is the AIs we go to in the Dominican and Mexico.
  7. I would be livid. If I thought I was booking through Carnival and a person booked me through a TA, I would do everything in my power to get my booking straightened out. I do understand Carnival can't talk to you by law, if you use a TA. I would tell the TA to release my booking or whatever needs to be done and let them know that negative online reviews are coming their way. I will never, ever, ever use a TA and this would tick me off to no end...
  8. Give me a cove balcony over a lido balcony every day of the week and twice on Sunday. With a cove, nobody is looking down onto your balcony or up onto your balcony like a regular balcony. You have privacy for the most part. Regular balconies you don't. When you look down, you see water and potential marine-life, not Ted lying out in the sun or a hot tub full of kids. They are slightly larger, and cheaper typically. They are shaded so you can actually enjoy your balcony without baking in the sun. They are low so you feel less motion which is great if you're prone to sea sickness. When you're in port, it's quicker to debark the ship than on lido or anywhere else. It's also quicker coming back to your cabin from ports. At dinner if you're like us and have to make trips to the cabin to get extra soda or something, it's quicker getting there. lido balconies are nice but they're nowhere close to being as nice as a cove balcony imho.
  9. You can take a case if you have enough people to warrant it. I carry on 2 cases of Dr. Pepper with us when we cruise because it's 4 of us.
  10. I thought someone was giving away angel dust . 😁
  11. I am on the ABC cruise you have listed for May 28th. We have a pretty good group together so far "elsewhere" that cannot be named. That's a great itinerary!
  12. A passport card serves no more purpose than a birth certificate with drivers license. The passport card is not valid for international travel by air. That being said, as long as you're not going to Cuba or Martinique then you do not need a passport for closed loop cruises from the US, as long as you're a US citizen. They are recommended, but not required. Many people simply use a copy of the birth certificate with a drivers license.
  13. The birth certificate can be a photocopy. It does not need to be the original, and it does not need to be a certified copy or a notarized copy or any of that.
  14. As a business owner myself, just as others have mentioned in this thread, if a customer issues a chargeback with their credit card with my company, they are blacklisted and we will never do business with them again. I know my small company isn't comparable to Carnival but I completely understand and support Carnivals stance on this. I am a shareholder as well.
  15. There was a long thread on social media about people who were banned from Carnival for doing this. They went to rebook cruises this year and they were all cancelled. They were all told they were on the 'do not sail' list this year because they wasn't patient.
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