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  1. Last year on my trip, the Lecturer mentioned that the lights hadn’t been seen 3 times. I thought that was interesting.
  2. Yeah, I heard that the Dream got the store. It was in June this year, so when I answered the information was correct!
  3. I know! When I travel I say I am from New York, just outside of New York City. When I take Uber from where I live, they take a route that bypasses the roads that pass La Guardia airport. Just an FYI. Hope you enjoy NYC when you come!
  4. I believe that MJ is from Long Island, as I am from. New Yorkers are not just from NYC, I am from the Metro area but was born in Manhattan.
  5. Uber and Lyft are possibilities to get around. Cabs at airports have a set rate to go from any airport to Manhattan. I am not sure what the fares are. Personally, I wouldn’t go through La Guardia, they are renovating the airport and traffic is horrible.
  6. Puerto Rico may be part of the US, but the cruise will be going to the Caribbean and Castaway Cay. Both places are not part of the US. You will go through customs in PR after you dock, and then when you fly to Denver it will be a domestic flight.
  7. I did the Astronomy Cruise in October 2018. Embarkation starts at about 4 PM and sails at 8 PM. I would get in the day before, what happens if your plane is cancelled, or you didn’t make one of your connections. On my trip I went to Denmark and Finland before Norway. I went out of JFK, my original KLM flight, was cancelled, I was protected and I was put on a Delta flight a couple of hours after my original flight. I saw many people in JFK who didn’t have a flight after the cancellation. In Amsterdam, I had 55 minutes to get from the International gates which I think was E gates and had to get to B gates, to get to Denmark. Debarkation is at 2 PM, I wasn’t able to make a flight to go home until the next day.
  8. The Fantasy is the only ship with Star Wars Day at Sea, the OP was asking about Star Wars. What are you arguing about? The Magic has Marvel Day at Sea, again no other ship has that experience.
  9. As I said and the article says the same, the Fantasy offers the Star Wars Day at Sea. I have been on both when these day occurred.
  10. The Fantasy has sailings that are called Star Wars day at sea. They have one day that Star Wars characters have meet and greets, also lectures and the movies.
  11. I said that the Martha’s Vineyard Ferries felt similar to Hurtigruten. Having been on both, that is my opinion. I have acknowledged that both are built for their own needs. I also compared how heavy the Viking Sky and Hurtigruten’s ships are and found that the Viking ship is heavier, and seeing that Hurtigruten chose to stay put was I thought a wise choice.
  12. Hallasm, yes, both ships are constructed for their needs. By the way, in those 45 years that I have taken the Ferry to the Vineyard, I have driven onto the Ferry quite a number of times. There was a feeling to the Hurtigruten ship that was similar to the Ferry and I have been in rough seas on both. The Vineyard Ferry crosses in 45 minutes, goes round trip in 2 hours. They have mail trucks, food trucks and deliver a lot of stuff that is needed. I tried to look at the weight of the Martha’s Vineyard Ferries but couldn’t find it. I looked at the weight of the Viking Sky and the Hurtigruten ships. I found that the Viking ship was heavier than the Hurtigruten ships, at least by 20,000 tons. (not sure how to put it in metric) I think that was partly why the Captain of the Viking ship tried to sail in the storm, forgetting that storms at sea are more dangerous or he felt that he could handle it. I also think that staying in a port with the fees that a ship incurs when tied up was something that Viking wanted to avoid. I wouldn’t be surprised if all those possibilities were part of the reason the ship sailed that day. Hurtigruten must have taken a hit financially also. Not only did they not sail that day but the freight and goods that the ships deliver to the ports were delayed. The passengers had to be accommodated, but they made the correct decision to remain where they were.
  13. Look at pictures of the Martha’s Vineyard Ferries that the Steam Ship Authority has and look at Hurtigruten’s ships. The keel lies in the water on both ships about the same. Shapes are similar. Hurtigruten is considered a Ferry, so are the ships to Martha’s Vineyard. Personally, I consider Hurtigruten a hybrid of Ferry services and cruise ship. I think I am a couple of years younger than you, and I have been on the Ferry to Martha’s Vineyard for over 45 years of my life. I think I can tell when something is similar. By the way, you can buy alcohol on the Ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.
  14. I was on the MS Trollfjord in October 2018. I even gave a review of my trip. Don’t tell me the differences between the two, I am perfectly aware of them. When the Viking Sky ran into trouble and I became aware of it, I looked online to see what the difference in weight of the ships were. Did you? I noticed that the tonnage of the Viking ship was heavier than the Hurtigruten ships by at least 20,000. I also looked to see where the Hurtigruten ships were during the time when the Viking ship was out to sea. I know that the officers of the Hurtigruten ships are more knowledgeable of the area than the Viking officers. To me, the Hurtigruten ships do carry freight and cars, so I make a comparison to the Martha’s Vineyard Ferry. Yes, the itineraries and services are different, but the Hurtigruten ship felt to me like the Ferry going back and forth to Martha’s Vineyard. Both are light ships in comparison to a regular Cruise line ship.
  15. I think that Viking thought that the weight of the ship and the stabilizers that the ship had was what decided them. The ships that Hurtigruten has aren’t as heavy and are more Ferry like. I am familiar with car carrying Ferries, I go to Martha’s Vineyard every year and have traveled on those ferries. You can look up the weights of the ships.
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