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  1. Thanks, that's what I figured but wasn't sure
  2. Separate dining question: We are on the Adventure over Christmas (4 of us) and are currently signed up for Traditional dining, early seating. If we are running late (several late departure ports), can we show up for MTD or is the Buffet our only other option. Sorry, but we’ve never done MTD before, so not sure how it works.
  3. I can highly recommend the kayak/hike/snorkel tour on St. Thomas. We did this several years ago and it was my husband's favorite excursion ever. So much so, that we have booked it again (FYI, ship excursion) for our RCCL cruise over Christmas. The guides were awesome. We kayaked/snorkeled in St. Maarten shortly after the hurricanes and it was the worst experience. Partly due to the cloudiness of the water after the storms but also it was more of an open water kayak, rather than thru a mangrove area. If you choose to do a beach in St. Thomas, we like the beach over on Water Island. Catch the water taxi ($10 pp round trip) at Tickles Bar and Restaurant to the island. There are 2 beach bars/restaurants on the beach but we always go the far end, Dinghy's. Chairs and umbrellas are free with the purchase of food or drink. Hope this is some help. Denise
  4. Has anyone has ever done the Jungle Kayak Adventure excursion in Limon offered by Princess? Wondering if we would essentially see the same wildlife as on the Tortuguero Canal excursion, but at a slower and less crowded pace. Can't quite tell exactly where the kayaking is taking place. 14 days to SailAway
  5. Thank you. This is great information and exactly what I was looking for. Probably going to take a taxi to the fort, then either taxi or walk to the walled city, then taxi back to the port.
  6. DH and I are going in December and were wondering if it is possible/doable to walk to/from the port to the walled city. Is it safe, other than having to run the gauntlet of vendors? Not really interested in any of the tours.
  7. What do you consider plenty of time? There will be a total of 4 ships in when we are there, about 13,000 people. I've read anywhere from 45 minute taxi ride back to 2 1/2 hours.
  8. Dumb question... but if you take a taxi to the French side of the island, do you need to take your passport with you?
  9. So sorry... I was just searching about ports and terminals
  10. Comfort Suites Fort Lauderdale, Airport South & Cruise Port offers free airport shuttle. And $10 per person next day cruise port shuttle. Also Cambria Hotel Fort Lauderdale, Airport South & Cruise Port offers the same deal. Oops! Sorry, wrong thread!
  11. Yay!! Finally got my cabin assignment for my Caribbean Princess cruise sailing 2 days from now. Nice little upgrade, I think. Booked a guaranteed BE balcony, assigned a B2 Premium balcony. Sailing with my soon to be 30-year-old daughter who has only sailed inside cabin. Happy birthday to her!!
  12. I'm sailing on Saturday and have yet to be assigned a cabin. Longest it's ever taken!! Getting a little nervous...
  13. wvdeedee


    Interesting. This will be my third time on a Princess ship in the last two years and I've never received this type of email. Did it come from Princess or your travel agent? I'm also on the Caribbean sailing on Saturday. Can't wait!!
  14. Another curious question, did you book through a travel agent or directly through Princess? We are on the July 14th sailing and waiting for our guarantee balcony cabin assignment.
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