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  1. What day was the second sea day for you? 2nd, 3rd etc? It's nice to have it early in the cruise.
  2. Shhhhh. Don't tell him he's going to see a church!
  3. It's too bad. It seems like a nice excursion.
  4. Didn't think of Palau. Isn't it a little pricey? I will check.
  5. Private tour is La Sagrada, Parc Guell, some Gaudi, some others I can't remember. The boss has no interest in Montserrat. "No more churches!" But he wants to see the Sistine Chapel. Go figure.
  6. Thanks. I knew someone would have a good explanation. Our ship leaves at 11pm.
  7. It is offered by Viking. I am using a third party for city tour two days later So I wanted a Viking tour that was different. What do you mean... you were stuck in Barcelona for 10 days?
  8. I can't find anything about this. It's a museum tour in Barcelona.
  9. Can you be more specific? What is the exact name of your cruise? There is more than one Mediterranean cruise. To answer your question, I do find the excursions on the website helpful. But keep in mind they probably won't be exact. For example, I am on Mediterranean Odyssey. There was an excursion to see Sistine Chapel after hours. When it came time to book, that excursion just wasn't listed. It was like it was never there. I don't know why they would advertise it then take it away. Maybe not enough interest.
  10. I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do it. Please don't have me kicked off the ship. 😭
  11. Thanks everyone! Nice to know where I can find it!
  12. I'm on Mediterranean Odyssey. Any chance we can find limoncello on board?
  13. It may be awkward. It's not rude. Say it's nice to talk to you and excuse me. Then find another table.
  14. Ok. I would be happy to find Macallan 12 but I am flexible.
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