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  1. As a child I used to live in Indonesia. Every two years we went back to the Netherlands by ship. I witnessed, with all other passengers present, a buriel at sea. Ten years ago I was on a sailing trip from Papeete to Monaco, and in the second week one of the passengers passed away. She and her husband were avid sailors and the whole family agreed to a buriel at sea. This was done early in the morning, without passengers being present. A year later the couple's children and husband met with the captain, to thank him for everything he had done to make this possible. Both times wil
  2. In the library you will also find two jig saw puzzle tables. New ones were installed during this year's world cruise. At that time the selection of puzzles was great, and a group of about 15 to 20 people were always working on several puzzles at the same time. Had a lot of fun. The only thing left to do is provide better lighting and then it will be perfect.
  3. When on the 2019 WC I pre booked the 2021 WC. The 100 $ I had to pay, will be refunded if you decide not to do this trip. Well, it certainly looks I will get it back! I just checked my booking for the WC 2021, the price for a single person in a guarantee MM inside cabin is € 33603,50($ 38023,50 )! The down payment is € 6218,00 ($ 7036,00) to be paid before June 22nd. Despite their promise to call me back before the end of May, I am still waiting. By the looks of it, I will not become a 5* ever😏.
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