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  1. Hi all. I'm on the Summit starting Saturday, and thought I'd do a live from this middle of St. Maarten summer set. I'll try to answer questions, if any. So my adventure is starting now. I'm at SFO airport waiting to board my flight to New York. I'll meet my sister (who will be know as Beth going forward, as that is her name), and we'll fly to St. Maarten early tomorrow morning. Because we have a very early flight, we're staying at the airport. We'll probably go over to the counter and check in tonight, since Jet Blue is recommending we get to the airport
  2. I've been able to transfer one type of OBC. The book on board bonus, when X cancels. The only restriction is that the new booking can't have one already. We did a book onboard for Hawaii in May of 21. When it cancelled, I was able to move that OBC to a cruise in 2023 (which was the only one at the time that didn't have one already).
  3. When I've been in it, it's always been served.
  4. Hmmm, it does say 100% as FCC, so I guess you'd get that. (I think Princess refunds penalties as FCC, rest in refund). Unless you're planning to buy a mac computer or perhaps a couple of bottles of really good champagne, I totally understand your logic.
  5. The only issues you might have, is that it takes some time for the FCC to be created. So if you cancel (We have an October cruise that went into final a couple of weeks ago) so I assume you will too. If you rebook, and you're past final payment, you'd have to pay the whole thing within a day or two of booking. I'm not sure they're able to create the FCC in time for that. Also, I might be wrong on this, I think they give you FCC equal to the penalties and refund the rest. If that's the case, then the FCC probably wouldn't pay off this cruise. But if I'm wrong on the
  6. I think the St. Maarten cruises are having 1-2 cases every 3rd cruise or so. As far as I know, there has been no spread to contacts, which in a way, proves that what they are doing is working. It's clear that even with vaccines, there will be a few mild to symptomless cases, and maybe what some are saying about viral load is correct, that not enough to spread. Which, if true, is good. (By the way, one of the alternate gymnasts tested positive a couple of days ago. The regular team is competing, so no spread).
  7. Thanks. We’re on in October. I’m looking forward hearing about the cruise.
  8. Far more useful than my answer. I do hope someone posts one here, though.
  9. My personal opinion is that cruiselines likely have 2 potential main objectives. 1. Make as much money as quickly as possible to recover. 2. Avoid a repeat of the Diamond Princess, even if that means a slower return to profitability. I'm pretty sure they're all choosing objective 2.
  10. You just said it better than I could. I find it interesting, as others have said, that Florida has gone to court to get cruising restarted. It is interesting that not a single cruiseline joined him, although I believe Norwegian filed an amicus brief - on the side of the CDC. On the other hand, the cruiselines don't like the conditions that Florida has imposed, and is end running them, because, as you state, public opinion is with the CDC at this time (once they allowed sailing to start). I was a bit surprised that this case didn't get thrown out as either no longer relevant, or because the
  11. On these sailing X covers all covid expenses. If you booked air with them, they'll get you home. We're sailing next week, and on this, and my October cruise, I got cruise air.
  12. We were just in Alaska doing a Gray Line land tour, and they were very casual about masks. Including on the bus we were on for Anchorage to Kenai, and Kenai to Denali. They were required on the bus tour inside Denali park, and the driver/guide enforced it.
  13. First time I submitted the troubleshooting ticket, it didn't have me upload my stuff. Then, a week or so later I got a text that it was fixed. It wasn't. So, I waited another two weeks and tried again. Still broken. New ticket, and uploaded everything. I guess I'll wait until I get a text telling me it's fixed.
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