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  1. That's your check-in time, not your boarding time. That's what time you need to get to the terminal to check in, to begin the boarding process. If everyone comes early and ignores their check in time, then it just bottlenecks the terminal and slows down the process for everyone.
  2. I wouldn't pack any dress up clothes and would still go to the MDR to eat. I'm not going to miss that night in the MDR just because Karen at table 12 doesn't like how I'm dressed.
  3. If we have a wait staff we really enjoy, then we request them for the duration of our cruise, and tip them extra at the end, on top of the prepaid gratuities.
  4. $3 per load for both washing and drying. You use your sail & sign card. Be sure to bring some detergent or you can buy some on board.
  5. https://help.carnival.com/ci/fattach/get/4358798/1551907450/redirect/1/filename/Ship Class Guide 030619.pdf Now ya know 🙂
  6. The Airbnb we stay at in Miami, is not exactly at the port. It's in Miami Beach next to Lincoln Road Mall. The guy owns several units in an apartment complex and we rent from him, then Uber to the port. With over a hundred Airbnb stays under my belt including many in south Florida, never had an issue. We always use a host with lots of good reviews.
  7. I think that's how it's numbered, yea. When we come in from 40, it's the first place you come to.
  8. Yep and as long as you keep the cabinet door open they stay super cold. We bring hot drinks (and wine) on board and they are very cold only by being in the fridge a short time.
  9. oh wow, we typically fly early in the morning so maybe that's why. In May from the time our Uber dropped us off at the airport until the time we were at our Southwest terminal took maybe 25 minutes. That was dropping our luggage at the skycap, going through security and making it to whichever terminal we were at. I do know my wife and I left a little later in the morning the time prior to that (maybe around 7 or 8?) and security wasn't too terrible. They were going pretty fast.
  10. RDU isn't one of those airports you need to be there super early. You can drop your luggage with the skycap, go through security and be at your gate in no time at all. Even our local airport, you can arrive at the airport 30 minutes prior to your flight and have a lot of extra time.
  11. You can take on your own plastic bottle, that's fine. Many people do.
  12. At 18 years old, they're adults, not kids. They can meet people at any of the night clubs or casino. (or comedy club, or anywhere else)
  13. I've only been out of the port area after 9am once. That was back in May when they closed the gangway for over an hour and wasn't letting people off. Even then, our Uber picked us up by 9:15 and we were on our way out. You should be fine, barring any late arrivals back to the port. We didn't carry our own luggage off either. We always have FTTF and was zone 2 to debark. We debarked the ship, got our luggage, went through customs, grabbed an Uber and off we went.
  14. Sunday and Friday is correct for the 2 elegant nights.
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