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  1. I guess you walk around 24/7 in a suit and tie? Or is it a tuxedo?
  2. Yes I've had a TA order for me. She told me they would throw rose petals when I board on Celebrity.
  3. I know it's not the same thing, but when Viking couldn't tender at Monaco, they went down the coast and ran buses back to Monaco. In the case of Grand Cayman, I'm not sure where they could go.
  4. How often is often? Then you get another sea day?
  5. @micheleata, Off topic, but I wonder why your stop in Grand Cayman was canceled? Bad weather, choppy oceans I suppose? What time of year was it? We are supposed to stop there in mid December. And do a combined dolphin/stingray excursion.
  6. So do you pick your music or is it random?
  7. On my last Viking cruise a friend/neighbor also on the cruise decided to secretly tell the staff it was my birthday. So of course they had to sing. The cake was ok.
  8. That's reasonable. I don't see anyone on this thread asking for an event that is not during the cruise.
  9. Please tell me where they try to keep the thermostats set at???
  10. I learned a dance in church where you have a line on one side with say 10 people and the other side would have 9. You would walk or dance between the lines with your dance partner, a different person each time.
  11. But it didn't cost anything for that bartender to say "happy birthday". Maybe they can't give a cake or flowers to everyone, but they can acknowledge it.
  12. I will definitely watch the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Thanks for the tips.
  13. How are inside temps on the Equinox? Comfortable? I took a sweater on my last cruise and never wore it. But that was September Mediterranean and Celebrity trip is December Caribbean. I'm thinking to bring a fleece pullover and a jacket mostly to stay warm after being in the water. Two days of water activities.
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