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  1. I wonder.... how comfortable is that sofa? Especially compared to the bed?
  2. I think I've mentioned this elsewhere. There's a small chance we may adopt one teenager so we'd travel with two adults and one child. But I see i can't book Aqua with a party of 3 in one room? That's disappointing as we really enjoyed it. I see if I put one adult in one room and the other plus kid in another room we can get aqua but the single is paying a high fare, single supplement etc. One suggestion was book a suite and go into Luminae. But I'm still not clear about the suites. Do any have two beds or is someone sleeping on the couch?
  3. Oh this thread will stay alive if we keep posting. I guess many of us are not cruising so this thread has been quiet. I'm an introvert who is sarcastic so that makes for interesting times when socializing.
  4. Forget existing itineraries...... I bet cruusing starts in late 2021 or early 2022 when there is a covid vaccine.
  5. I've only had one Celebrity cruise so far. We used the recommended tours and it was OK. But I totally understand the desire to book private. If I go to the same place I wouldn't do the same tours. Can someone remind me... can you preview the tours before you book the cruise? Or only after you book? I miss cruising and travel in general.
  6. It goes to the main page, but thanks. I appreciate all the comments. I'll look again.
  7. I wasn't criticizing the poster. And I had a smiley face.
  8. Being silently judged doesn't seem like much of a burden. Assuming you don't say anything. My glares of disdain (TM) never seem to accomplish anything. 🙂
  9. I looked at 8/30/21. Only one cabin available on Deck 9? That doesn't seem right. Quite a few on Deck 11.
  10. Had a very interesting cruise email, Portugal and Spain. Only negative was the location of the Aqua Class cabins. All aft on deck 11 on the Infinity. Could there be others that are sold out? My partner and I are prone to getting motion sickness so I think that won't do.
  11. Federal guidance would be nice if they all had a consistent message.
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