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  1. You mean, the gold one? 😉
  2. We like the Springhill Suites in Mt. P. It's about $20 for an UberXL to port.
  3. Thanks so much! Cheaper than I anticipated.
  4. The Holiday is for sale still, $55m https://www.qpsships.com/cruise-ship-1452-passengers-s2168
  5. They have a time listed for formality. You can ignore that. You get your cabana as soon as you tender into HMC and you keep it until the end of your time there, when you're ready to tender back.
  6. This is the first thing I noticed also. Just because it's available right now, it'll probably be sold out in an hour. ESPECIALLY for a cruise that's in August.
  7. No, you will not. You only sign if it's $500+
  8. Thanks so much, I'll check that out as well. That may get us to breakfast since it runs a little earlier.
  9. Thanks for the tip, we'll definitely give it a shot! Thanks for letting me know of the name change. This may be helpful when we're there. We're heading down Tuesday for our cruise next weekend. We like to stay a few days prior to our sailing. We have an Airbnb in the Marriott Beachplace Towers so The Free Ride (or Circuit) would pick us up right in front of Beach Place. We are late sleepers but may want to eat prior to 11:30. I guess we'll stick to Primanti Bros' then alternate The Floridian for lunch. We know we'll eat at Lulu's every night for dinner. As for transportation to the port, we'll Uber there when it's time. Thanks for the information though!!
  10. We're staying at Beach Place in Ft. Lauderdale and I know The Free Ride has a loop it does. Is there any breakfast places that anyone recommends that's on the loop that The Free Ride takes?
  11. I'm pretty sure only suites have a fridge on the small Fantasy Class ships. Maybe balconies also?
  12. Anyone can create a free UPS account and digitally sign for anything. I always do this in case I'm not home. That way UPS doesn't hold my packages hostage.
  13. I've always bought it 12-14 months out. I bought it for our May 2020 sailing back in March.
  14. In case you forgot, not everyone vacations the same, packs the same, etc. When we go on a cruise, we don't just cruise. We typically spend at least a week in the port city pre-cruise, then a week post-cruise as well and make it a 3 week vacation. During that point, our family of 4 needs to wash clothes because we only take 1 suitcase each. Doing laundry really isn't a big deal to me. I put the clothes in the washer as we head to dinner. When we're done with dinner 45 minutes later I go back and switch the clothes to the dryer. I go grab a drink or something, then go back 45 minutes or an hour later whenever they're done, take them back to the cabin and drop them off. Then once my wife falls asleep, I'll fold them and everything is done.
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