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  1. teknoge3k

    Is FTTF available for 8 day cruises?

    My next 2 sailings are 8 day sailings and I have purchased FTTF for both of them.
  2. Our water and wine is usually in the cabin when we' arrive.
  3. teknoge3k

    Uber at Port Everglades

    No, you'll be fine. Most drivers drive for Uber & Lyft both so there's really not much of a difference.
  4. teknoge3k

    Uber To And From Port Everglades

    We have used Uber/Lyft all over the country for years. Never once had an issue. Including Port Everglades. When we sail out of there we always Uber from our Airbnb to the port and then back after the cruise. Again, never an issue. I'd rather wait 5 minutes for an Uber than to get into a taxi. Also going TO port, if you use a hotel shuttle you're going on their time. If you have any sort of priority then an Uber will be your best choice to get to the port when YOU want to.
  5. teknoge3k

    I'm at the Qauility inn Cocoa beach...next to Ron Jons

    Sorry that you're having bad luck with the hotel. Hopefully they can comp you something. In the future always look at TripAdvisor for reviews and ratings. That hotel doesn't have the best reviews.
  6. teknoge3k


    In Ochi we use Marvyns Paradise Tours for just our family. We don't want to be on a bus with 100 people. They've been great to us. Last time we were there we ended up going to Dunn's River Falls and riding around and shopping and site seeing. We ate at John Crow's Tavern downtown which was a FANTASTIC lunch!
  7. teknoge3k

    Dumb soda question

    We always take our sodas on board with us and yes we take them to the dining room. We keep them in our fridge so our cans are cold but if you want ice, the wait staff will bring you a glass of ice if you wish.
  8. teknoge3k

    Hub app pizza delivery

    I think it's fleet wide now if I'm not mistaken.
  9. teknoge3k

    FTTF ?

    The only perk that you'll get with the suite is priority boarding and priority tendering. You won't get any of the FTTF perks so just keep that in mind. If getting to your cabin before 1:30 and not standing in the forever long line at GS isn't important to you, then you can skip it. Personally we always get FTTF with our suites.
  10. teknoge3k

    Half moon cay PRIVATE OASIS

    It's considered a Carnival excursion so yes.
  11. teknoge3k

    Captains Suite

    I didn't spend $6k on TWO cruises this year. That's insane!
  12. teknoge3k

    All Things Charleston 411

    A lot of Ubers do have car seats. You can request a car seat when making your Uber call.
  13. teknoge3k

    Boarding Question

    The early access to the cabin is worth it for us because we carry on 48 sodas + carry on luggage. It's nice to drop them off before 1:30 and then at the end of the cruise we pay our balance with discounted gift cards. It's nice to not have to stand in line behind 9872349 people at guest services.
  14. teknoge3k


    I guess your question is answered but to confirm, I wear shorts and sandals every night except elegant night (I wear jeans and a polo then). I have never once been cold on a cruise ship but we cruise during the summer. Your dad will be fine and you both enjoy your cruise!
  15. teknoge3k

    Carnival Planners

    I am not sure why someone would want these, they're very antiquated. Everything is online and very easy to find. I guess they could have a small handful of them for the people who still haven't discovered the Internet yet.