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  1. You can stay within Port Rashid if you like as the QE2 is now moored there and open as a hotel (Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel). Alternatively there are several hotels quite close to the port. You can check out The Canvas Dubai (A Mgallery Collection hotel) or the Hyatt Place Dubai, Jumeirah. If you are looking for budget hotels then try either the Mercure Gold or the Holiday Inn Express, Jumeirah... If you need any further suggestions, let me know... Anne..
  2. Two or three or in my case four mix and match doses!!!! After initially receiving two doses of one of the older technology 'inactive' vaccines back in January at the post 6 months date I was given the option of a booster shot of the same vaccine, or revaccination with one of the new technology mRNA vaccines (Pfizer in my case). Come Friday morning I will have become one of 'guinea pigs' who has now had two doses of two different vaccines....Am I any better for all of this, who knows, and as the saying on this board goes - time will tell...😀 Anne...
  3. I thought you were joking when I began reading this post but clearly you weren't. I can think of several words to describe those 'old time WC'ers' but I suspect this post would be short lived if I did!!!! That practice takes the concept of one step forward, two steps back to a whole new level... Anne...
  4. Really, you would never know that!!! Other than the occasional comment in response to posts from people I 'know' on this board, I gave up posting anything constructive long ago!!! 😀 Anne...
  5. You can have mine!!! I don't know how you managed to train your brain not to be light sensitive - I've been travelling for probably a lot longer than you and mine still says blackout or no sleep!!!! 😴 Anne..
  6. I think the reason for the fare differences of the various voyages mentioned is due mainly to their timing. The 2022 voyage is quite late for the Europe to Middle East route - they are usually scheduled in late October, and that route is well served at that time of year as cruise lines reposition ships from Europe to Asia, or for the Middle East winter season… I think this cruise and the following roundtrip Abu Dhabi cruise are well priced to draw interest to the Holiday Cruise, which sails from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai with an included excursion to the Taj Mahal… I’ve lived in the Middle East for many years and as far as weather goes it will not be unbearably hot anywhere along the route, in fact the first half could be quite cool with the possibility of rain. Temperatures will rise during the second half but you’ll also find daylight hours will shorten. December highs here are in the mid to high 20’sC but it is dark by 5.30pm… I did this itinerary in reverse several years ago and doing both Cairo and Luxor was easily doable as we had port calls in both Alexandria and Safaga but I wouldn’t recommend trying to do both from Safaga - you really would be rushed to see anything in any detail. Luxor or Cairo both warrant an overnight excursion… At least with the overnight port call in Aqaba there is the opportunity to take excursions to both Petra and Wadi Rum.. This is a great fare, an interesting itinerary and my favourite ship - I wouldn’t hesitate to book it…. 😀😀 Anne..
  7. Not a big surprise, but a big disappointment - I was hoping the final segment of the QM2’s voyage would be my means of returning to the UK next year without having to get on a plane!!!! 🥲🥲 Anne…
  8. I know we are in different time zones but the Serenity isn't just arriving, she has been docked in Cadiz since yesterday!!! 🤔 Anne...
  9. Hi Jay Will you be bravely returning to cruising when the Symphony restarts operations?? According to the Visit Antigua website all arriving passengers must have a negative PCR test result taken within the 7 days prior to arrival… Here’s the link to their website.. https://visitantiguabarbuda.com/travel-advisory/ Enjoy your trip… Anne…
  10. I have no idea where NPR reports from but I saw this pop up on my internet feed just yesterday…It certainly looks as though the Delta strain is being reported to be on the rise in the USA… https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2021/06/08/1004597294/the-highly-contagious-delta-variant-of-covid-is-on-the-rise-in-the-u-s Anne
  11. The transit is over now and the ship is now in the Mediterranean, I believe heading for Cyprus… It was a daytime transit for me as I live out here!!!! Anne..
  12. and especially for Roy (rafinmd) I also managed to catch the exact moment Crystal Serenity sailed past the Ever Given container ship st her anchorage in the Great Bitter Lake…. Anne
  13. For those of you not on the same time zone as me here are a few screenshots from my iPad of the Serenity as she transits the Suez Canal his morning… Sunrise over the Sinai Desert Canal Transit I’ll try to get some more later in the day.. Anne…
  14. Funny you should mention that - it was the first thing that sprung to my mind. I can't think why....😁 Anne...🤠
  15. I’m with you on this one - I couldn’t believe what I was reading. However, considering the number of for v against comments I can only assume it must be an ‘outsider’ view!!!! I’m already on the countdown to receive my booster shot!!! Anne
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