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  1. Not ture!! There is deck 13, but it's very hard to find😂
  2. Back in the day this was true. Back then, the only other soda that contained more caffeine was Jolt. However now with with all the energy drinks out there this no longer the case. If you don't count the energy drinks, it's still up there and it still has more caffeine that most coffees. As others have mentioned Dr Pepper(my drink of choice) is distributed by both Coke and Pepsi and is the official soda pop of Texas. I hope this doesn't affect its availability on cruises out of galveston or New Orleans.
  3. Here is just a few pictures I took from our balcony
  4. We just got off the Carnival Legend a few weeks ago. It is the second time we have done that cruise. I don't how anyone can say its not fun. It is different, you are almost always in site of land and there is a naturalist on board who constantly come over the PA with updates about whale sightings, area history, and other stuff. Instead of the warm sunny sea days you the temperatures will range from the mid 40's to the low 60. Expect rain, it rained nearly everyday for us. The scenery is absolutely amazing, In Tracy Arm you literally have 2000' mountains on ether side of the ship, waterfall everywhere you look and beautifully blue icebergs as you approach the glacier. Tons of entertainment on-board. We were doing Game of Thrones trivia when we got interrupted by a group of whales that decided to show off next to the ship. You can't go wrong with Alaska!!
  5. Publicly stating this seriously risks the revocation of your "Native Texan" status 😛 From what I have been told, all cruises out of Galveston and New Orleans have Dr Pepper. I was on the Carnival Breeze for 14 days when they repossitioned from Galveston to Port Canaveral. I was worried that Dr. Pepper would be replaced by Mr Pib mid-cruise when they resupplied, but had it throughout the entire cruise
  6. Its no secret and the cruise lines will tell you that these three things are their biggest money makers. I believe its been said these three account for over 50% of the revenue. There are people who enjoy one or more of these, but that doesn't mean its any less of a ripoff 1. Casino 2. Alcohol 3. Bingo Also its thanks to these "ripoffs" that I can cruise for really cheap. As we don't participate is any of them 🙂
  7. My understanding is that the essential departments will need work as normal. There are alot of people who come aboard during a normal dry dock. With this being a floating drydock, its not like they can put the workers in a hotel while its a sea so alot of the same functions will probably occur(minus the entertainment) just on a smaller scale.
  8. I guess that would be an exception, but I guess the point is carnival is probably making more from the charter than a normal cruise. That brings me to the 16'th rule of Acquisition: A deal is a deal ... until a better one comes along.
  9. If one or more of the ships are sold there are two likely options. 1. One of the terms of the sale will probably be that it will sale will not "close" until the completion of scheduled cruises" 2. If the sale does "close" prior to the completion of scheduled cruises, the ship will be leased back to carnival for the completion of the scheduled cruises. It gets the ship off the books and has some tax advantages. As for canceling already book cruises...this will never happen unless there is something like maniacal failure or weather that prevents the ship from sailing. Remember the 1'st rule of acquisition: Once you have their money, you never give it back!!!
  10. I did the 14 day re-positioning cruise on the Breeze and it was by far the most fun out of all the cruises I've been on. A couple of things I noticed different from a normal cruise(I know some of these were mentioned before). 1. Demand and Platinum Cruisers will outnumber Blue, Red and Gold Cruisers(possibility even all three combined) 2. More competitions that a normal( paper airplane, and egg drop were some I did). 3. Fewer kids on board especially true if cruise is during the school year. I think we has less that 20 people number the age in 18. 4. Fly aboard entertainment like a juggler, mentalist, Professional singers, etc 5. Academy of fun. I attended the Food and Celestial Navigation(my favorite ) seminars. 6. Pirate theme party. 7. Midnight Buffet 8. Quest....was...um.. more interesting than a normal cruise(thats all I'm saying) 9. They did have a problem keep some items stocked, bananas is one example. 10. I was wrong by thinking that after 14 days I'd be ready to get off, if anything I was more attached and the ship, crew, and other passengers. It felt wrong getting off at the end of the cruise. There is much more but that is want just comes to mind.
  11. On our last 7 day Alaskan cruise they changed times 4 times. Twice going up and twice coming back. The only other cruise were we had to change time was on a 14 day repositioning cruise. The time change was mid-cruise and it was the local time at the new home port.
  12. If this is true, I think I will like it. Looks promising ...if this is what Carnival will be using. LOLISTRAWS look and feel like regular plastic straws, according to their IndieGoGo page. However they go “from straw to soil in 60 days or less” rather than sitting in a landfill for what is essentially forever. You don’t need to worry about the straw disintegrating in your drink, either. LOLISTRAWS will last for 24 hours in your beverage and have a shelf life of up to two years. https://youtu.be/4HV91fkAIbg
  13. I would like to see how edible they really are. I'll be happy if they don't change the taste or fall apart before you have finished using them. Those are by two biggest complaints about paper straws and I'm glad Carnival didn't go that route. Besides everyone knows paper straws are made from recycled toilet paper right??
  14. On my last cruise(14 day repo on the Breeze), I just happened to have breakfast with the guy with the most sea days of all of carnivals passengers(something like 1600 at that time). In essence he told me is was cheaper to cruise that live in a retirement community. I've always wanted to do a B2B, B2B2B or even a B2B2B2B2B2... well you get the picture. With all times I've gone on a cruise a realized I forgotten something, would it be possible to have an item delivered to you ship at the end/start of your next leg?
  15. The Port of Galveston has actually been making a lot investments in LNG and I remember a while back reading that Rodger E. Rees(Port Director/CEO for Galveston) was quoted saying goal was to make Galveston the largest export port of LNG in the country(after all in Texas we have lots of the stuff with the Permian Basin). When he came from Port Canaveral he also mentioned increasing revenue from additional cruise traffic by attracting larger ships like Oasis. I'm not sure if anyone has really out these two together, but I think it primes Galveston for one of the new LNG ships. The cruise industry has proven to be a cash cow for the Galveston Port Authority. Its the fastest growing port and they are getting ready to build its third cruise terminal. Right now its the 4th busiest port in the US, but there is a lot a talk about it dethroning Port Everglades currently in the #3 spot.
  16. I have been our of Galveston 4 1/2 times. Seattle 1 time, Charleston 2 times and Port Canaveral 1/2 of a time. Q: How did I go out of a port 1/2 time. A: It was a 14 day requisitioning cruise(The best cruise by far) on the Carnival Breeze form Galveston to Port Canaveral. I really can't rate Port Canaveral become I have only seen it from the debarking prospective, but I will say I didn't like long trip from the Terminal to Orlando airport though. Galveston is probably my choice because we live in DFW and the rates are good.
  17. Then you would also like the cruises from Seattle. While its not a river the view is amazing. On out last cruise in 2015 it wasn't until after dinner that night that we actually cleared the straits of Juan de Fuca. The one negative is since you were in US territorial waters the entire time you were charged sales tax on everything you bought on the ship. Even with the bubbles package I was still charged .25 for every fill.
  18. 1. Any way I can marry into your family before Christmas? just kidding 2. It should be a problem doing this. We have done something similar. We are going on a cruise with my family in august. We have three room total. I made all the reservation thought our PVP and I am the one managing the bookings. I have each of them added to my carnival page even thought I am only listed in one of the cabins. Just made your your PVP link the booking you will have dinner at the same table(if you do assigned dinning)
  19. I know all Conquest, Fantasy and Spirit Class all have all or some portion outside. There may be more. That said, they do have a alternate location for those with disabilities. Just check with Guest Services when you board. I know on the Freedom they put us in one of the restaurants.
  20. Then the ship didn't deem them worthy!!
  21. I forgot one. 4. The Carnival Breeze (and all dream class ships) has hot tubs on the Promenade. I love these during the day as there is always one in the shade(I'm a red headed ginger and burn easily). On the 14 day cruise, I could always be found in one of these watching as we were leaving a port.
  22. I was on the Carnival Breeze back in September for the 14 day requisitioning cruise went it left Galveston. 1. My advice is if you like Italian food, do the Italian restaurant for lunch(its free) as soon as you get on the ship. Most people will not figure out its free until later in the cruise. What I like to do it get a table in the Italian restaurant right next to a window port side and watch the loading operations. There will be hardly anyone there unlike Lido witch will be packed. 2. There is a little known, but not so secret elevator in the spa area that you can use to get up to the serenity deck. Anyone can use it. It only goes to decks 11, 12, 14, and 15 3. My personal favorite and what I like to tell the young ones, see if you can find deck 13. Here is how you access it: Step 1: From deck 2 take any glass elevator to Deck 11. Step 2: From deck 11 take any elevator to deck 3 Step 3: Preferably with a lot of people watching, stand in the middle of the hallway and turn around clockwise 3 times. Step 4: Continue standing standing in the middle of the hallway and turn around counterclockwise 4 times. Step 5: Continue standing standing in the middle of the hallway do 6 jumping jacks Step 7: From desk 3 take a glass elevator to deck 11 Step 8: On deck 11 proceeded to the not so secret elevator mentioned above Now if you complete all these steps perfectly ***AND*** the ship deems you worthy, you will see a button appear in that elevator for deck 13, and only you will be able to see it. If it doesn't work the first time, try again, but post video of you doing it to YouTube and post the link here so we can ..um.. comment on any part your may not doing correctly😂 Enjoy
  23. This is what I thought, but after seeing Davey port, I reached out to our PVP(we actually have a good relationship with ours) and asked him that question. He said he was going to ask around, but didn't see why not. I'll let you know what I find out. I've always wanted to do a B2B for many reasons. I've always wanted to go up to my dinning room waiter(or someone else I interact with a lot) on the first night of the second leg and go "Shhhh....I'm a stowaway"🤣
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