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  1. If people see inappropriate behavior I hope they speak up. Regardless of who they are, what status they have or how often they post on Facebook.
  2. I get your point but who gets to decide "what's right"? Chuch leaders, politicians, internet posters etc? We can talk about common sense but there is not much agreement on that.
  3. Do you eat your toast with a knife and fork?
  4. I suppose you never use elevators? Too claustrophobic?
  5. Interesting. Locals get sick too so I'm not sure they have the advantage.
  6. @luvbluseas when did you stop cruising? Was it because of corona virus? Will you go back if there is a vaccine?
  7. So RC has come out and said no buffet. Has Celebrity done the same or are we guessing?
  8. Are there any cruise lines with *no* buffets at all?
  9. When I get notice of a new post in subscribed thread, the link no longer takes me to the thread. It goes to the main forum page. I'm on Android.
  10. I don't compare ship food to what I get at home. It doesn't compare. Aren't lobsters the scavengers of the sea? They eat anything?
  11. I like them for the variety. If there is sushi I'll try that. I assume there's a lot of turn over. Wouldn't mind having some mac and cheese.
  12. Does anyone want to talk about buffets?
  13. Hey everybody! I found the line jumper. Time to pile on. /kidding
  14. Good idea! Is the MDR open for lunch? I only have experience with Blu (no lunch).
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