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  1. We always just eat breakfast in the MDR.
  2. The 8 day on the Sunrise has the best ports, that'd be my #1 choice. The 9 day on the Radiance would be my second choice, decent ports. I would probably remove the 8 day on the Dream from my selection, if it were me. The Dream is a great ship and Half Moon is wonderful but, to me the Nassau & Freeport stops would be a waste of 2 great days and a waste of money.
  3. The Mardi Gras is a brand new ship, not a refurb. It's probably been sold out for months.
  4. Which ship did you sail with Carnival previously? As long as you understand that the Paradise is a Fantasy Class ship and is one of the oldest and smallest in the fleet, you'll be fine. If you're expecting a big ship with all of the amenities and restaurants then you may be disappointed. A cruise is what you make of it.
  5. Here's the chart on Carnivals website that I reference. https://help.carnival.com/ci/fattach/get/6086237/1584051467/redirect/1/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xNTg4ODUyNjQ0L3NpZC9mVWFleWhhTFpaRVdIUElwOGgwS2VUTVBLMm8wM0FFcWdpOGpTX0ExbWxfN3RTdlpPc05HbTFfN21FOVNwaGZoczhSS0p1cm43TVZLYkNzT0ZZblkzYjVDSkpXcG5ORnpJTFg5WmxtU082VXBIUnh1ajJ3YmVobHclMjElMjE=/filename/Ship Class Guide 0320.pdf
  6. The Radiance has better ports, in terms of beaches. If that's what you're going for.
  7. We always book something ahead with the locals. Usually our first stop at each island we've done an island tour to get an idea of things the island has to offer. Then when we go back, we have more of an idea of things we want to do. Regardless, it's always with a local though and never through the cruise line.
  8. It was easy for us also when ours for next month was cancelled. I shot my PVP an email and told her I wanted the FCC, which ship I wanted to be on and which cabins we wanted. She responded about an hour later and everything had been moved over.
  9. Mine is on my email that I got when my new cruise was scheduled.
  10. Yea someone else corrected me. I realized my error after posting it. But, I am still not a fan of the Conquest Class. I cannot pinpoint exactly WHY I do not like them. I guess because of the lido layout? Not sure. I hate the tiers. I love the Dream Class though. I have been on the Magic 3 times and absolutely love that ship.
  11. You're right and I realized that after I posted it. - Spirit Class ships. Thanks for the correction.
  12. You didn't mention the itinerary so it's hard to pick. Going simply for the ship, my choices would be (in order) 1. Magic 2. Sunshine 3. flip a coin for the Pride or the Legend. Not really a fan of the Conquest Class.
  13. Thanks. They're still doing better than my state is currently. We are at 13,535 cases with 458 deaths.
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