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  1. I believe I was at classic level after one cruise.
  2. I think it's included in the lowest level. You don't need many points.
  3. How are you sanitizing that thermometer between patients?
  4. Well I suppose RC could put bars on all the windows and lock all balcony doors.
  5. Here's one, doesn't have the actual prices just whether they fit into Classic or Premium. BeveragePackageswithDrinksandMore.pdf
  6. Wasn't there video of the grandfather leaning out the window *before* he put her up there?
  7. We will work out, maybe morning or afternoon. Then spend our day at the Solarium or the Observation Lounge. Lunch might be at the Spa cafe that we enjoyed last time, or at Sushi on 5.
  8. Also happened to mobile Chrome until I deleted cookies last 24 hours.
  9. The website is not displaying properly in Google Chrome but works fine in Internet Explorer. Am I the only one seeing this? EDIT: Problem solved after clearing cookies, etc.
  10. If I walk away before final payment the most I'll lose is my deposit yes? I do have a CFAR policy.
  11. Mind if I ask about that 25% you lost? Was that a deposit, airfare, etc?
  12. Thanks. If multiple how to view notification list? Is that Manage Followed Content?
  13. Aha. Thanks. It's not the same drinking it from a water glass, tumbler etc.
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