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  1. I've in in suites on Reflection, Equinox and Eclipse. Michael's club might be slightly bigger on Reflection, but it did have two concierges. Luminae was about the same size I think.
  2. You were closer to apples-to-apples than you think. The only difference between an X full suite (at the Celebrity suite level - I think above gets specialty dining added) and a Sky Suite is space (A Sky suite is pretty similar to a Princess mini). So if you figure you'd have gotten the same service in a Sky Suite, you're doing apples-to-apples.
  3. On DH's first X cruise (my second) we had a sky suite on the Reflection. I wanted to try Blu for dinner one night, but we could never get in. We had friends in Aqua who said Blu was slammed every night, and they always had a wait. So, I got it. Next time with my sister, we had a sky suite and actually ran into some friends who were also on the cruise (not cruise friends, I had no idea they even cruised until we saw them). They were in Aqua, so we had breakfast in Blu one morning. We also took them to lunch in Luminae one day. So, I think the suite thing in Blu is up to the Maitre'd in Blu. On our cruise, they did the right thing at dinner. My last cruise was in Aqua, and so I finally had dinner in Blu. It was good.
  4. Yeah, X does differentiate more between the levels - and having had Blu, Luminae (on X) and Club Class (Princess), the difference is bigger. Club class dining is the same menu, with one or two extra things, whereas both Blu and Luminae are separate restaurants. And a minisuite on X gets you suite perks, on Princess it gives you a better bathroom, and CC for some minis. Of course, you pay for that different. And yes, drinks are still more expensive on X.
  5. In general, on both lines, the show is the main entertainment. I know theme parties and silent disco usually start around 10 or so, so after the shows. I may not be the best person to answer this, since we tend to eat dinner late, and then just wander around for a while and go back to the room.
  6. One other note on the theater. The showtimes, at least on the cruises I've been on, have worked better than on Princess for fixed dining. The first show is at 7, so easy for anyone with late seating, and the second at 9, good for early diners. On Princess it's always been 8 and 10, so very difficult for people with late seating. Which may be why it's so hard to get a seat. Everyone wants the 8 show, since 10 is too late for many in early seating. That's my theory, anyway.
  7. They have some - their shows are a little more theatrical than Princess's are, but more similar than different. One way to get a sense of a Celebrity ship, watch the cruising episode of Rick Steve's Europe. It was filmed on two cruises - one on the Reflection and I forget the other. He's shown dancing at a theme party - the person he "high-fives" is my DH, and he's dancing with me and some friends (which is how I know it was on the Reflection).
  8. Very nice. I'm on my first Medallion cruise in May, and I'm tempted to try to copy. (Although when I saw you listed Fimo first, I thought "huh, a clay bracelet?").
  9. I thought it was funded because of construction at the airport. When that's done, it will no longer be free. At least that's what I was told in 2018.
  10. We are long time Princess cruisers, and have also been sailing Celebrity for a few years. The experience is somewhat similar. As others have said, the food is slightly better on X and the buffet has a better layout. The room storage is better on Princess, but the Celebrity bathroom has a shower door and several drawers for storage. By the way, in general, minsuite perks are way better on Celebrity, but I think the price is more.
  11. On the book club ... I read one in advance. The cruise was at the beginning of the month, so they had the book for the previous month (they actually had a handout meeting). At the end of the cruise, they had a turn it in meeting. No discussion, except for 3 minutes between me and the other person that had read the book. On the meet and mingle. In over 30 Princess cruises, I have only once (2007 I think) seen anything official in the Patter (and as apparently is usual when they do that, some came to complain - guess they thought it was cruise criticize). Usually, it's set up by someone in the roll call, and that's where the meet up is announced. It may be informal in a venue, or, if someone in the roll call has the energy to arrange it, there may be a bar available and officers invited. But for the latter to happen it has to be arranged by a rolll call member. I did once once, I got them to reserve a venue. Someone else was going to send letter to the officers. I don't think they did that.
  12. OMG - that should absolutely not have happened. You paid for Luminae, so they shouldn't turn you away. (And I agree that the Michael's club concierge maybe could have helped). The Reflection was our first suite experience. We had a generally good experience in Luminae. I think only once did we need to wait for a table, and that was because the ship was in port until 7, so all the people that usually were out by the time we got there were still there. We got sent to Michael's club and the hostess (Katya - outstanding) called up when they were ready for us. I think that it wasn't that there were no tables - there were not tables we wanted. That said, we were completely unable to get into Blu - friends there said that even going at 8 had a wait. Reflection was the only ship that in addition to an amuse bouche, offered a palette cleanser. When on the Eclipse in a suite last year, we asked about it, and were given them for the rest of the cruise.
  13. I've read all her books. They're fairly formulaic, but fun. I'd have gone. Maybe she'll be back for our cruise.
  14. We're elite on both Princess and Celebrity. We give X the slight edge. We book minisuites on both. Lately, we've been doing Club Class minis. If you book a regular minisuite on Princess, you get basically more space. That's it. The bathroom is very nice, but X bathrooms (even balcony rooms) have better storage ie, drawers. Closets are better on Princess. If you book a club mini, you do get the Club dining, which is nice, although I think Luminae is better - the service is a little more upscale, although we've found service in CC dining to be great. On X, you do get the amuse bouch as well as the assistant waiters bringing a platter of 3 bread choices, just like the Michelin starred restaurant we go to once a year for our anniversary. So, the minisuites and sky suites don't compare - X wins by a landslide because you get suite perks. However, the elite perks win by a landslide on Princess. I get one bag of laundry on X - unlimited on Princess. Right now, our model is short low travel cruises on Princess, longer more exotic ones on X. (Except the one week one I do every summer with my sister - that's on X).
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