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  1. Thanks to genetics, my hair is flat and limp no matter where I am - home, at sea, rain, sun, on another planet for all I know. I've come to the conclusion that I cannot fight it or fix it, so just stay happy and Cruise! Who cares?
  2. LOL. Take a Sharpie and paint a face on the bulb! Just kidding. That would be defacing property, wouldn't it?
  3. Sailing along with you in my mind! We have to wait til Feb 2020! Thanks for your efforts!
  4. Loved that they highlighted the environmental features like eliminating single use water bottles, onboard recycling and sewage treatment!
  5. Oh my goodness I thought the exact same thing! I thought why is there toilet paper on the nightstand! Foo funny!
  6. We were on Summit in February. Loved Luminae but sometimes we didn’t love the meal choices. The menu can be limited. However we were always able to request an MDR menu which was provided to us graciously. You can mix and match!
  7. Seems a crying shame that folks have to bring additional furnishings to fill the need for necessary items. When for the amount of $ spent on a cruise, you’d think you have everything you need!
  8. We were on the Equinox in February is a CS and the balcony actually had 2 loungers! One with a cushion and one like a mesh. And also a table where you could eat breakfast and a few chairs. It was heaven! Yes that balcony looks small with no room for a table. Unless I bring our own fold up and pull it out of my carryon like Mary Poppins lol!
  9. Thanks for posting this! That white thing that’s supposed to be a, what, coffee table? Looks like a cheap piece of junk. And are there only two chairs on the balcony? No loungers or table and chairs? Wow. But the room itself is nice I suppose.
  10. The last day of a cruise is always so bittersweet!! Enjoy til the last minute......Love the foodie pictures by the way!
  11. We were on Equinox in February and loved the Silent Disco! Never laughed so hard at each other! Good advice on the sunscreen too. The Caribbean sun can be silently brutal. But we found the cool towels and water very welcome! The crew did that at each port and it was fabulous!! Loving your daily reports!
  12. It’s really a shame that folks who spent so much money have to figure out how to redecorate rooms and balconies in order to utilize furniture! Those plastic milk crate seats are ridiculous! As are armless chairs and short hard couches! I cannot wait to sail Summit next February but I’m a little worried about what I’ve seen. Hopefully some realistic changes will be made by then!
  13. Do what we did as kids. Use Twizzlers as a straw. And then eat it when you’re done! Problem solved. No waste!
  14. Following along! DH and I were on our first Celebrity cruise on Equinox in February and loved it! Booked our second while onboard for Summit next February. I thoroughly understand howling winds and lake effect snow from Lake Erie! Ugh. Enjoy, relax and rejuvenate!
  15. So looking forward to sailing this ship but we have to wait til next February. Oh well! Cant wait to see some pictures you all will post, I’m sure!
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