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  1. NJ is so much easier than NY for us. you will hear lot of good things but ill say one thing i found super annoying. when we walked thru the casino through that bar in the back to the theater it was crazy narrow and a pain. the casino itself is a maze. (unsure why they need to do this as you are trapped at sea anyway) and when there's an event in that bar in the back there is maybe a 5 to 6 ft empty space for 1000 people to walk thru at the end of the show in the main theater. i know you can wait and take those other elevators but that is an adventure in itself MDR was just avg. the usual cramped seating. most private tables are next to the windows. nothing bad there but nothing wow either. I guess CK on oasis spoiled me. but i knew going in what id be doing. i actually did liberty out of FLL because the royal suite was cheaper from there vs a balcony from NYC to bermuda. welll worth the flight and hotel and this was my 1st flying to a cruise. it was that worth it.
  2. on regal princess we had force 10 winds a few years ago. only time i ever got sick on a cruise. booze probably didnt help either. on our tour of the bridge the captain said was only the 2nd time he went through something that rough and had to announce even on the speakers in the cabins what was happening. it's not a fun time. wouldnt want to go through anything higher on the scale. having one hand on the bar during an entire shower isnt a fun ride for me.
  3. did my 1st trip on Mera in May. im super picky and would be complaining if i thought it was loud . noise didnt bother me at all at any time. but maybe i didnt go 'where the parties are'
  4. just as an FYI, even uploading pics to FB took an insane amount of time on the plan they give you with YC which i think is the basic plan. im talking 5 minutes per pic is the norm. so if you wanna do anything more than basic things id say do the better plan. on our 2nd cruise we wont be posting as many pics but the 1st time out there's tons to post about!
  5. when i booked my 1st MSC i get the feeling my TA had little to no experience with them. then he told me they do things just a bit different. i didnt pry but do know i want him to book me every time. but i generally get 9 percent back on my suites from him anyway. so he can deal with all the things if they ever come up
  6. I just retired from being an auditor and never have heard of the ones mentioned here. I'd love to come out of retirement and test the guest experience!
  7. you mention interior. then adding things. you get for 1700 PP in MSC YC the interior with all the booze you want. refilled fridge daily. great pool deck buffet, great lounge and suite deck.wifi. great suite restaurant etc etc. if you can tolerate interiors you can sail so often in a suite on MSC and im pretty sure you will love it. it's more than a step up in service and perks from all you mentioned above. and 2 nites in bermuda. it's awesome. im sold!
  8. 5700 sept 29 to bermuda in YC...the extra 1000 is well worth it.. free booze.wifi..butler..great pool buffet. join us! makes the boring NY itineraries soo much better. just did it in May and we are sold!
  9. objective things about my haven trips. (courtyard penthouse on bliss, 2br on getaway, spa haven on breakaway.) vs my YC deluxe on Mera while in YC you never show a card to get any drink. I'd imagine there are upcharges for some expensive things but i never ran into that. you dont think it's a big deal til you dont have to show the card. it's so freeing! changing menu in YC. haven needs to improve this and also add back filet for bfast given the much higher pricing they now charge suite pool deck breakfast and lunch buffet. it was so good we had most every lunch there and a few breakfasts. haven has some outside seating on some ships but not the YC buffet and it's very good. the pool is bigger and deeper than the kiddie pools haven has YC brings you ice cream around 2 every day on the pool deck. YC has fewer hot tubs than the haven ships ive had the haven courtyard suite was about equal to the YC deluxe suite and YC was MUCH cheaper pricing. same tiny balconies in both cabins. why pay more for haven. heck my 2BR in haven had a tiny balcony. disgraceful for the price. the bigger rooms in haven are more elegant for sure. I do greatly dislike the closet and bathroom placement in the YC cabin though. the butler service seemed to extend to all YC as a whole, other butlers will help you. never happened in haven. a literal schedule of snacks in YC lounge from 6 am to 2am both restaurants are elegant and seating is amply spaced even for my desire ( i hate the seating in CK on oasis as you are up on other people) in 2022 in haven on getaway you never got a fridge full of what drinks you wanted, you did not get free wifi (had some crazy 100 minute plan which you ate up quick) but i did have 2 specialty restaurants. YC has no specialties included. but having unlimited drinks in your fridge was just fantastic. you dont get that in haven (maybe the top suites?) wherever YC smoking was, i never saw it. or smelled it. haven typically has it all the way forward on the ships and you sometimes smell it. i think YC concierge is 24/7 but i never needed that late service so not a biggie. wristbands which allegedly get you better service outside YC. i never wore mine. no clue if true. if you make a spreadsheet, YC deluxe balcony is definitely the best value on paper. i currently am paying 2700 for a week in bermuda and i could pay 500 more PP and get a 2 story suite 2 bathrooms or 2100 PP for the biggest suite. I think both have hot tubs on the balcoy. if you can deal with an inside. a week is just 3500 ALL In for 2 people for YC. ( i could never do that) where im sure the cheapest Haven room is 3500 PP at least. sailing out of NYC, i have very limited destinations for a week and now just sail for the ships. i gotta say , at the pricing of Mera YC, it would take me much longer to get tired of the same old routes. where as in oasis, im tired of it already. (been on crown loft and 1 BR aqua). it's good you are trying YC because i think you will see the value.
  10. happy to see something closer than NYC for me but dang those prices. i just started sailing MSC and am finding YC pricing so much better than haven with more included.
  11. i just noticed that a penthouse has 2 legit bedrooms but i'm assuming it's not available on your cruise.
  12. sadly i dont remember if it was this forum or another that posted the pics of the beds downstairs opened up and also the conditions and ages of the occupants. though cabins are able to take 4, sometimes due to the size of the 2nd sofa beds it may not be the best for adults. so best research that before you book to see if it's ok i know for my gf and i im greatly looking forward to the villa in november. especially the retreat door!
  13. i belong to a disney forum and you get newbie questions "how bad is it in august in florida" talk about universal replies to a question. the people that go then are already living in TX or AZ or some super hot place and it doesnt bother them. you cant even say you are doing it for the kids because from what i recall as a kid, i hated the heat. i do pity those that only can go in summer.
  14. yacht club on msc. ill be comparing the service on my crazy price edge villa in november. for 5x the price of MSC i expect 5x the fantastic!
  15. i havent been on princess for a while so dont know the new rules for them. but even as picky and fussy as i am about my larger cabins im dealing with the balcony in YC because the service more than made up for the larger cabin. plus getting free drinks, wifi, pool deck buffet, butler, newspaper, free fridge drink refills, fantastic YC pool deck is worth it. as far as i know none of the older princess ships have ship within a ship concept and it really is best executed with YC . ive been on the best suite on liberty of the seas, crown lofts and aqua theaters on oasis and 2 bedroom and courtyards on NCL and except for the fancier cabins, none achieved the level of what i enjoyed on my YC cruise. plus YC was the cheapest suite ive ever had except one. also when i did have an upgraded foreward facing suite, full price would have been 4K way back in 2018. but no drinks. wifi, butler. suite deck, suite buffet etc etc were available. it was literally only the cabin that was the benefit. the tiny section in the MDR they called the suite section was a laugh. same food basically and JAMMED together like everyone else. the YC restaurant is so spaced out. its fantastic. Princess cabins are definitely superior to MSC but the rest isnt
  16. problem is even though i asked for a paper 1st day i didnt get one till day 3. then only 2 more for the week. i dont mind if you dont offer the service but if you do you gotta be consistent. ditto with PM treats in the cabin. if you deliver one day, you have to all days.
  17. ive only been in a balcony yacht club suite but the service impressed me. they have 2 larger suites for you to try as well. i dont like the smaller room compared to all my other normal suites i stay in across other lines but the service was fantastic. so much so that i booked another bermuda cruise. for 2600 ish PP i feel im being treated very well for the price.
  18. id say dont work and live next to a cruise port. i can see how someone in FL can do 50 cruises a year easily. last minute fares on short cruises probably 500 a pop or less. oh and also no pets. i cannot imagine cruising a lot since i have cats. just wouldnt work out.
  19. i was in nassau around christmas one time and it was just horribly hot. got right back on the ship. did not enjoy it. but anywhere could be hot and next day less hot but personally im never expecting anything south of florida to ever be cooler than 80. still way to hot for me but i choose to suffer through it to go places ive never been before
  20. end of october one time in halifax and st john it was 70 and i was dying of heat. wish wore shorts. so you never know what mother nature will bring.
  21. when i arrived in the NY terminal it was already boarding. but i noticed TONS of cans of chips in the lounge at the port. i wish i grabbed 100 of them on the way to the ship. probably were other goodies there i didnt see because i wanted to embark
  22. ill be in EV in november on ascent for my retirement. did you eat more in the suite restaurant or the specialties. i gotta admit the ability to try every specialty has me wondering if ill even eat in the suite restaurant except bfast and maybe some lunches. but i also do want to order from MDR so i can enjoy my very nice dining table. only negative to the suite i see is a full table and chairs arent outside to eat. the CLS on oasis didnt have it either but the aqua suite did and it was nice. as did the royal suite on liberty of the seas. glad to hear they will deliver luggage to the penthouse level. im assuming set them outside lower level to disembark though? i also see on a menu posted on this forum that they have a list of daily snacks which is nice because i never know what to order and most of the time i dont like what they bring on other lines. im very simple. bring me chips and maybe some candy and im good.
  23. Ship - liberty of the seas Deck - 10 Stateroom # - 1640 Stateroom Category – RS Starboard or Port Side - port Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Most elegant stateroom I've been in (better than Haven, aqua theater suites or crown lofts). Makes you feel like you are in the lap of luxury. Very nice to have a tv in the bedroom and then the living room so you can watch while your partner sleeps. Large shower and spacious bathroom with separate room for the toilet and bidet. However, that room with the toilet is right below a public bathroom and we had to keep the door closed 100 percent of the time or the waterfall noise from above was terrible. With the door closed it was ok. But still something you shouldnt have to hear or think about in the best suite on the ship also around 5 am there was cart noise from the restaurant above. Just a few minutes at a time in spurts and yes it's above the bed. it would not stop us from booking again especially at the super low discount price we got because of a unique itinerary. The hot tub was small and in need of cleaning and replacement. i dont think 2 avg size adults could fit in comfortably. The seating on the balcony was fantastic. 2 loungers, 2 seats at a real table we could dine at and it was wonderful. you have to have your doorbell deactivated when you get on board. all the suites had issues with kids. concierge tracked them down (i guess kids dont know about facial recognition? ) and they got a talking to. also we found that kids and adults liked to use our foyer outside our door as a meeting place or place to chat. a few seconds is fine but when you are having the meeting the length needed to in order to choose what barbie is gonna wear in her playhouse for the next week, it's annoying the walk through closet behind the bed is huge and fantastic and has motion detector lighting. lots of storage. there is a lounger in the bedroom at the large window which is fantastic and you can enter the balcony from the bedroom or your foyer. sadly the only 2 outlets in the room are at the desk, 10 feet away from the bed. and waaaay on the other side of the cabin near the dining room table, at floor level. unacceptable for the best suite on the ship but we carry a battery brick so no issues for us. the piano didnt play by itself but half thru the cruise they showed us an app to download on the phone and use the piano. super cool and im sure the neighbors loved it. we got a private tour of the bridge so ask your concierge! Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - no Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – Totally covered balcony which we love Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - huge Was wind a problem? - no If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - Any specific problems with this cabin? - see above Any other comments? - was cheaper to fly to FLL first class from NYC area than get on the ship directly in NYC so check your pricing!
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